Favorite Character?

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Favorite Character?

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abr. 20, 2010, 5:34pm

So, we've all been discussing our favorite book in the introductions thread, but I'd like to know: Who is you favorite character?

I fear I'm going to get a thread full of Eugenides, and I admit, he's a tempting fellow, but...

I think I'm going to say Eddis. I really like Eddis. I also think she needs her own book. Then, I guess I'd really find out if I like her or not!

abr. 21, 2010, 1:42am

I find Eugenides to be quite entertaining, but my favorite character is probably the Queen of Attolia. I find her surprisingly easy to relate to her (no I do not have people's hands cut off).

abr. 21, 2010, 1:44am

I forgot to mention that the magus of Sounis is a close second for my favorite.

abr. 21, 2010, 8:38am

I have a lot of love for pretty much all of the main characters, so I'll break it down to male and female characters.

Eddis is it for the ladies. I like that she's not the typical beauty that fantasy books have a tendency to throw at readers, yet a smile from her can win hearts. I love her toughness and the way she doesn't put up with Eugenides' stunts, yet she still manages to have a vulnerable femininity about her.

I'm going to have to go with Eugenides for the guys, because he is awesome. I love that he could use his brawn (those amazing sword-fighting skills), yet he chooses to use his brains instead in his life's work. His sassiness is definitely what won me over - I like a character who can make me laugh, and Gen always does.

abr. 22, 2010, 9:18pm

I identify most closely with Helen (Eddis), and I'll admit to having a crush on Gen. Of the secondary characters, I like the Magus, and I'm quite fond of Sophos, actually.

abr. 25, 2010, 4:03pm

Okay, anyone who saw my recent post a minute ago for the "Introductions" thread, will not be surprised to hear this, but my favorite character is Costis.

As an Army vet, and an enlisted one at that, I just loved reading the POV of an enlisted guy. Even as an officer, he was still of an enlisted mindset. Finally, in a popular piece of literature, I could see a solid enlisted guy as a POV character. Plus the military culture depicted was just really fun.

God bless all.

abr. 25, 2010, 6:29pm

I had forgotten how much I loved Costis until I reread King of Attolia yesterday. He's just a really good guy and I completely enjoyed watching him come over to our way of thinking about Eugenides.