Wiki or threads for the reviews?

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Wiki or threads for the reviews?

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ag. 30, 2010, 1:57pm

I am kind of new here, but I was looking through the Wiki lists that InigoMontoya put together (loved that idea) and got to realizing that it is about 2 years behind. I played with the wiki list and was able to figure out how it is done.
- What I am wondering is:
1) Is there enough people still participating in this to continue/create a listing with all of the reviews
2) if so, do we want to back track with the older posts so that it really is all in one place (I would be willing, but it would take quite a while - I don't have the greatest internet connection)
3) if you just want to start with a more recent date (Jan 2010), do you want to do a Wiki or do you want to discuss option?

I am willing to discuss any of the options, I just liked the idea of all the reviews in one place but didn't know what everyone else would want.

- I think I have made myself clear, but it not, let me know :)

ag. 31, 2010, 6:38am

Thanks for volunteering! I don't think it matters that it would take a while to catch up.

On the other hand I think the threads do work fairly well with links to the book reviews.

*must remember to read my assigned book soon*

ag. 31, 2010, 9:21am

How about, for now, I just plan on creating a thread with the links in it of the more current reviews while I work on catching up on the last 2 years on the Wiki pages.

Does that agree with anyone/everyone ?