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Midtown Scholar Bookstore

1302 North Third Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102

United States


Tipus: Bookstore — llibres de segona mà

Pàgina web:


Compte de Twitter: @midtownscholar

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I agree with Opusnight about the organization. Must admit I had never seen a store with title as the primary sequence. It does force you to look through a LOT MORE BOOKS and I did buy one that I would have never seen if I went to my normal haunts. The staff was helpful.

Bring your flashlight! It does have overhead lighting but it doesn't make to the lower shelves that well but then my eyes are getting a bit older all the time!
novembre 2015 de ulmannc
Amazing wealth of virtually everything! Very impressive building, layout and service. My only complaint is in how the inventory is cataloged: some bizarre choices in shelving. For example: I would expect the Poetry section to be alpha by poet, perhaps with anthologies following. But they are sorted by title instead - very odd! And then across the room is another case of Poetry sorted by poet. Another example: Art - huge inventory, terrific. But I expected one section for American monographs (since they had it sorted by French, British et al), but not there. The American art section was mingled in with the American History section downstairs... again, very odd choice! That having been said, this is an excellent shop and well worth me spending lots of time and money.
setembre 2014 de Opusnight
The Midtown Scholar Bookstore is a strong resource center for students, businesses, and communities. Though it has a distinctive local flare for in-person visits (and a top of the line espresso machine!), I have used it just as much to get textbooks and materials for scholarly research.

It is a must visit if you are in the area!
octubre 2013 de scootorian

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