Welcome, Attolians, Eddisians, and even Sounisians!

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Welcome, Attolians, Eddisians, and even Sounisians!

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abr. 3, 2010, 5:47pm

Welcome to LT's Attolia group! I was shocked to find there was no group here dedicated to the wonderfulness that is the Queen's Thief series, so I decided to rectify that lack.

Please use this thread as a place to introduce yourself and tell us how you started reading the Attolia books and which is your favorite.

I'll go first. I read The Thief as a teen and liked it, but it wasn't until six or more years later that an online friend mentioned that there were sequels. I remembered The Thief fondly enough to go in search of the next ones, and promptly devoured the series (three books at the time) in a weekend. I enjoyed them so much that I reread them again the following weekend. I just couldn't believe how good they were!

My favorite is The Queen of Attolia. I really like what Turner does with her characters and how tightly and intelligently plotted the story is. It's just fantastic.

I look forward to meeting more Attolia fans through this group. So please join in. I have just one caution... do not offend the gods! :)

abr. 3, 2010, 7:10pm

Hello, thanks for setting up this group, Amy!

I read the books for the first time in ...let me see...2007, over the course of the summer, when there were three. The teen librarian I work with recommended the first one when she used it for her middle school book group, and I liked the first one so much I read the next two as soon as I could get my hands on them. I've read The Thief, The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia each three times.

My favorite is definitely The Thief - I love Gen, I think he's a fabulous character and I loved that he told this story. I might have preferred The Queen of Attolia had I read it first, but I was expecting Gen to continue his story, so I was a little disappointed when the narration shifted to third person and I felt more distanced from his character. Now that I think of it, all of the later books had to grow on me over time, so I expect that The Conspiracy of Kings (currently my least favorite of the four) will too.

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I supposed I'd be considered a Queen's Thief newbie, as I've only known about them for about a year. I saw the cover image for A Conspiracy of Kings on bookshelves of doom, one of the blogs I follow, and I knew I had to learn more about this book, since the cover was so beautiful. They (whomever 'they' is) say not to judge a book by its cover, but I'm thankful that I did, or else I would not have been introduced to this wonderful series.

It's hard to say which of the books is my favorite, because I like different things about each of them. I really enjoyed The Thief because we got to get directly inside Gen's head and that is such a fun place to be. The Queen of Attolia showed us Gen's resilience and his cleverness, and how could anyone not like that awesome fight scene at the end of The King of Attolia? The jury's still out on A Conspiracy of Kings - I think I need another read-through and some time to digest everything before I can truly appreciate that one.

abr. 5, 2010, 1:53pm


They do say so, but as far as I can tell, they are wrong.

Marketers put money into cover-design -- they know what they are doing!

I won't reject a book out of hand for having a bad cover, but I must admit to having picked most books by them... including the Queen's Thief books!

I first read The Thief in about 2007, gobbled up the other two, and re-read all three. I preach the gospel of Attolia often!

I think my favorite is also The Queen of Attolia. That book gave me chills.

abr. 7, 2010, 1:38pm

What a great idea for a group.

I first heard about the Attolia books on Orson Scott Card's website. He was discussing some of the great YA literature that is being offered, and how it is excellent reading for adults as well as YA. He highly recommended Turner's books and I found The Thief at our local library -- but they didn't have Queen of Atollia or King of Attolia (gritting my teeth in frustration). I ordered all three immediately and have more than gotten my money's worth through multiple re-readings.

My favorite is definitely King of Attolia. The descriptions of Eugenides' homesickness and various other struggles, then the vast slow shift Turner pulls off in our perception of what is really happening almost takes my breath away. I'm more impressed every time I read it. And the swordplay in the courtyard at the end? Sheer brilliance. I love it! I just re-read the whole series again in anticipation of A Conspiracy of Kings, and cried at the end. And just for the record, I'm turning 48 in a few days. I don't cry at the end of books very often anymore.

I saw a great clip recently where Turner talks about her new book. It was fascinating -- I'll see if I can find it and post the link.


abr. 7, 2010, 2:16pm

Hey everyone!

I started reading the Attolia books...let's see, two years ago, I think it was? I'd heard a lot of buzz about it on LT, and when I was at the library I saw a copy of The Thief, so I decided to pick it up on a whim. I read it, loved it, and immediately went out to buy The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia.

My favourite of the series is The Queen of Attolia because I like the strange, bitter-sharp relationship between Gen and Irene. Character relationships and dynamics always fascinate me, and they have one of the most fascinating of any book I've read, really. I was also drawn in the by the book's portrayal of the things that royals force themselves to do, the sacrifices they make, and the cost and necessity of achieving greatness.

Reading the Attolia books resparked my love of YA lit. I hadn't read YA lit in a long time (at least, not in any significant amounts), and it was great to see what a truly talented author could do in the genre.

abr. 8, 2010, 11:08am

Welcome, everybody! I'm glad you've joined us. It's always great to hear from fellow Attolia fans :)

I ditto you on QoA, jibrailis!

Also, everyone please feel free to start threads if you think of something that would be a good discussion topic.

abr. 17, 2010, 6:36pm

Well I came on LT this morning to find not one, but TWO invitations to join this group! (Needless to say I hurried over)
I first discovered The Thief and The Queen of Attolia when a friend recommended them to me - this was before there was a third one - and I read and loved them, and was unbelievably excited when a couple of years later I discovered that The King of Attolia had been released and I got to read yet MORE about Gen. My favourite has always been QoA, for the love story that makes me weep, but KoA is a close second. It was only this year, in about my fifth re-read of the Thief that I actually picked up on the many clues in that book that Gen isn't what he seems, and I have come to appreciate much more what I previously thought was the more childish, simpler book of the series. Megan Whalen Turner is a genius.

abr. 18, 2010, 1:04pm

Your name sounded vaguely familiar when I saw your post recommending the Attolia books yesterday... did I send you two invites? I guess I really, really wanted you here, MM! :)

I'm with you on listing QoA as your favorite. And I am also finding more to appreciate in TT as I reread. Turner's characters just live.

abr. 19, 2010, 8:43am

I think I sent one -- I saw you recommending the series on a thread in another group. And I also love QoA . . . possibly best, though I have a hard time choosing a favorite. I love all of the first three books, and I think I will love the fourth once I have had a chance to read it a few times.

abr. 21, 2010, 1:38am

I read the Queen of Attolia a couple of years ago first not realizing it was a series. I think I bought it based purely on the creepy hook cover. I loved the book and had to read the rest of the series. I loved that it was YA, but still had characters with depth. I tend to read YA because I don't have that much time to read for fun anymore and I can justify taking the smaller breaks and books like Turners make me not miss "adult" books.

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Hello all. Thanks for starting this terrific group, Amy. :) I joined right away when I got invited, but haven't commented until now. *Blush*

I was first introduced when Amy recommended {The Thief} to me last spring. I read it through in a hurry, and was eager for more. I got The Queen of Attolia via BookMooch, and purchased The King of Attolia and recently A Conspiracy of Kings outright.

I would have to agree with many others about the high quality of writing in The Queen of Attolia, and it should, by all rights, by my favorite, but I am torn. I loved the terrific, sharp plotting, and the philosophical notions of predestination inherent in the story.

Even so, I have to say that I just loved The King of Attolia. I think that my reason for liking it best despite my preference for the quality of writing of it's predecessor is because of my deep enjoyment of Costis and his narration.

I was in the Army for a few years, and deployed to Iraq. I was also enlisted, and though Costis was temporarily an officer, he was sort of an enlisted guy in an officer's trappings. The entire culture of the military, as passed down the ages, is beautifully captured. To see a the POV of a novel largely from the perspective of a military man, and a low-ranking one, instead of a general or what not, was refreshing. I just ate it up. I can not say how much I LOVED Costis in the story. I am truly disheartened by spoilers that I have heard that he has no part in CoK. :'(

Anyway, that is my history of reading them so far, and my opinions of them.

Wonderful group so far. God bless you all. :)

maig 3, 2010, 11:30pm

Take heart, MereChristian. According to a report from a talk MWT gave in CA, the next book is going to be the "second half" of King of Attolia. I'm verrrry happy about that.

I don't think Costis is gone for good. I found his absence to be so conspicuous in CoK that he couldn't possibly be out of the picture completely. If he had been mentioned in passing as a guard or anything, I could more readily believe that his usefulness had expired with the end of KoA. But nooo... besides, Gen said at the end of KoA that he had something for Costis to do. :D

maig 4, 2010, 9:00am

That makes me very excited, LadyE - I grew rather fond of dear, old Costis in KOA. I'm glad it looks like we are going to see him again (and more of Gen, too!).

maig 4, 2010, 7:58pm

that is exciting news

maig 4, 2010, 8:59pm

Thanks for the update, LadyE. You just made my day with this news. :D I can't wait to see Costis back again. HOOAH!!!! :) Were there any other spoilers from the next book at this event with Turner? :)

God bless all. :)

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Hey, Attolians! There's a title, cover, and release date for the next book in the series!


I've started a new thread in this group for gushing and jubilation!