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King's Dear Constant Readers

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març 31, 2010, 1:24pm

Hey you guys.

I don't know if you realize this or not, but there's already a King group of fairly longstanding, called King's Dear Constant Readers. In addition to posting on a variety of topics, we do a group read of one of his titles every month.

març 31, 2010, 1:42pm

Hey Becky
well, I didn't notice this group before when i did a search, but I like the idea of the group read each month! That sounds like alot of fun. Thanks for joining.

març 31, 2010, 9:46pm

To Starmap

Thanks for the group invite. Even though I am already in another King group this one sounds like fun.

abr. 3, 2010, 10:40am

I just found this site and I obviously am new can anyone help a brother out I have read every S.K. book and re read them constantly My gf does not read his stuff and I would love to discuss