Edd Cartier 1914-2008

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Edd Cartier 1914-2008

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des. 26, 2008, 10:42pm

Mike Kaluta passed this along earlier :

Edward Daniel Cartier passed away yesterday, Christmas Day.

Edd was one of the all-time greatest pulp illustrators, legendary for his
whimsical work on John W. Campbell's UNKNOWN and ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION
and 800 illustrations for THE SHADOW MAGAZINE. He also drew stories for

The favorite artist of ASTOUNDING editor John W. Campbell and writer L. Ron
Hubbard, Cartier also illustrated the beloved Hoka tales by Poul Anderson
and Gordon R. Dickson, and stories by John D. MacDonald, Isaac Asimov, Henry
Kuttner, L. Sprague de Camp, Clifford D. Simak, Walter B. Gibson, Lester
Dent and many others.

--Anthony Tollin

Editat: gen. 11, 2009, 4:33pm

I wonder when Edd retired - he was one of my faves - ever since seeing his covers for Gnome Press. I've got a great volume produced by Gerry de la Ree that would be worthwhile to pick up if you don't have one in your collection. I found a great multi-page interview here:


(forgive the Scientology slant - I guess that was a requirement from the publisher)