Lamplight Books

1514 Pike Place #14
Seattle, WA 98101

United States


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In this new age of e-books and digital pictures, Lamplight Books does the unthinkable: we stick to paper and love it. Melville's Moby-Dick has never looked more real on the shelf and Dickens' Great Expectations will faithfully offer you the non replaceable experience of turning the pages while sniffing the smell of time.
Lamplight Books is located in the heart of the Pike Place Market, Seattle, among fish throwing across the street and sweet delicatessen products all around, it is always a good time to read.
If you let yourself peruse around the market, you will have to play a little treasure hunt game to find us, because ,like every treasure worth to be found, the bookstore too is hidden and off the beaten tracks.
So your hint is to find the Sanitary building first, and once in there you will need to venture inside; if you see a little bakery called Three Girls Bakery and a Creamery shop next to it, then you are surely on the right path and very close to the bookstore, which is awaiting with all sorts of good reads in the treasure chest.
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I recently visited Pike Place, Seattle and enjoyed finding this store. Small store with good stacks of books. The cashier/owner was very friendly; many people stopped by to speak while I was there. You can tell it is a popular stop for many. She was very nice about me keeping her a few minutes past closing.
octubre 2012 de galacticus