Mislinked Characters

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Mislinked Characters

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juny 7, 2010, 4:56am

Ran into another amusing LibraryThinie artifact.
It is apparently lumping common names together without rhyme or reason.

You enter a list of characters in this book (you do not link them to any other characters)
you use the carrie entry you just made to go to the carrie page and enter a description - Lo and Behold - that name (Reba, Victor, James) - is connected to 10-50 titles, only one of which is the one you put in, none of which have anything to do with the character you just entered.

And if more than one person is trying to enter a description from more than one source - your problems just exploded exponentially.
How do you cut this briar patch off at the root? How do you prevent this mislinking?

juny 7, 2010, 1:40pm

You can't. The only way to keep a character separate is to enter a name that's unique (surname?). The linking is automatic on matching text, so if you enter a common name it's going to link to every other example of that name.

This isn't really the appropriate group, either - not many people are going to see your post. Talk about LibraryThing, Recommend Site Improvements, or even Bug Collectors (though it isn't really a bug (it's a feature!)) would be more useful - get you more answers (and maybe even a solution - I don't actually use the CK characters, so those who do may have found a workaround that I'm not aware of).