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de Richelle Mead

Sèrie: Bloodlines (1), Vampire Academy (7)

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2,2071205,250 (4.11)1 / 32
When alchemist Sydney is ordered into hiding to protect the life of Moroi princess Jill Dragomir, the last place she expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California. But at their new school, the drama is only just beginning.
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3.75* ( )
  courty4189 | Mar 24, 2021 |
Real Rating: 2.5

Considering I didn't enjoy (read: hated) Last Sacrifice, as illustrated by my rant/review here) you may wonder why I read this book.
The only reason I read this book was Adrian. I love him as a character and thought he was robbed in the VA series. He deserved much more than he got. As soon as I heard he was in it, I knew I had to read this book. Plus (*bonus!!!*) ROSE ISN'T IN IT!!! (Yeah, I hate Rose with the burning passion of a thousand suns. She's a bitch. Lots of people hate her.)Anyways... let's get on to the actual review.


Sydney - Question: Why is Sydney even there??? Why would they need an Alchemist to be with Jill? If something happened, they could call someone in. And Sydney barely does her job anyway, so that was kind of pointless.
Aside from that, Syndey is possibly the most boring, annoying, droning narrator whose thoughts I have ever had the misfortune of reading. She is boring. Plain and simple. She does nothing even worth talking about, aside from bitching and moaning about Adrian. But Sydney is also very annoying in that she is constantly thinking how unhuman and evil she thinks vampires and dhamphirs are. She is scared of them, and can't stand magic. It's racist and hypocritical, because she thinks everything magical should not be used by humans, and yet, she has no issues with the Alchemists, who tatoo vampire blood onto her cheek. What is vampire blood? Magical. Who are the Alchemists? Human. (Barely.) Hmmm...
Sydney also has some SERIOUS BODY IMAGE ISSUES. She borderline anorexic, eats next to nothing, is so deluded that she stuffs herself into size 2 clothing even though she is a size 4, and when she has to get a size 4 uniform, she is upset, and decides to baisically stop eating. Whenever someone brings it up, she drones on about "looking in the mirror and seeing only inadequacy" and never feeeling good enough". I get that her dad is some kind of raging bastard, but I don't think that Sydney is a very good heroine to have in stories that many teens are reading, myself included. Plus, it's annoying as hell. What are you moaning about? A size 4 is nothing!!! Lots of people would kill to be that size, and work their asses off trying to acheive it, and you are starving yourself! Get a grip!!!

Adrian - The saving grace. But why, oh why Adrian, do you always fall for the crazy, high-and-mighty bitches that treat you like shit??? First Rose, and now Sydney! She spends most of the book nagging you and telling you how worthless and evil you are, and because of Rose and her soul-destroying, you believe her!!! Stop listening to phycotic, egotistical people like that!!!

Adrian is pretty pathetic in this book. I mean, he is still funny and vain, but under it, he's damaged. He doesn't believe in himself, and thinks that he has nothing to offer, and it is pretty sad, not to mention rip-Rose's-hair-from-her-scalp infuriating. I honestly have not wanted to murder Rose more than I did while reading this book for killing Adrian.

***Review TBC*** ( )
  mjacyla | Dec 12, 2020 |
A low end 3. Having not read the Vampire Academy series before Bloodlines, there were a lot of past events and an inferred understanding that the reader had already read VA. Took some time to get into it, not really getting super interesting until about 65% into it. ( )
  amandanan | Jun 6, 2020 |
Sydney is my only complaint with this book she's too judgemental and discriminative towards the morae (However it's spelled) and the Dhampir's. Though she's becoming friendly to them. Her years of the stereotypical, superstitious bull**** has got her so Jacked up that she can't see what all lies before her and then the whole humans can't do magic crap which is rubbish... what does she think alchemy is? It's science made magic HELLOOOOOO.

I really felt sorry for Jill she had loved Lee so well, and I had an inkling that it was him, that did what happened to those girls.

I'm very intrigued in Sydney's blood and why it's so potent to Strigoi and Morae. But I'm HIGLY intrigued with what is going on between her and Adrian... possible love match. Once she gets off her high horse and over her idiocy on morae and dhampirs can't wait until June now though
( )
  hixxup79 | Feb 23, 2020 |
I really enjoyed this book! I thought after Vampire Academy this series wouldn't compare, but I was sucked into this and couldn't get enough! I love Adrian and am excited to see more of him. Sydney is growing on me for sure. Once you understand how strictly she was raised, her reluctance against magic and vampires make more sense. Eddie was great in the original series and I'm happy he's back as well. The narrator for the audio book did an amazing job with different voices and engaging me in the story. I just wanted to sit and listen nonstop. I will be reading the next book as soon as I can and I highly recommend this after Vampire Academy! ( )
  AlyP59 | Apr 25, 2019 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 120 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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When alchemist Sydney is ordered into hiding to protect the life of Moroi princess Jill Dragomir, the last place she expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California. But at their new school, the drama is only just beginning.

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