Sunday Times and Alan Paton short List

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Sunday Times and Alan Paton short List

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juny 4, 2010, 10:07am

I see that these were put out yesterday. Amazzing how few people have read them. ( I have not). I added them to CK lists.

We need more people from South Africa on LT. Please encourage your friends to join.

jul. 7, 2010, 11:41am

And in case anyone wondered, here are the touchstones where available on LT:

Sunday Times Fiction Prize Shortlist:
Summertime by J. M. Coetzee
High Low In-Between by Imraan Coovadia
Saracen at the Gates by Zinaid Meeran
The Book of the Dead by Kgebetli Moele
Small Moving Parts by Sally-Ann Murray

Sunday Times Alan Paton Award shortlist:
Ways of Staying by Kevin Bloom
A Fork in the Road by André Brink
Begging to be Black by Antjie Krog
The Honour to Serve: Recollections of an Umkhonto Soldier by James Ngculu
The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law by Albie Sachs

Alan Paton Award Honorary Mentions
Johannesburg Transition: Architecture and Society from 1950 by Clive Chipkin
Alf Kumalo: Through My Lens by Alf Kumalo
Invaded: The Biological Invasion of South Africa by Leonie Joubert

jul. 8, 2010, 11:06am

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