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xuesheng's You Can't, You Can't Make Me Grow Up List

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This is my thread where I can keep track of what I've completed. The amount I've done so far is

In the lists by age, the ones I've read are in bold.

Link to my 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list - https://www.librarything.com/topic/123363

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1. The Little Engine That Could - I must have read this as a child because I know the story well, but I don't remember the actual book. I will pick it up at the library just to make sure I've read it. Read it again on 9/17/2011.
2. Pat the Bunny - a favorite of my daughter's
3. Make Way for Ducklings - read it as a child and again with my kids
4. The Runaway Bunny - 9/18/2011 - read this to my kids, although they are a bit old for it at 5 and 8.
5. The Three Railway Engines - summer 2012 - read this to my son who is a big Thomas fan
6. Thomas the Tank Engine - 2/6/2013 - read this to my 6-year old son and he let me know that he is getting too old for Thomas. That makes me sad.
7. Goodnight Moon - another favorite of my kids
8. Lavender's Blue - 10/14/2012 - read as an adult
9. Bedtime for Frances - 1/13/2010 - read this with my daughter. She thought the section on jobs was hilarious. Tried to read it to my son and he wasn't interested. He is 3 and my daughter is 6. I really wonder about the editor's selected age range for this book.
10. Miffy - 9/22/2011 - read this with my son. At 5 he listened to it, but he didn't ask for it again. See my comments below.
11. Rosie's Walk - 2/6/2013 - read this to my son
12. The Elephant and the Bad Baby - 2/6/2013 - read this to my son
13. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - 2/6/2013 - read this to my kids
14. Mr. Gumpy's Outing - 3/2/2013 - read this to my son
15. Meg and Mog - 3/2/2013 - read this to my son
16. Good Night, Alfie Atkins - 3/2/2013 - read this to my son
17. Little Brown Bear - read 6 books on 3/28-29/2013
18. Little Spook's Baby Sister
19. Fly, Little Bird
20. Each Peach Pear Plum - 3/2/2013 - read this to my kids
21. Where's Spot?
22. The Baby's Catalogue
23. Dear Zoo
24. Good Dog, Carl
25. Bathwater's Hot
26. Tickle, Tickle
27. Elmer
28. We're Going on a Bear Hunt
29. Bunny Bath
30. Kipper - 2/6/2013 - read this to my son
31. Maisy
32. Owl Babies
33. Handa's Surprise
34. Alvin Says Good Night
35. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
36. Humphrey's Corner
37. Julian the Rabbit

gen. 14, 2010, 6:05 am

Many have commented that the age ranges are off for many books, usually too low...so I advise caution.

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38. The Quangle Wangle's Hat
39. Mother Goose - read as a child, just not sure about the version
40. Marigold Garden
41. The Jolly Aunt
42. Peter in Blueberry Land
43. The Tale of Peter Rabbit - read as a child
44. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
45. The Story of the Root Children
46. The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
47. The Children of the Forest
48. Clever Bill
49. Winnie-the-Pooh - my sister gave me this book when I was around 5. I've heard the story of me asleep next to her while she read the book and laughed out loud. She was probably 21 at the time. Love this book both for the stories and that shared "memory."
50. The Story of Babar - childhood
51. The Story about Ping - read to my daughter
52. Blinky Bill
53. The Story of Ferdinand
54. Orlando
55. Little Toot
56. Madeline
57. Mike Mulligan
58. Curious George
59. The Little House
60. The Little Red Lighthouse
61. Moomin, Mymble and Little My
62. My Naughy Little Sister
63. Martine
64. Eloise
65. Harry the Dirty Dog
66. The Cat in the Hat - childhood
67. The Cow Who Fell in the Canal
68. A Bear Called Paddington
69. Little Blue and Little Yellow
70. Green Eggs and Ham - childhood and to my kids
71. Go, Dog. Go! - childhood
72. The Berenstain Bears
73. Ivor the Engine
74. Clifford the Big Red Dog
75. Where the Wild Things Are - read both in childhood and adulthood
76. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile
77. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - as an adult
78. What Does the Mouse Think on Thursday?
79. What Do People Do All Day?
80. Corduroy - another book that I first read with my daughter
81. The Wonderful Tree
82. In the Night Kitchen
83. Barbapapa
84. Mr. Tickle
85. Lotta's Bike
86. Little I Am I
87. The Church Mouse
88. The Sea-Thing Child
89. Father Christmas
90. My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes
91. Who's Seen the Scissors?
92. Morris's Disappearing Bag
93. Uppo the Bear
94. Burglar Bill
95. Dogger
96. Up in the Tree
97. The Snowman
98. Freight Train
99. Is That a Monster, Alfie Atkins?
100. Ox-Cart Man
101. Mister Magnolia
102. Peace at Last
103. Mr. Archimedes' Bath
104. Léo and Popi
105. Postman Pat's Treasure Hunt
106. Ernest and Celestine Have Lost Simon
107. Alfie Gets in First
108. One Woolly Wombat
109. Avocado Baby
110. Gorilla
111. Angelina Ballerina
112. Dusty Wants to Help
113. We Are the Triplets
114. Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy
115. Possum Magic
116. Felix and Alexander
117. Pancakes for Findus
118. Love You Forever
119. This Is the Bear
120. Old Bear
121. Owl Moon - read with my daughter
122. Winnie the Witch
123. Cant's You Sleep, Little Bear?
124. Crocodile Beat
125. Stina
126. Fire-Engine Lil
127. One Snowy Night
128. Mousehole Cat
129. Amazing Grace - read with my daughter
130. Window
131. Slinky Malinki
132. T'choupi
133. Frog in Winter
134. Where's My Teddy?
135. Okilélé
136. Sleep Well, Little Bear
137. Poems for the Very Young
138. Guess How Much I Love You - read this to both of my kids
139. The Story of the Little Mole
140. Garden of Little Creatures
141. Clown
142. Runaway Train
143. Bad Habits
144. Pumpkin Soup
145. Molly Goes Shopping
146. The Magic Pocket
147. Rosa Goes to Daycare
148. Jamela's Dress
149. Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs
150. The Gruffalo
151. Crispin
152. Max
153. Olivia
154. Madlenka
155. Marc Just Couldn't Sleep
156. The Widemouthed Frog
157. Tatu and Patu in Helsinki
158. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
159. Knuffle Bunny : A Cautionary Tale - my son received this book Christmas, 2010 so we read it together. Very cute although he isn't as fond of it as I am.
160. Unknown or Forgotten Princesses
161. Lost and Found

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162. Traditional Chinese Folktales
163. Tales of Otogizōshi
164. The Adventures of Peach Boy
165. Fairy Tales from the Past
166. Grimms' Fairy Tales
167. A Visit from St. Nicholas - read forever
168. Fifty Fables for Children
169. The Emperor's New Clothes - read as a child
170. The Little Mermaid - read as a child (pre-Disneyfied version)
171. The Ugly Duckling - read as a child
172. Book of Nonsense
173. Max and Moritz
174. The Magic Fishbone
175. The House that Jack Built
176. Coles' Funny Picture Book
177. A Child's Garden of Versus
178. The Blue Fairy Book
179. The Jungle Book
180. Perez the Mouse
181. Just So Stories
182. The Dutch Twins
183. The Adventures of Maya the Bee
184. Josephine and Her Dolls
185. The Magic Pudding - 3/17/2013 - read to my son
186. Tales of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
187. Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella
188. Rupert the Bear
189. Velveteen Rabbit - 3/27/2013 - read to my son
190. Come Hither
191. When We Were Very Young
192. Now We Are Six
193. Milly-Molly Mandy Stories
194. Millions of Cats
195. The Squirrel, the Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit
196. All About Doggie and Pussycat
197. The Wonderful Farm
198. Little Time and the Brave Sea Captain
199. Elsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep
200. Mr. Popper's Penguins
201. The Little Wooden Horse
202. Caps for Sale - 7/21/2012 - read to my son
203. Michka
204. The Little Red Engine Gets a Name
205. Tweet Tweet
206. Tales and Legends
207. Pippi Longstocking
208. Stone Soup
209. The Dolls' House
210. My Father's Dragon - 6/12/2013 - read to my son
211. Blueberries for Sal
212. Apoutsiak
213. Foxie
214. Peanuts - had several Peanuts book when I was young, actually still have them
215. Roule Galette
216. One Morning in Maine
217. The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
218. The Biggest Bear
219. The Little Horse Bus
220. Charlotte's Web - read as a child and completed reading it with my daughter on 9/1/2010.
221. Marlaguette
222. Jip and Janneke
223. Teddy Robinson Stories
224. Detectives in Togas
225. The Adventures of Harold and the Purple Crayon - this book includes four Harold stories. Harold and the Purple Crayon is the first in the series. I read this book with my children.
226. Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf
227. A Toad Who Wanted to Be a Star
228. Italian Folktales
229. A Tree Is Nice
230. Captain Pugwash
231. Crictor
232. Chanticleer and the Fox
233. Little Old Mrs. Pepperpot
234. Little Nicholas
235. Are You My Mother? - read as a child
236. The Orange Cow
237. The Three Robbers
238. Old Master Q
239. The Robber Hotzenplotz
240. The Snowy Day - read to my children as an adult
241. Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present
242. Borka
243. Swimmy
244. Amelia Bedelia
245. The Dreams of the Toad
246. The Black Smurfs
247. Flat Stanley
248. The Giving Tree - read to my children as an adult
249. Dailan Kifki
250. Gumdrop
251. Frederick
252. Cion Cion Blue
253. The Tiger Who Came to Tea
254. The Best Nest
255. Kangaroo for All
256. Ramona the Pest - read as a kid
257. A Necklace of Raindrops
258. The Duck in the Gun
259. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
260. A Lion in the Meadow
261. Joseph's Yard
262. Frog and Toad Are Friends
263. Mog the Forgetful Cat
264. Figgie Hobbin
265. Hodja from Pjort
266. Tow Truck Pluk
267. Leo the Late Bloomer
268. Amos & Boris
269. Balloon Cat
270. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - read to my kids as an adult
271. The Giant Jam Sandwich
272. Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish
273. The Companions
274. The Real Thief
275. Mind Your Own Business
276. Where the Sidewalk Ends - read to my nieces when I was a teen
277. The Worst Witch
278. Strega Nona
279. Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears - read to my son
280. Mr. and Mrs. Pig's Evening Out
281. John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat
282. Come Away from the Water, Shirley
283. The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch
284. Teo Discovers the World
285. On the Antilles Sea in a Paper Boat
286. Fungus the Bogeyman
287. Loon's Necklace
288. A Walk in the Park
289. Miss Nelson Is Missing!
290. Anno's Journey
291. The Cat That Lived a Million Times
292. The Battle of Bubble and Squeak
293. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
294. The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses - read with my daughter when she was younger. She loved this book.
295. A Pocket for Corduroy - read this to my daughter
296. The Quinkins
297. The Enormous Crocodile
298. Haunted House
299. The Prince of Motordu
300. Not Now, Bernard
301. The Paper Bag Princess
302. Jumanji
303. Mr. Fox
304. A Chair for My Mother
305. Doctor De Soto
306. Two Little Bears
307. The Big Sister
308. Dragon Ball
309. Mr. Majeika
310. The New Kid on the Block
311. Katie Morag Delivers the Mail
312. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
313. The People Could Fly
314. Not So Fast Songololo
315. Linnea in Monet's Garden
316. The Polar Express
317. The Jolly Postman
318. Animalia
319. Hey, Al
320. The Hound of the Mound and the Frog of the Bog
321. Lend Me Your Wings
322. Henry and Mudge
323. My Place
324. The Hodgeheg
325. A Balloon for Grandad
326. Anancy Spiderman
327. Drac and the Gremlin
328. Matilda
329. The Keeping Quilt
330. Joyful Noise
331. Lon Po Po - read to my daughter
332. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
333. Oh, the Places You'll Go - read as an adult
334. Else-Marie and Her Seven Little Daddies
335. My Friend Percy's Magical Gym Shoes
336. Tar Beach
337. The Stinky Cheese Man
338. The Little Bird
339. Friends from the Other Side
340. Stellaluna
341. Horrid Henry
342. Old Tom
343. Jennifer Jones Won't Leave Me Alone
344. Math Curse
345. Moka the Cow
346. Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse - read with my daughter
347. The Sea at the End of the Forest
348. My Kingdom for a Horse
349. The Great Escape from City Zoo
350. Henry and Amy
351. A Bad Case of Stripes
352. Rumpelstiltskin and Other Grimm Tales
353. The Death Book
354. I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato
355. Fox
356. The Three Pigs
357. Dodo Gets Married
358. Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age
359. The Love Book
360. The Pesky Rat
361. Beegu
362. Bridget and the Moose Brothers
363. The Day the Babies Crawled Away
364. The Biggest Kiss in the World
365. I Hate School
366. Skippyjon Jones
367. Constable Sniffler
368. The Girl and the Jackdaw Tree
369. You're All My Favourites
370. Are We There Yet?
371. The Sea Monster
372. Zen Shorts - read this to my children
373. Leonardo, the Terrible Monster
374. Llama, Llama, Red Pajama
375. Wolves
376. The Boy Who Grew Flowers
377. Snip Snap
378. The Night Pirates - 6/28/2013 - read to my son
379. Flotsam - 6/27/2013 - read to my son
380. In Mr. Thunder's House
381. The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon - 6/26/2013 - read to my son

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382. Aesop's Fables - read as a child and in college
389. The Pied Piper of Hamelin - read as a kid
390. A Christmas Carol - not sure when I first read it. I know I read it as an adult, but I've known the story forever.
395. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - read as a kid
396. Through the Looking Glass - read as a child
398. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - read as an adult
399. Black Beauty - read as a child, but would like to read now
409. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - read as an adult
417. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - read to my daughter
422. The Bobbsey Twins - read as a child
432. Anne of Green Gables - finished on 5/13/2011
434. The Secret Garden - read as a child and currently (2/7/11) rereading with my daughter.
467. The Hobbit - read in college
481. The Little Prince - read as a teen
482. The Hundred Dresses
486. Stuart Little - read as a child
503. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - read in college and finished again on 5/23/2011
541. The Incredible Journey - read as a child
542. James and the Giant Peach
547. D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths - read and loved as a child
557. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - read as a child
561. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
567. The Mouse and the Motorcycle - read as a child
575. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
577. D'Aulaires' Norse Gods and Giants
579. A Wizard of Earthsea
607. Bridge to Terabithia - finished 5/8/2012
664. Maniac Magee
685. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - read as an adult
696. A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning - read as an adult
697. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - read as an adult
701. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - read as an adult
704. Because of Winn-Dixie - 7/30/2013
708. The Vile Village - read as an adult
711. Artemis Fowl - finished on 7/31/2011
718. The Naming of Tishkin Silk
721. The Tale of Despereaux - listened to it, but haven't read it yet
728. The Arrival - finished on 3/22/2012
730. The Graveyard Book - finished 4/23/2012

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84. The Scarlet Letter - read as an adult
85. The Hound of the Baskervilles - finished 1/4/2013
86. The Catcher in the Rye - read as an adult
87. The Fellowship of the Ring - read in college
88. Lord of the Flies - read in high school
89. To Kill a Mockingbird - I don't remember exactly when I read this. I think it was college or later.
90. Sounder - I know I read this as a child. I just don't remember the story.
91. Walk Two Moons - finished 7/1/2012
92. Holes - finished 7/4/2012
93. Naughts and Crosses - finished 9/14/2011.

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Book 77: Anne of Green Gables
Finished: May 13, 2011

I saw the CBC production on PBS in the 1980s and loved it. At least from my memory, I think the film stayed pretty true to the book so I loved the book too. Anne is a great character full of spunk and imagination. I was sad to read in Margaret Atwood's review in the 1001 book that L. M. Montgomery didn't win over the people that she lived with as Anne had done with Matt and Marilla.

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Book 78: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Finished: May 23, 2011

During the air raids of WWII, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are sent to the country to live with an old professor. The professor’s house is large and interesting and the children are eager to explore. During their exploration, Lucy decides to stay behind to look into a wardrobe that is the only thing in one room. There she finds another world, Narnia, and visits with Mr. Tumnus, a faun. Narnia has been placed in perpetual winter by the evil White Witch. When Lucy returns to our world, her brothers and sister believe that she is making everything up. However, during a game of hide and seek, Edmund, too, discovers Narnia. He meets the White Witch who tempts him with Turkish Delight and a promise of becoming king in order to lure his brother and sisters to her castle. She wants to be rid of the children because of the prophecy saying that her rule will come to an end when “Adam’s flesh and Adam’s bone” return to Narnia. Lucy sees Edmund as they are returning to our world and runs to tell the others, but Edmund, being the spiteful boy that he is at this time, decides to lie. Poor Lucy is left with two siblings who think she is losing her mind. Later, when Mrs. Macready is leading a group of tourists through the house, all four siblings hide in the wardrobe. Finally, all pass into Narnia, and their adventures there begin.

This is a reread for me. I love fantasies and fairy tales, always have, so this is my kind of book. It isn’t a complex story, but I don’t think that detracts from it, especially for kids. As an adult, it is a very quick read.

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Book 79: Naughts and Crosses
Finished: September 14, 2011

Naughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman is a powerful book! Sephy (Persephone) Hadley is a Cross, the black ruling class of the world, whose father is the home office minister in Great Britain. Callum McGregor is a naught, the white underclass and one time slaves of the Crosses. Callum and Sephy practically grow up together until Mrs. McGregor is fired after 14 years employment with the Hadleys. However, the best friends Callum and Sephy continue to meet and see each other.

The story is told in alternating chapters by the two teens documenting their life and love. We follow them to Sephy's school where Collum is one of a handful of naughts accepted in to integrate the school under pressure from the rest of the world. After some dreadful incidents in their families, their lives split in different directions until they are forced together again under the worst of circumstances.

The novel is disturbing. Neither teen has a happy family life and the pressures of the world around them prove too much. There are allusions to Northern Ireland's IRA (Liberation Militia, a naught paramilitary group,) South Africa's apartheid, and the US civil rights movement. However, it is a thought-provoking book with a well-told story, and I recommend it.

1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up lists this in the 12+ age range, their oldest one. Because of the violence and some mild sexual references, I think it would be best at 14+.

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Book 80: The Runaway Bunny
Finished: September 18, 2011

The Runaway Bunny is another enjoyable children's book. My kids are a little too old for it now, and I wish we had had it when they were younger. I think it would have been an oft requested read.

The story is about a little bunny who wants to run away, but his mom tells him, "If you run away, I will run after you. For you are my little bunny." So, the little bunny decides that if his mom is running after him, he will change either into a fish or a rock or crocus, among other things. Mom reassures him that if he does, she will become a fisherman, a mountain climber or a gardener and will find her little bunny. In the end, the little bunny decides that since his mom will find him anyway, it is best to stay home and be her little bunny.

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Book 81: Miffy by Dick Bruna
Finished: September 22, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny live in a farmhouse "all alone." Mr. Bunny takes care of the garden; Mrs. Bunny loves to cook delicious things to eat. Then Mr. and Mrs. Bunny think they need a baby bunny to complete their family. They are visited by an angel who tells them they will soon have the baby. Cute little Miffy arrives and the farm animals come to greet her.

This is a great book for a toddler. It is done in rhyming verse, and the pictures are simple with bright colors. I think this is a book that 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up got in the right age group (0-3).

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Book 82: The Arrival
Finished: March 22, 2012

The Arrival is a beautiful book about the immigrant experience. Told only in sepia-toned pictures, we follow a man on his journey from one country to another--leaving his wife and daughter, arriving in the new country, trying to find a place to live and work. Along the way he meets people with similar stories who have fled lives of hardship to start over in this new land. Through his pictures, Mr. Tan was able to communicate the strangeness and confusion of a new place and the struggles and fears of their old homes. I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely book.

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Book 83: The Graveyard Book
Finished: April 23, 2012

I loved this book! During the night when his family is murdered, a young toddler, also intended to be a victim of the murderer Jack, escapes his home and wanders up the hill to the small graveyard there. The newly dead ghosts of the toddler's parents and sister arrive at the graveyard, and as she is fading away (this is not her graveyard, after all), his mother begs them to protect her son from the murderer who has followed him. One of the female ghosts agrees and the residents of the little, old graveyard on the hill adopt the toddler. They name him Nobody "Bod" Owens.

They say "it takes a village" to raise a child, and for Bod, it is no different, although in his case the village residents are mostly dead. They teach him, watch over him, and protect him from the world outside the gates and the man called Jack. There is a mysteriousness to some of the characters especially Bod's guardian Silas, but there is also a tenderness there that I found so touching and sweet, and I think that is why this book worked for me. It deals with a dark subject but there is such innocence in Bod and his relationships with the graveyard residents who seek to protect him that it outweighed the darkness. I especially loved that when Gaiman introduced a character he would include their epitaph--Doctor Trefusis (May He Wake to Glory) and Miss Euphemia Horsfall (She Sleeps, Aye, Yet She Sleeps with Angels.) One of my favorite books of the year so far.

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Book 84: Bridge to Terabithia
Finished: May 8, 2012

I saw this movie a few years back and enjoyed it. I cannot say that I enjoyed the book so much, and maybe that is because I already knew the story. Instead while reading I found myself focusing on Jess' relationship with his family and his and Leslie's relationships at school. As the only boy of the family, I thought his parents were too hard on him, and his older sisters were bullying and mean. I also felt the same about the kids at the school and their treatment of Leslie.

However, I did like his relationship with Leslie and their trips to the imaginary world of Terabithia. The end is tragic and sad. I think I would have enjoyed the book much more if I hadn't seen the movie first.

jul. 4, 2012, 9:37 pm

15> I haven't seen the movie, but I know what you mean. I usually read the book before seeing the movie or I don't read it at all. If I've read the book, I find it best NOT to reread the book before seeing the movie or else I focus on everything that's different instead of just enjoying the movie.

jul. 4, 2012, 10:58 pm

Good advice, BookLizard. I did that recently with The Hunger Games. I read it for the first time just as the movie came out and then bemoaned to my husband about the parts they left out.

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Book 85: Walk Two Moons
Finished: July 1, 2012

Walk Two Moons is a young adult novel. The characters were quirky and cute. The story was sad and tragic. The duality made the story disconcerting. However, the care, concern, and love the characters demonstrated for each other, and the interesting plot with some mysterious twists kept me engaged throughout. I liked it very much.

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Book 86: Holes
Finished: July 4, 2012

Holes is about a teenage boy, Stanley, who is falsely accused and then convicted of stealing some shoes. The shoes aren't just any shoes, but those worn by a famous basketball player who donated them to be auctioned off for the benefit of a homeless shelter. Stanley claims that the shoes fell from the sky, so because he stole from a charity and his lack of remorse the judge sends him to a juvenile detention center in the Texas desert where, everyday, the boy inmates must dig one five-foot diameter hole that is five feet deep. Digging the holes is not just an activity to keep the boys busy though. If the boys find anything "interesting" in the holes, they must tell the guards who then contact the warden. What is the warden seeking, and what is its link to Stanley? This was a fun book and Sacher included some historical connections among characters which I really enjoy in books. You won't be disappointed.

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Book 87: Lavender's Blue
Finished: October 14, 2012
Age 0-3

What fun to read the nursery rhymes in Lavender's Blue! At 170 pages with often more than one rhyme per page, Lavender's Blue is chock full of rhymes. Kathleen Lines did a marvelous job compiling so many old rhymes, and the illustrator, Harold Jones, created pictures for each rhyme using a mix of color and black and white drawings to accompany them.

There are some rhymes in here that I don't remember ever seeing in a book before, but that I learned from my mom, specifically this one which also is a face game:
Here sits the Lord Mayor,
Here sit his men,
Here sits the cock,
Here sits the hen,
Here sit the little chickens, (although Mom says "chicks")
Here they run in,
Chinchopper, chinchopper, chinchopper, chin.

The instructions on how to do the motions for this and some other hand and finger games for a few of the rhymes are even included in the back of the book.

This one is listed in the 0-3 age group. I'm not sure that my kids would have been interested enough to sit and let me read it to them at that age. However, I wish I had had it when they were young so that I could have taught them more rhymes than I did. I like the book enough that I'm considering buying it so that they can still experience the rhymes even at 6 and 9 years old.

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My six year-old son and I read the following four books together, and I asked him to put them in order from his favorite to least favorite.

Book 88: Rosie's Walk
Finished: February 6, 2013

This is the story about a hen, Rosie, who goes for a walk around the barnyard. She doesn't realize that a fox is right behind her looking for his next meal. Fortunately for Rosie, the fox keeps having mishaps, so he never catches her, and she never realizes that he is there. This was my son's favorite of the four we read. He liked that the fox kept causing his own woes in his focused pursuit of Rosie.

The pictures are really cute. The colors remind me of a Sixties or Seventies era kitchen--yellow, red, orange, pale olive green. 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up places this in the age 0-3, and I think that's a good age range. But, as evidenced by my son, you can even read it to a six year old.

Book 89: Kipper
Finished: February 6, 2013

Kipper is the first book about the dog, Kipper, and his adventures. In this book Kipper decides to clean his basket tossing his toys and cuddly and blanket about the house. When he climbs into his empty basket for a snooze, he decides it isn't very comfortable. He goes for a walk looking for a comfortable place to nap, but finds that no other places are as comfortable as his old basket with everything in it.

This was my son's second favorite of the four. He discovered Kipper DVDs at our library and has been enjoying them since. (My husband and I are amused that Kipper's voice is done by Martin Clunes of Doc Martin fame.) Also, he liked the pictures of the cute scrapes that Kipper gets in when trying to fit in various places. Again, this is a book that is in the 0-3 age range.

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Book 90: The Elephant and the Bad Baby
Finished: February 6, 2013

This one is another listed in the 0-3 age range in the 1001 book. In this book an elephant out for a walk meets a bad baby and asks if he wants a ride. The bad baby says "yes" and off they go. As they travel, they stop at different shops and the elephant picks up things for both of them to eat. The owner of each shop chases off after the elephant and the baby as they go "rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta, all down the road." After they've eaten ice cream and pork pies, buns and crisps, chocolate biscuits and lollipops and finally apples, we find out why the baby is bad...He never ONCE said please! So the baby asks to please go home where his mom cooks pancakes for all involved.

Cute pictures and great repetition. My son loved the rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta line and even joined in with me.

Book 91: Thomas, the Tank Engine
Finished: February 6, 2013

These are four stories about everyone's favorite engine, Thomas. The first story is about Thomas playing a trick on Gordon and then later getting the tables turned on himself. The second tells the story of Thomas getting to pull his first freight train and being his usual impatient self, he doesn't get the cars hooked on. The third is about Thomas' experience with tricky freight cars and the last tells the story of James (before he was painted red) being run off the rails and Thomas bringing the breakdown train to the rescue.

I think the reason that my son choose this as his least favorite is because he knows these stories. He has been a Thomas fan since he was two. He has seen numerous Thomas DVDs and read many Thomas books. I liked this book because it was based on the original version. I believe the pictures are the originals and not those from the TV programs. This one is again listed in the 0-3 range in the 1001 book. I think that might be a bit off--I would say 3 to 5 year old range for these stories.

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Book 92: Mr. Gumpy's Outing
Finished: March 2, 2013

As above, I had my 6 year-old son determine the ranking of the next four books. His favorite was Mr. Gumpy's Outing. Mr. Gumpy lives in a house by the river and owns a boat. The local children and animals--rabbit, cat, dog and sheep, among others--want a ride. Mr. Gumpy agrees as long as they don't squabble, hop about, chase the rabbit, tease the cat, bleat and other behaviors. Of course, there is no way to quell the critters' innate manners so when they do, the boat topples throwing all into the river. So Mr. Gumpy leads them across the fields to his house for tea. The drawings are lovely and look like they were done with a variety of methods including pen and ink, paints, pastels and even crayons. My son said that this was his favorite because of the boat spill.

Book 93: Meg and Mog
Finished: March 2, 2013

Meg and Mog was my son's second favorite book. Meg is a witch and Mog is her black cat. Meg wakes up at midnight on Halloween night to get ready for the spell party. She puts on her clothes, wakes up Mog by stepping on his tail, stirs together 3 eggs, bread, cocoa, milk, a kipper and jam in her cauldron, and she Mog and the owl who woke her have breakfast. She gets her things and flies up the chimney to meet her four friends. On the top of a hill they mix together the things they brought--a frog, a beetle, a worm, a bat and a spider--and after the magic words and a loud BOOM, all Meg's friends turn into mice. The book has simple drawings with bright basic colors. My son liked the accident where Meg's friends were turned into mice with Mog chasing them.

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Book 94: Each Peach Pear Plum
Finished: March 2, 2013

This is a true picture book with few words and an "I spy" game. Each two page grouping has a rhyme using fairy tale or nursery rhyme characters and the words "I spy" on the left hand side and its corresponding picture on the right. For example, the first rhyme is "Each Peach Pear Plum, I spy Tom Thumb" and the picture has Tom Thumb hiding in a Peach tree. The next is "Tom Thumb in the cupboard, I spy Mother Hubbard." The book continues with similar rhymes until all the characters are brought together in the last picture at a picnic of plum pie.

The pictures are cute, bright and detailed, and my son as well as my 9 year-old daughter and I had fun trying to locate the next character on each page. I think the 0-3 age range for this book is good and I can imagine parents and children that age looking at this book over and over again.

Book 95: Good Night, Alfie Atkins
Finished: March 2, 2013

My son's fourth favorite book from this group was Good Night, Alfie Atkins. This was definitely my favorite. Alfie is a four year-old boy who is cranky and doesn't want to go to sleep, so like many children he avoids going to bed by getting his nice Daddy to help out. He asks his Daddy to read him a long long story about a horse; he realizes that he forgot to brush his teeth; he needs a drink of water; he "spills" the last bit of water on the bed; he has to go to the potty; there is a lion in his closet; and finally he remembers that he needs his teddy. Daddy goes searching and finds it under the sofa, but where is Daddy now? Alfie finds him asleep on the living room floor tired from all the work he did putting Alfie to bed. So, now Alfie puts Daddy to bed. This is a sweet story with cute illustrations. I think it would be better in the 3+ age group though.

gen. 12, 2014, 6:55 pm

Can I ask where you found a copy? I'm trying to locate some of the harder to find books, but haven't had much luck so far.

gen. 15, 2014, 10:51 pm

Hi cataluna, just spotted your post. Which book are you looking for? I've been able to find copies of the books listed above through my local library's exchange program. I live in a suburb of a major U.S. city and various suburban libraries have a program where I can order a book from any of the participating libraries. It's been great, but I must say that there are many books on the list that I haven't been able to locate.

My list is out of date. I read quite a few last year that I need to add.

Editat: juny 14, 2014, 12:49 pm

Book 96: The Magic Pudding
Finished: March 17, 2013

A trio of companions (penguin, Sailor, and koala) like to travel, sing, recite poetry, eat their magic pudding, and fight others who try to steal their pudding. I read this to my 6 year-old son, at the time, and although there were short sections where he lost interest, he enjoyed it and the illustrations. At the end, I kept wondering what the author was satirizing because he certainly seemed to be doing so.

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Book 97: The Velveteen Rabbit
Finished: March 27, 2013

Old, sweet story about a rabbit who just wants to be real.

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Book 98:
Little Brown Bear Does Not Want to Eat
Finished: March 28, 2013

Little Brown Bear Plays with Shoes
Finished: March 29, 2013

Little Brown Bear Goes on a Trip
Finished: March 29, 2013

Good Morning, Little Brown Bear
Finished: March 29, 2013

Little Brown Bear Dresses Himself
Finished: March 29, 2013

Little Brown Bear Says "No" to Everything
Finished: March 29, 2013

The seventeenth entry in the 1001 Children's Books You Must Read before You Grow Up book is Little Brown Bear. The best I can determine from the entry is that this isn’t one book but a series of possibly 52 stories, although only a fraction of these seem to have been printed for the US market. I choose to read six of the books.

The six that I read are listed above. Each is a short, little book of 16 pages, including the title page, with one or two sentences per two page spread—just right for reading to a toddler. Each book tells a story about a small piece of Little Brown Bear’s day, whether he is saying “No” to everything, waking up grumpy or learning to put his pants on one leg at a time. These are sweet stories with bright, colorful illustrations that focus closely on what Little Brown Bear is doing in the accompanying narrative. Each book ends with a cute, sometimes humorous moment. These books are definitely for the toddler set.

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Book 99: My Father's Dragon
Finished: June 12, 2013
Category: 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up, 5+

My son's principal sent this book to us, and all kids going from 1st to 2nd grade, during the summer to encourage summer reading--VERY COOL! We loved the book and the story about a boy's dad rescuing a dragon from an island of wild animals who used the dragon to transport them across a river.

juny 14, 2014, 1:31 pm

Book 100: The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon
Finished: June 26, 2013

A cute book that tells the story of the Dish and the Spoon after they run away together ("Hey Diddle, Diddle, The cat and the fiddle...And the dish ran away with the spoon.") They make it big as a vaudeville act in the US and learn to live the high life, but when their fortunes turn with the ascendance of a new act in town--Knife and Fork--they have to rob a bank to pay their debts to the Carving Knife Gang. During their get away from the police, the dish is "broken" and deported back to Britain, while the spoon goes to Alcatraz for 25 years before being deported himself. He finds the perfect home in a junk shop where the owners can "mend anything." There he is reunited with Dish and they begin performing again, but this time for free having learned that money can't buy happiness.

Sometimes I get the feeling that children's books (and movies and cartoons) are really written for adults with references only adults will get and this is one of those books. The pictures depict life in the roaring '20s--Dish and Spoon living a Gatsby-ish high life--and Depression era '30s--a chipped cup sitting on the sidewalk beside a sign saying "Jug and 6 saucers to support." Even though it feels like it is more for adults, my son really enjoyed it too and asked me to read it to him several times during the book's visit from our local library.

juny 14, 2014, 11:24 pm

Book 101: Flotsam
Finished: June 27, 2013

Flotsam is a wordless book, similar to The Arrival, that tells the story of a young boy at the beach exploring the fauna with his magnifying glass and microscope. While he is checking out a small crab a wave knocks him down and leaves behind an underwater camera. The boy opens it to find a roll of film and takes it to a nearby photo developer to get the pictures printed. The pictures of life underwater are amazing and unbelievable, for example, a mechanical fish, octopi in their living room, islands supported by giant starfish. The last picture is of a girl holding a picture of a boy who is holding a picture of another child. The boy uses his microscope to zoom in and pictures of other children emerge until finally he sees a boy on the beach with no picture in hand taken sometime around the beginning of the 20th century. Finally the boy takes a picture of himself holding the picture and tosses it back in the ocean where the camera travels through the fantastical ocean world to another beach and another child. This one has lovely pictures and a really cool story.

juny 14, 2014, 11:30 pm

Book 102: The Night Pirates
Finished: June 28, 2013

Sweet story about a nice, brave little boy named Tom who has a nighttime adventure with a band of rough, tough little girl pirates who steal the front of his house for their stealthy plot to steal the grown-up pirates treasure. There is a cute twist at the end of this story. Definitely a good bedtime read.

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Book 103: Because of Winn-Dixie
Finished: July 30, 2013

I read this a less than a year ago, but I didn't take notes about the book. I know that I enjoyed it very much and would love to read it again. It's a book about finding friends and growing up--my kind of book.

juny 15, 2014, 3:08 am

Book 104: Harry the Dirty Dog
Finished: August 2, 2013

juny 15, 2014, 3:12 am

Book 105: The Quangle Wangle's Hat
Finished: November 10, 2013