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From Anthology's website:

Anthology’s reference library contains the world’s largest collection of paper materials documenting the history and practice of American and international avant-garde/independent film and video.

The holdings include books, periodicals, photographs, posters, tapes of lectures and interviews, distribution and festival catalogs, as well as files on individual film- and video makers and organizations active in independent film and video. The files contain original documents, manuscripts, letters, scripts, notebooks, clippings, photographs and stills.
Library Access at Anthology Film Archives

Access to Anthology Film Archives’ Jerome Hill Library is by appointment.
Call Robert A. Haller at 212-505-5181, ex. 12, or e-mail him at
robert [AT] anthologyfilmarchives [.] org

The library is a closed stack facility so it cannot be visited. Anthology’s library contains nearly 10,000 books; 24,000 files organized by individual, institution and subject; 250 sets of periodicals; thousands of stills; and various other paper, audio and visual materials.

To make research requests, please provide us with the name of the film, filmmaker, individual or institution that you are researching in your initial request. Robert A. Haller will let you know if we have relevant research materials and set-up an appointment for access.

Researchers are welcome to visit Anthology on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 5pm. There is a $20/day registration fee. Xerox copies are $1 for the first page, 25 cents for each subsequent page. Payment must be made in cash for the exact amount (we cannot make change). No credit cards.

If you are interested in obtaining a journal article, please consult the list of journals on our web site. If we have the periodical, please supply the year and number of the issue, title of article. We can supply Xerox copies at $1 for the first page, 50 cents each for subsequent pages and the cost of postage.

A selection of stills and photographs from Anthology’s collection are available for consultation and publication. If reproducing these images you are responsible for all rights clearances and must provide proof/documentation from the rights holder when making your request. For fees and procedures contact Wendy Dorsett (wendy [at] anthologyfilmarchives [.] org)

Please note that while Anthology has materials on all eras of film history and thousands of individuals, our primary focus is on personal, avant-garde, and experimental cinema. We have modest files on major directors John Ford or William Wyler, but if your interest is Hollywood or industry film-making our library will likely disappoint you. For this type of research please try the NY Public Library at Lincoln Center, NYU, Columbia, MoMA, or the Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in LA.
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