William Stout's Prehistoric Life Murals

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William Stout's Prehistoric Life Murals

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març 17, 2009, 3:05am

Oh wow.

Drop whatever you're doing and get a copy of this as quick as you can. It's THAT good!

març 17, 2009, 5:05am

I just got an email from Flesk Publishing that W, Stout will be doing a book signing (I think the date is incorrect,,, will have to investigate further)

body of email:
Meet William Stout at Lee's Comics! He will be signing on February 21 from 1:00 to 3:00pm. This is an exclusive Northern California event to celebrate the release of his new book William Stout: Prehistoric Life Murals from Flesk Publications.

William Stout: Prehistoric Life Murals is an astonishing look at dinosaurs and their primeval worlds. This lavishly illustrated 144-page volume contains all of Stout’s stunning murals for The Houston Museum of Natural Science, Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, and the San Diego Natural History Museum. Hardbound and deluxe limited signed editions are available. For full details on the book, click here.

Lee's Comics is located in Mountain View, CA. You can visit their website here. Or, call them for more information at 650.965.1800.

Lee's Comics
1020 N. Rengstorff Avenue, Suite F
(by Costco)
Mountain View, CA 94043


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
P.O. Box 3174
Santa Cruz, CA 95063
(408) 206-2346
Monday through Friday
11:00AM to 6:00PM PST

març 17, 2009, 11:01am

It was corrected... W Stout will be signing on March 21st....

The San Diego Natural History Museum is hosting a special presentation and book signing by William Stout. Come celebrate the release of his new book, William Stout - Prehistoric Life Murals on Saturday, March 21. Stout’s presentation begins at noon at the main theatre, followed immediately by the book signing in front of the museum store.

The primary focus of a new art book, William Stout - Prehistoric Life Murals, is on the California painter's recent creation of the twelve murals for the San Diego Natural History Museum's Fossil Mysteries exhibit. The book also includes his mural work for the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Walt Disney's Animal Kingdom.

This lavishly illustrated new art book features paintings that reconstruct life from its earliest appearances on this planet on up to 2000 years ago.

"I believe that murals are one of the scientists' conduits to the public," said Stout. "Artists can translate difficult scientific concepts into powerful, easy-to-grasp visuals for the public. They can function as a great teaching tool."

In addition to featuring the finished murals unobstructed by their exhibit settings, Stout's roughs and color studies illuminate in fine detail the thought processes and visual steps that went into the creation of each finished mural.

"I want the public to embrace each mural that I paint with a sense of regional pride," said Stout. "One of the ways in which I accomplish this is by including well known local landmarks in the paintings whenever and wherever possible. My goal is to have my depictions change the way people see their familiar surroundings."

As an example, Stout pointed out that some of the Fossil Mysteries murals include Cuyamaca Peak.

The highly readable text is surprisingly personal; Stout even makes mention of the cancer that delayed his completion of the San Diego murals. Stout generously credits all the scientists, artists, sculptors, craftspeople, museum personnel, photographers, institutions and family who helped him out with the murals; there are several reproductions of drawings by SDNHM staffer Jim Melli.

"I wanted to make it patently obvious that large murals depicting prehistoric life are never the work of just one person," said Stout.

The museum is proud to present and support William Stout - Prehistoric Murals as the perfect book for budding (or even professional) artists, people with an interest in prehistoric life and dinosaurs, as well as folks with an interest and pride in the San Diego area's rich biological legacy.

William Stout - Prehistoric Life Murals Santa Cruz: Flesk Publications, 2009, 144 pp., $39.95. Introduction by Ray Harryhausen. The copies of the book for sale at the San Diego Natural History Museum include an extra full color book plate signed by the author. It was created especially and solely for the museum by Mr. Stout.

Editat: març 17, 2009, 1:08pm

Yeah...the signing at Lee's was February and it was just John.
But, you got my hopes up there...Lee's is only about 15 minutes away from where I work.
San Diego is a bit farther away.
I was also lucky enough to run into Mark Schultz at John's booth at Wondercon.
I just babbled about dinosaurs, but John saved me by mentioning my friend Terry and I drew the San Jose Sharks (hockey) logo. From that point on we talked about sports...and even though he's a Penguins fan...Mr. Schultz is a darned nice guy.
But, to get back to the Stout book....Man! That is one pretty book!

març 17, 2009, 10:53pm

Gotta check it out-you guy's are making it sound too good!!

maig 2, 2009, 3:33am

And Bill just announced on his journal that's he doing another dinosaur book (also to be published by Flesk) that should be out late this year.