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Surrealist Theatre

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feb. 23, 2010, 5:03am

Some recommendations for Surrealist plays & playwrights:

Artaud; Desnos (L PLACE D L ETOILE); Roger Vitrac; Lorca's ONCE FIVE YEARS PASS.

And though they weren't part of the Paris group, the following playwrights capture the surrealist spirit:

Stanislaw Witkiewicz; Todd Bash (a contemporary surrealist playwright - his book SANCTUS FUMIGACI is highly recommended); Michel de Ghelderode; and the theatre of Tadeusz Kantor.

Any other recommendations or thoughts?

Editat: març 19, 2011, 9:10am

Just reviving this to see if anyone responds..... Actually quite an intriguing topic; ie, is there really a "Surrealist" theatre?
One of my earliest influences was French Theatre, 1918-39 (Modern Dramatists), where I was introduced to Apollinaire's The Breasts of Tiresias and Tzara's The Gas Heart.
But where to place Artaud's madness? Jarry's atavism? Ionesco's absurdity? Even Genet?
How many of us have seen a Surrealist play? I haven't. Maybe if we had been there for the Stravinsky premieres... When I think of surreal drama, visual as it must be, I think Cocteau.
What about the slapstick of early Orton? The earliest Pinter?
Who's going to present us a night of Breton & Soupault at this late remove?