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I Love You Like Crazy Cakes de Rose A. Lewis
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I Love You Like Crazy Cakes (edició 2000)

de Rose A. Lewis (Autor)

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Multicultural, adoption
  lrp024 | Nov 21, 2018 |
Mother-love is profound, however a baby comes into a woman's life. For Rose Lewis, the journey to motherhood begins with a letter to Chinese officials, asking if she can adopt from the "big room with lots of other babies." The infants in that room in China are each missing a mother, but Lewis is missing something, too--a baby. She travels to China to meet her new little girl and falls head over heels in love. Taking her baby home to America, Lewis introduces her to all her family and friends, and they begin their life together. ( )
  LynneQuan | Sep 25, 2017 |
This is a book about a single mom adopting a baby from china.For ages 2-8 yrs old. ( )
  wFelita | Jul 23, 2017 |
This book is about a mother , who sent a letter to china orphah, that she want to adopted a child, they said, yes to her and she decided to fly to China and bring the baby to the new house. When she come back with the baby ,families and friends were happy to received the new baby.
  pilarmorenoruiz | Mar 21, 2017 |
i thought this book was OK. I enjoyed the realistic pictures, but I feel as if it lacked a climax and it failed to interest me throughout. The illustrations accurately depicted a single mom adopted a child from China and they included a lot of bright and interesting colors/color combinations. However, the book simply told about the process of the mother getting on a plan to pick up her child and then bringing her home to meet the family. It lacked realistic features like when she said she wrote a letter to the Chinese government asking for one of their babies and they simply replied as long as you promise to take good care" of the girl. I know there is a lot more that is included in the adoption process and I do believe it should have been included so that the reader is properly informed about adoption and so they don't think that anyone can just adopt a child by mailing the government a letter. I think adoption is a higher grade level subject, so the specifics on adoption should be included in this book. ( )
  tvance2 | Oct 24, 2016 |
I liked this book for two reasons. First, the illustrations enhance the story. The illustrations of the book look like paintings, but they are also realistic and feature the physical traits of the two different ethnicities of the book. An example of the realistic paintings can be seen on the cover of the book. Second, the story has a well-organized plot that is easy to follow. The book begins with the author stating that there's a baby in China and a woman in America. Then, the woman writes a letter to China's adoption agency, flys to China, brings home the baby, and the baby meets the whole family such as cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. The big idea of this book is that there is always someone who loves you. ( )
  MackenzieYee | Apr 6, 2016 |
A woman describes how she went to China to adopt a special baby girl. Base on the author's own experiences.
  FamilyResourceCenter | Feb 16, 2016 |
The book is about a woman who tells her child that she loves her very much, despite being adopted, and would do anything for her.
  Andresbenitez | Nov 30, 2015 |
The main point of this book is that adoption is great and help make families.
Source:ECE Class
  heatherhoover | Aug 13, 2015 |
A woman adopts a child from China and explains how much she lover her and how she is a part of her family now, even though she was adopted.
Age: 3-5 years
Source: brought into class
  E_McGriff | Aug 12, 2015 |
I thought this was a great story! The central message of the story is that adoption is great, and can help make families. I love this story because of its plot. A woman travels all the way to China to adopt a baby girl. The woman proclaims her love for the baby in a variety of ways. In addition, I love the illustrations. Each page has a light yellow background which causes the reader to draw his or her eyes to the main focus on each page. For instance, my eye went right to the baby girl when she in sitting on the bed. Another reason why I loved this story is because of the way the author wrote it. In this story, the author is the main character, the mother. She placed herself into the story, and it is almost like she is writing a letter to her daughter about how thankful she is to have been able to adopt her. The last reason I enjoyed this story is because it is written about a great topic. Readers can see that adoption is not a bad thing, and that the adopting parents genuinely care about their child. ( )
  Tcochr1 | Apr 2, 2015 |
This book tells the story of a woman who adopts a little girl from China and how much she loves this child. It touches on how the woman is sad that the baby's mother does not have the opportunity to love this baby, but is grateful to her for bringing the little girl into the world for her to love. I thought this was a really cute book, and it shows how adoption positively impacts families.

Ages: 3 and up
Source: Pierce College Library
  AlissaT | Mar 13, 2015 |
Woman adopts a baby from China, tells the story of how a woman in China couldn't keep her baby and how she, a woman in the US wanted a baby. She goes to get the baby, the family back in America welcomes them home. Talks about the memory of the Chinese mother and the mom cries for her, but happy she has a child. Calls her crazy cakes.
3-up group or individual
  JackieOttman | Mar 10, 2015 |
its about adaption

Age 4-5
Source Pierce College Library
  Ursbudjak | Dec 7, 2014 |
This book is written in a very interesting way. The author writes in first person to her daughter. It was a touching story about a lady from America who went to China to adopt a baby girl. The mother was very emotional about her daughter, and their connection was beautiful. I enjoyed this book very much. I would be great to read this book about adoption to a class of young students. ( )
  rpazmino-calligan | Nov 30, 2014 |
This book is all about adoption and the love for a child.
  athomasolivias | Nov 12, 2014 |
It's about a mother who wants to adopt one of the babies that lives in the big room in China.

age 5
pierce collage library
  KaylaL | Feb 22, 2014 |
this book is about a baby that was adopted and brought back to the united states
  DanaSingleton | Nov 23, 2013 |
This book by Rose Lewis follows the story of an American woman who is adopting a baby girl from China. The story shows that through every step of the adoption she loved the baby. It is a great story to read with children especially if they are from an adoptive family. It shows children that they are loved and the child can relate to the story. There is a strong emotion that can be felt in this story from the mother.Through the images and the words in the story it is clear how much the mother loves her daughter.
  SKugle | Nov 13, 2013 |
Story about the journey of a child being adopted. Told from the point of view of the mother.
Personal home library
  Maripocita | May 17, 2013 |
This story talks about a little girl who's adopted mother tells her a story of how she came to be part of their family.
Source: Pierce College Library
Age: 3-4
  jmcbea67 | May 4, 2013 |
I love this book! It is about a single mother who goes through the process of adopting a little girl from China. I love it because it is so detailed. It shows her doing paperwork, flying to china and bringing the baby home. It is a great book in my opinion.

3-6 Years
Pierce College Library
  acunningham128 | Mar 12, 2013 |
This book is about a mother who travels to china to adopt a child. Its about love and adding a baby to your family.
Age 3-6
  krystinarudnick | Mar 11, 2013 |
This book is absolutely incredible. It tells the story of a mother who adopts a little girl from China. The story is written as if the mother is speaking to her daughter and telling her what happened. It is a beautiful and very realistic tale of the beauty of adoption. This is a great book to read to adopted children in any setting. ( )
1 vota JulianneM | Dec 3, 2012 |
A woman adopts a baby in china and she gives her all of her love. She gives the baby all the attention she is needed and more. I liked how this is a sweet story about adoption and how a mother can feel love for her baby.
  EddieBKim | Nov 30, 2011 |
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