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Clink de Kelly DiPucchio
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Clink (edició 2011)

de Kelly DiPucchio, Matthew Myers (Il·lustrador)

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8214258,862 (3.87)1
While newer, fancier robots are quickly purchased, Clink, an old-fashioned robot who can only make toast and music, gathers dust and feels downhearted until a young boy enters the shop looking for something special.
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This is a wonderful science fiction picture books for kids. It is filled will detailed illustrations about robots and of course the robot called Clink. Clink is not like the other fancy robots he is old and run down and doesn't do fancy tricks. He feels lonely a lot of the time because when students come into the store they don't look at him. On day this boy walks in and Clink is doing everything to get noticed. He gets so crazy that one of his old springs flies off and hits the boy in the head. The store owner was about to through Clink away but the boy decided he wanted him. Clink was over joyed and they became best friends. This is a good science fiction book because it talks about robots and their different parts. ( )
  SabraR | Mar 20, 2017 |
This story is a science fiction for very young readers. It is about a robot who doesn't feel he is as good as the other robots and doesn't have much to offer. He is scared he will not be adopted, as all his other robot friends leave he becomes lonely until he finds a boy who becomes his friend. I like the moral portrayed in this story that even if you don't feel worthy, you are. Everyone deserves a friend and can be appreciated no matter what you offer. You could read this to a first grade class and have them work on understanding the moral. ( )
  MadisonLynn | Feb 27, 2017 |
The story revolves around an old and rusted robot named Clink. He is not as new, shinny, or good at baseball and haircuts as some of the other robots he lives with. All he can do is make burnt toast and play old music. One by one all of his other robot friends get bought and soon Clink is all alone, until a young boy comes in and decides that Clinks burnt toast and old music is perfect for him. Throughout the story Clink slowly begins to give up on being adopted, but very quickly realizes that even though he isn't new and exciting, there is a friend out there for him.
The author teaches its reader that everyone is worthy of a friend. Even if you don't see value in yourself, someone else out there does. Everyone has something to give in this world, even if it is burnt toast and vintage music. ( )
  NicoleGruber | Nov 2, 2016 |
Genre: Science Fiction
Medium: Acrylic
This is a book about a toast-making and music playing robot, who becomes outdated, when toy stores start making a bunch of fancier robots. All of the children want robots that can do their homework, and look shiny, and sleek. So the boxier and older looking toast making robot is sad, because none of the kids want him. But then a little boy who is perfect for Clink, buys him. And they have so much fun together. This is a good example of a science fiction book for younger kids, because it is about a world where robots have personalities, and they can do many of our every day tasks. I would use this book in a kindergarten or first grade classroom. This could be a book to use, when talking about how sometimes old things are really valuable, and not everything that is new is special.
  sophiadale | Apr 15, 2016 |
Clink is an old fashioned robot. He doesn't do as much as the new robots and he feels sad and left out. His friends try to cheer him up but once they get sold, there isn't much for him to do so he sits sadly, until he sees the perfect boy. Then Clink proves that he is the right robot!

I like the stylized art style. It reminds me of the fifties for some reason. ( )
  Rosa.Mill | Nov 21, 2015 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 14 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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While newer, fancier robots are quickly purchased, Clink, an old-fashioned robot who can only make toast and music, gathers dust and feels downhearted until a young boy enters the shop looking for something special.

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