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Twilite Zone Comics

18 Crain Hwy N
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

United States


Tipus: Bookstore — Sense marcar

Descripció: Twilite Zone Comics is a one-of-a-kind retail store operated in the heart of downtown Glen Burnie, MD. It caters to all stripes of comic book readers: both the dedicated fan and the casual story-lover. Twilite Zone Comics, under varying owners, has been in business in the same location for over 20 years. Our customers have brought their children—and their children have brought the grandchildren—to Twilite Zone Comics for the latest in magazine-style issues, bound volumes (trade paper backs), graphic novels, manga, statuary, collectible back issues, and comic preservation materials consistently for more than a generation.

The Twilite Zone Comics' employees will be your personal comics concierge. Twilite Zone Comics tracks the subscriptions of committed customers and tracks children’s manga collections for confused parents—eliminating guess work and assuring that readers never miss an issue.

Twilite Zone's Hours are::
MONDAY: Noon to 7pm
TUESDAY: Noon to 7pm
WEDNESDAY: 11am to 8pm
THURSDAY: Noon to 7pm
FRIDAY: Noon to 8pm
SATURDAY: 11am to 7pm
SUNDAY: Noon to 5pm

The current manager is on librarything under 'kyabetsu.'

Afegit per: kyabetsu  Contactat:  ID del lloc: 23582


Preferits: kyabetsu, melannen

Visitat: melannen

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The best friendly local comic book store in Glen Burnie!

Girl-friendly and newbie-friendly, the manager rocks, and has awesome, high-turnover $.50 back-issue bins and several-times-yearly backissue blowout sales and special events. Also a lot of very cheap manga trades. (I am too broke to buy new comics and trades but they are awesome too.)
març 2008 de melannen

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