Anyone else have a "conversion attempt" tag?

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Anyone else have a "conversion attempt" tag?

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des. 22, 2006, 10:19pm

I have a stack of books sent to me by my mother, Christian books she tried to evangelize me with a few years ago. They're from my mother, so I feel guilty about throwing them away, and I figured I'd read up on Christianity once I was distanced enough from all the bad feelings. I boxed them, put them in the closet, and now that I'm on LibraryThing I took them all out and entered them.

Has anybody else ever done the same?

des. 23, 2006, 12:21am

My Dad has been a born again christian on and off since before I was born. Although I was blissfully unaware of that fact until several months ago when he went back to the church. I was fine with the idea at first until he seemed to start trying to force his beliefs upon me.

Already all the books and pamplets are stacking up. (Taking up precious room on my bookshelves) I wouldnt mind reading them if only to understand better how my Dad thinks. But the problem is what I do understand about his beliefs I am usually hurt and offended by. He seems to be against any religion that is not his own. Its frustrating. I havent bothered entering those books into the LT though.

des. 23, 2006, 12:55am

That's why I locked mine up for so long, they've been in the back of that closet for three years at least. My mother isn't technically "born-again" but she is a revelationist type. We don't talk religion.

I figured I had to bring them out, though, because my own problems with my mother have a habit of making me a jerk to perfectly innocent Christians in work discussions sometimes.

des. 23, 2006, 1:10am

I am afraid of that my issues with indivual people who happen to be christian will make me prejudice against perfectly innocent people. I try not to judge people by there religious beliefs, but its hard not to when there beliefs appear to be so prejudice against others.
I would prefer not to talk religion with my father but he brings it up every time I speak to him! Its hard for me not to blame it all on christians. Even though I know deep down its not there fault. Its just that so many of the christians I know are examples of christians at there worst.

des. 23, 2006, 1:21am

I know how you feel. I didn't have a problem when I lived at home, but once I moved to the "Bible Belt" it became impossible. I know good people online, and in person, but it seems like the Christians most ready to talk religion or advertise that they're Christian are the worst ones. The good Christians tend to be lowkey. You don't realize who they are.

Its possible to talk calmly even with the ones who's beliefs offend me, and I think the secret is distance.

Last night I witnessed a fight between two Christians in the office. Over a dogma issue (whether or not the Old Testament still "counts") they nearly got into a fistfight. Today, I had a discussion about the nature of the universe with the hardline evangelical who was in that fight, and neither of us even raised our voices. I wasn't "supposed to" agree with him, so he didn't get upset. And since he was just a coworker, he wasn't "supposed to" approve of me, so it didn't bug me when it didn't.

Of course, a sense of humor is needed on both sides.

des. 23, 2006, 1:38am

Thats true. I think that it is easier to discuss religion with people who you can distance yourself from though. I can hardly distance myself from my parents hurtful opinion of my beliefs. He seems to expect me to agree with all of his beleifs. Its simply disrespectful I wish that we could simply agree to disagree. Whenever my dad brings the subject up I find myself saying things like "yeah okay" "Whatever" and "Your entitled to your own opinion and so am I" or just simply pretending I didnt here him. I never really tell him what my opinion is though I dont want to argue with him.

des. 23, 2006, 2:09am

Sounds like me and my mom.

"Why didn't you go to church?"

"Because I'm a grown woman."

"You could use a little church."

"I'm fine with my choices."

And then a change of subject.

des. 23, 2006, 2:20am

Yeah one of the major problems for me is I am not a grown woman at least not technically. And even though I still live with my Dad I dont feel I can really escape from him. I still feel a little afraid of him like I have to follow his rules. My Dad has always been a control freak and he still makes me feel like I am 5 years old whenever I am around him.

Editat: des. 23, 2006, 2:34am

Distance'll help once you reach the age to move out. It'll be easier to get along when you don't see each other constantly.

des. 23, 2006, 7:55pm

Religion is mostly a "don't ask, don't tell" thing with my parents. My mother will occasionally drop a hint about going back to church. Earlier this year I was brave enough to tell my parents I'd written a book on animal magic--and was surprised enough to find that my dad actually wanted to read it. I haven't yet sent a copy, just because I'm trying to figure out how to explain some of the basic concepts that are needed to understand what it is I'm talking about--if this had been just your usual totem animal dictionary with the same 101 material everyone puts in it'd be no problem. But trying to explain the basics of entity creation, therianthropy and why animal sacrifice is a legitimate practice for certain religions isn't going to be easy! I'm working on what will probably end up being a long essay that I'll have him read first. Heh--wish me luck.

des. 24, 2006, 1:03pm

I have a big fat Catechism of the Catholic Church book my mother sent to me for Christmas about 12 years ago. I was extremely offended, until I found out she gave one to each of my eight siblings as well. Most of them still go to church, so I wasn't being singled out. But, no, I never read it. I didn't even want to enter it into my catalogue, but now I might, and I will surely use your 'conversion' tag if I do, Ragnell. What an excellent idea. :o)

març 19, 2007, 7:10am

I where raised Christian, so I have plenty of books on the subject. When I moved I simply left them all at my mums place. At the moment I just don't feel the need of reading that kind of material.

maig 19, 2007, 11:20pm

I have loads of books on Christianity --and just about every other religion. Religion, in general, fascinates me -- reading about religion is like opening a door to the inner-workings of humanity.

Conversion attempts don't bother me all that much, but they do amuse me. :)

abr. 27, 2010, 5:53am

The books on my list that are "iffY" are not so much conversation attempts but free books I've collected to see if I'll get them in to my section at work. I work in a High Street bookshop and manage the mind/boody/spirit section, therefore I have to be pretty well versed on a lot of subjects. I have a ton of Llewelyn books that will never be in stock :)

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