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Lifeline Bookfest

juny 7, 2014 – juny 10, 2014

Merivale St, South Brisbane
Brisbane, Queensland, 4101


(07) 3632 1000;

Tipus: Fair/Festival

Pàgina web:

Comoditats: menjar/beguda

Descripció: About Lifeline's Brisbane Bookfest

The Lifeline Bookfest is divided into three sections but we have new section names to make it easier for everyone. Instead of the sections being High Quality, Priced and Unpriced, they are now called High Quality - Prices as Marked, $1 Section and $2.50 Section.

High Quality - Prices as Marked contains near new and quality stock, as well as rare and collectable books. All books are priced inside the cover.

The $1 Section contains a fantastic range of books of medium quality. These books are also priced inside the cover and some children's books are 2 for $1.

The $2.50 Section contains more of the 'well-thumbed' books and is where some of the best bargains can be found! There are no books in this section over $2.50.

Within each section, books are divided into over 20 categories:

Children's; Australiana; History; Reference; Humour and Oddities; Biography; Literature and Classics; Textbooks; Travel; Health; Science Fiction; Hardback Fiction; Art and Music; Paperback Fiction; Cooking; Computers; Religion; Foreign Language; Vehicles and War Craft; Hobbies; Sport; Gardening; Animals; Penguins and Pelicans; Economics; Sociology; Philosophy; and Science.

In addition to books, each section carries a range of magazines, stationery, videos, CDs, cassettes and records.

Please Note: Your books must be paid for and bags sealed before moving onto other sections. This is required as a security measure. The plastic bags used are biodegradable and recycle bins will be available if you would like to transfer your purchase into a green bag on your way out. Green bags will be available for purchase.

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Best ever book sale, everyone should go. Bargain prices
gener 2010 de kiles1670

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