Capitol Hill Books

657 C Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

United States


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Capitol Hill Books is a used bookstore located in historic Capitol Hill in Washington DC, with three cozy floors of quality used books, first editions, rare books, and a few new books.
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The pictures do not lie. This is a very tight cramped stack-o-books type store. There is some rhyme and reason to the staking but you need to ask the attendants about particular authors because they may have a random stack in a random corner (or maybe the bathroom: yes they have a stack of books in the bathroom). The rows are very narrow and if the store gets busy it gets claustrophobic. There must be some kind of touristy destination bookstore to this place because a few people came in while I was there just to see what's what. Overall I found two gems and a couple of philosophy books: however I had to move the books around quite a bit because they were double staked in the shelf. Which reminds me they have recessed lighting and I think they use 100 watt bulbs. It got so hot I was sweating after 5 minutes. I say all this lightheartedly because this is exactly what many people would find charming about this place. If you are the mad-hatter of books this place is for you. You could spend several days moving stacks looking for that particular trophy book. I'm glad i visited this store.
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