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The House at Sea's End (Ruth Galloway…
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The House at Sea's End (Ruth Galloway Mysteries) (2011 original; edició 2012)

de Elly Griffiths (Autor)

Sèrie: Ruth Galloway (3)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
9307316,752 (3.69)169
"Forensic archeologist, Dr. Ruth Galloway is back--this time investigating a gruesome WWII war crime"--
Títol:The House at Sea's End (Ruth Galloway Mysteries)
Autors:Elly Griffiths (Autor)
Informació:Mariner Books (2012), Edition: Reprint, 353 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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The House at Sea's End de Elly Griffiths (2011)

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This is the third volume in Elly Griffith’s series featuring Dr Ruth Galloway, lecturer in forensic archaeology at the University of North Norfolk and occasional consultant to the local police, and I am now a committed fan. Dr Galloway herself is an appealing character; intelligent, independent, resourceful. As this novel opens, she has just given birth to her daughter, Kate, and is returning from maternity, balancing childcare with the demands of her job, and finding her self with little time to herself.

An archaeological survey team is working on the beach at Sea’s End, measuring the impact of the rapidly accelerating process of erosion as the sea reclaims must of the coastal land. They are surprised to discover the remains of several bodies (eventually confirmed as six separate corpses), but at least they appreciate the importance of preserving the scene, and arranging for appropriate retrieval. Ruth is called to the scene in both her professional capacities, and makes an initial estimation that the bodies are old, but have probably been there for less than a hundred years. Further investigation shows that the bodies are most likely of German origin. Investigations focus on the Second World War, and rumours of an attempted Nazi invasion. A few members of the local Home Guard are still alive … or were, although they start dying very suddenly, too.

As always, Elly Griffiths manages the plotlines very capably, and continues to flesh out her principal characters’ stores. There is a core cast who have featured in all of the novels so far, and their diverse but connected personal histories give a strong verisimilitude to the stories.

Gripping, chilling and utterly credible. ( )
  Eyejaybee | Apr 6, 2021 |
An excellent entry in the Ruth Galloway series. As the sea relentlessly erodes the coastline of Broughton Sea's End, it uncovers an old secret that seems to be spawning new murders. Ruth juggles the responsibilities of single motherhood, her university teaching obligations, and her consulting duties as a forensic archaeologist attached to the Serious Crimes Unit of the Norfolk police department. Some interesting history, and not a few red herrings in this one. ( )
  laytonwoman3rd | Mar 6, 2021 |
Good - happy to have it from library rather than owning it though
  MiriamL | Feb 2, 2021 |
"The House At Sea's End" is the third mystery involving Ruth Galloway, a forensic archaeologist, living on the salt marsh coast of Norfolk. It carries on with the same ensemble cast of characters that we met in "The Crossing Places" and "The Janus Stone".

This time, Ruth, now a single mother courtesy of a threat-induced one night stand with the (married with two daughters) Detective Inspector Nelson, is called in to assess multiple bodies discovered after part of the coastline crumbles. The plot unfolds around a World War II mystery and modern murders that appear to be linked. The action is spiced up by the visit of an old friend of Kate's from when she was working on mass graves in Bosnia, thus triggering a series of flashbacks that draw us away from the rather static Norfolk setting and the slow moving plot.

Ruth, of course, finds herself at considerable personal risk before the denouement is reached and Nelson feels a strong need to come her rescue and to protect his unacknowledged third daughter, the baby Kate.

It seems to me that, in this book, the series tipped over from crime mysteries into an ongoing story of the lives of the main characters, with the mysteries being used to provide a frame to continue ot bring them together.

I felt much greater tension and suspense about what would happen with Ruth and Nelson than I did around who had killed whom in this latest series of murders.

I know that the series has already reached nine books and remains very popular but this will be my last one in the series. How many deaths requiring the skills of a forensic archaeologist can there be in a small coastal town in Norfolk? I'm not sufficiently interested in the fate of the characters to continue to read books that must become increasingly implausible. ( )
  MikeFinnFiction | May 16, 2020 |
The House At Sea’s End by Elly Griffiths is the third book in the Ruth Galloway series, and in this one she is experiencing the ups and downs of being a new mother, as well as becoming involved in a mystery that goes back to World War II with the discovery of six bodies that were exposed due to coastal erosion. As a forensics specialist, Ruth is called upon to help date and identify the bones.

This find suddenly becomes a modern mystery when it becomes obvious that someone desperately wants to guard this wartime secret from coming to light. DCI Harry Nelson and his team, including Ruth, are left trying to solve the older secret in order to discover who is so determined to keep it hidden.

While overall I found the actual mysteries in this book a little weak, The House At Sea’s End was a very good addition to the series in that it continues to explore the complicated relationship between Ruth and Harry as well as developing and expanding the reoccurring secondary characters. Elly Griffiths mysteries continue to use the setting as a main factor in her crime stories and in this one we experience the changeable weather of spring on the Norfolk coast with it’s surging tides, cool temperatures and sudden changes. I am looking forward to continuing on with this series both for the mystery aspect and for the emotional predicaments to come. ( )
  DeltaQueen50 | May 13, 2020 |
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Two people, a man and a woman, are walking along a hospital corridor. (Prologue)

The tide is out.
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"Forensic archeologist, Dr. Ruth Galloway is back--this time investigating a gruesome WWII war crime"--

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