Flash news: flash-mob cataloging in Chicago this weekend!

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Flash news: flash-mob cataloging in Chicago this weekend!

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abr. 14, 2009, 2:08 pm

Crosspost from your favorite GSLISer turned LibraryThing Librarian!


Come out this Sunday for an afternoon of community service and socializing with other Chicagoland LTers!
This Sunday, April 19, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center in Chicago will host a flash-mob to catalog the 1-2,000 books left in their library! The flash-mob will start at 11 am and go until 3 - or until the books are cataloged, whichever happens first.

The PRCC is located at 2700 W Haddon in the Paseo Boricua neighborhood. Take the Division exit off 90/94, go about 2 miles West on Division, then turn left on Washtenaw. The PRCC is on the NW corner of Haddon and Washtenaw. There's plenty of free street parking.

Just show up on the day, or send a message ahead of time to let us know you're coming so we'll know how many to expect! Sarah Jackman (sbjackman@gmail.com) is the contact person for this flash-mob. Feel free to call her at (608) 330-0865 or send her an email with any questions you might have.

We hope lots of Chicago-area LibraryThingers will come out to help - can't wait to see you all there!