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World's Worst Comic Book Museum

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gen. 12, 2009, 11:21am

Ok.. I just happened upon this website... I actually own a few of these comics! Let's here what you think.. and do you have any comics that should be added to this museum?? I wish I had a list of all the Wizard Magazines
"What The?!" entries in their price guide section (one per issue).. Example:
Jan 2007~ Justice League Europe #22....

Check the museum/website at:

Editat: gen. 12, 2009, 4:17pm

I probably have a bunch of things that are just as bad as this stuff that I picked up because they were too good to be true. If I can dig up any or even remember them, I'll mention them here.
From the stuff in this link-I think I still have that issue of Spoof, and I had that Dell Dracula as Superhero book as a kid. It would be fun to see that one now. Well, maybe it would.

Actually there's a wikipedia entry for that Dracula comic:

Drawn by Tony Tallirico aka Tony Williamsune. I thought so.
Hey, there's a wikipedia entry on him as well:

Although there's no info there on his work for Warren, which is what I suspect most people are familiar with.