Opinion of the military aspects (battles, culture, etc.) of the *Attolian* books.

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Opinion of the military aspects (battles, culture, etc.) of the *Attolian* books.

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abr. 25, 2010, 4:09pm

Hello all. I have no clue if this will get much traffic, but I was wondering about the opinions of fellow Conspirators when it comes to the issue of the military culture, battles, and other military aspects of the books.

For me, there are two to mention right off. I deeply enjoyed the culture and attitudes of the troops seen in KoA. It was refreshing to observe how well Megan Whalen Turner did her homework. I truly could identify with the characters.

I also believe that the ongoing storyline about solidifying the alliance against the Mede, and the notion of "spheres of influence" from the larger "Continental Powers". The maro-level alliance building, and the unsteady, even hostile at times, interactions of different countries' militaries is quite realistic as well.

Okay, so what do you all think?

God bless all. :)

abr. 25, 2010, 5:21pm

I like the fact that it usually makes sense to me. That sounds really simplistic, but sometimes in battle-heavy fantasy, I can't really picture what's going on. I haven't had that problem with the Attolia books.

Also, I love the hand-to-hand stuff. I studied stage combat in college (and loved it!), so I love good descriptions of sword fights. :-)