The market in illustration art

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The market in illustration art

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maig 11, 2009, 8:46pm

Here's a link to an article from the CHUBB Collector, regarding the history and market in collectible Illustration Art:

maig 12, 2009, 8:18pm

I like how the 100,000$ Schulz strip was considered "mid market"

maig 13, 2009, 7:16am

The price of artwork in general has been outlandish the last decade or so. I'm glad I got some of my pieces before all the investment types dipped their feet in the market - I wouldn't be able to afford some of what I have otherwise.

maig 13, 2009, 2:27pm

Yeah...prices are fun to look at but, I don't think I'll be selling anything, since I'd never be able to afford the stuff again.
I made the mistake of selling a Byrne X-Men page once (I bought it for 60.00 in the early eighties and eventualy traded it for 1,000 worth of other artwork)
But, now I see comparable pages going for four or five times that.

maig 13, 2009, 2:29pm

do you have a gallery on comicartfans?

maig 14, 2009, 6:13am

No, I think I set up an account then never took it much further. It's something I've been meaning to do but haven't yet done.

When I look back at some of what I've owned and ended up trading I now kick myself. The only Frazetta piece I've owned (purchased for $600 back in the 80's) was selling for $6000 the last time I saw it for sale. The unused Neal Adams X-Men cover that I bought for $100, also back then sold for several thousand the last time it sold. The list goes on.

Looking back I could say the same about the many comics I've owned and sold. The good condition AF15 - at the time I thought I could do better and buy something that graded higher - but then again that was more of an investment purchase for me - I didn't have any emotional attachment to it as I didn't read Spider-man growing up - was more of a DC dweeb.

maig 14, 2009, 1:57pm

I hope you put your stuff up. It sounds like there should be some interesting things in there.
Recently, I've been torturing/entertaining myself by going through old "Comic Art Showcase" original art catalogs...

I still have my "good" condition Spiderman #1 which my father bought me (from Robert Cresthol's mail order catalog) for 150.00 in the mid seventies. It's got some tape on the spine...and I suspect it's not a true "good" grade.
But, I have a big sentimental attachment to it, so it's probably a good thing we didn't buy a higher grade, that would temp me now (600.00 would have bought a mint copy)

maig 15, 2009, 12:28pm

Most of my original art has at least tripled in value (at least what some collectors and investers have offered me) in the last seven years. My art is listed on It is just crazy!!!