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de William King

Sèrie: Gotrek & Felix (3), Warhammer (fiction) (Gotrek & Felix 03)

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1605135,617 (3.56)5
Gotrek, a Dwarf Trollslayer seeking a honorable death, and his human companion Felix, the disinherited son of a wealthy nobleman, search for a lost dwarf kingdom. Original.
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Easily the best of the three Gotrek & Felix novels I've read thus far, this tale is written slightly different in that it is a single, moving story that flows from chapter to chapter. The previous G&F novels are more of a bunch of loosely linked short stories that still read really well, but this one had outstanding pace and clarity.

King does an outstanding job of not making this story more than it is, pure entertainment. For the first time in the G&F series, Gotrek really seems to be on his way to getting his wish of dying a glorious death fighting pure evil (Chaos). Felix fulfills his duty, albeit somewhat reluctantly, of following Gotrek due to a life debt (drunkenly assumed in the past), and recording the annals of the powerful dwarf's demise. The two protagonists meet allies in the Lonely Tower, one of which is a phenomenal dwarf engineer who has created a flying vehicle, and find themselves on board on a journey in search of the lost city of Karag Dum. The catch is that the forces of Chaos overwhelmed the city some 200 years ago.

This plot vehicle sets several things in motion: Gotrek gets his previously mentioned wish of confronting forces of Chaos; Felix continues to follow Gotrek while being more frightened and reluctant than ever; the reader is introduced to new wonderful characters that join Gotrek in his mission (Snorri, Valek, and Malakai the engineer to name a few).

No spoilers here....the events that take place at Karag Dum in the Chaos Wastes are the best so far in this series. Powerful images, characters that really shine, and direct in your face dialogue take the reader right to the end.

I recommend this and the previous G&F books for any avid fantasy reader. I am also looking forward to future G&F novels... ( )
  utbw42 | Feb 24, 2016 |
The third novel in the series following Felix and Gortek through the Warhammer world. This installment sees the pair traveling to a lost dwarf city in search of treasure and a worthy foe, a Bloodthirster demon of Khorne. They must escape the pursuit of Thanquol’s skaven and ride in a new dwarf airship across the chaos wastes in pursuit of the city and its inhabitants. Their they find the dwarves and forces of evil locked in a war outside the passage of time. It comes to a head in the throne room or the dwarf hall. The duel nearly kills them all, but in the end death eludes Gortek still. This book tries to retain the skaven humor successfully employed in the previous book but also throw in new ideas at the same time. It is almost too much in the pot. The character development has effectively ceased at this point and the text tends to mire itself in catch-phrases or fallback scenarios. The Warhammer world is painted in bright colors as ever though and it is the sub-plot and minor characters that save the book. ( )
  loafhunter13 | Oct 1, 2011 |
The third of William King's Gotrek & Felix adventures is another cookie cutter story. Once more the unlikely heroes are drawn in to a battle, unable to say no to thwarting evil in any guise. This time they head back in to the Chaos Waste alongside another Slayer, ready to unleash havoc and death upon the Chaos legions. Readers familiar with the series won't be disappointed, the narrative remains basic, yet at times wordy, the action fast and furious, the plot straightforward. There is an attempt to add suspense with the ongoing assassination attempts by Thanquol, however it doesn't add up to much. A pleasant and harmless fantasy romp which is easy to read and probably just as easy to forget. ( )
  SonicQuack | Jan 5, 2011 |
These books just keep getting better. In this, the third installment, Gotrek and Felix find themselves involved in an ancient Dwarven quest to reclaim an artifact from the Dwarven city of Karag Dum, which has been overtaken by the chaos wastes. During the course of the trip the duo ride on an airship and meet a wizard and warrior from the frozen north. In the wastes, Gotrek hopes to meet his doom facing a mighty demon and avenging his people. After the mighty battle, and I will not ruin the ending here by telling you what happens, suffice to say there are more in the series. so I'm not giving too much away to say that they survive, as the group is traveling back across the wastes, they discover that the chaos horde is gathering for an invasion of the kingdom. A rollicking good time with plenty of action and excitement as well as characters that you genuinely come to care about. ( )
  burningtodd | Dec 17, 2008 |
A rather campy book but totally fitting within the Warhammer universe. ( )
  Whispering | Oct 21, 2007 |
Es mostren totes 5
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Gotrek, a Dwarf Trollslayer seeking a honorable death, and his human companion Felix, the disinherited son of a wealthy nobleman, search for a lost dwarf kingdom. Original.

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