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Blue Moon (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book…
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Blue Moon (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 8) (1998 original; edició 2002)

de Laurell K. Hamilton

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5,382552,008 (3.78)56
Fantasy. Fiction. Romance. Thriller. HTML:The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter backlist lights up the night.
In her eighth adventure, Anita Blake can't turn her back on a former lover during the full moon. Especially since he's behind bars-and he's a werewolf...
Títol:Blue Moon (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 8)
Autors:Laurell K. Hamilton
Informació:Jove (2002), Mass Market Paperback, 432 pages
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Blue Moon de Laurell K. Hamilton (1998)

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    LongDogMom: Both feature supernatural creatures, a strong female protagonist trained to fight and kill when necessary and both are strong compelling stories that are filled with horror, desire, and magic.
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This book for me is when the series started getting realy good, and from this point each book started getting better. After this book each book in the series in my opionion is good and the series takes on an upward projection on how good I like the books. I know that there are a lot of people who feel that the series went downhill after this book (or perhaps a bit after), but I am one of the people who really started liking them. Yeah, Anita is becoming a Mary Sue, but who cares? It's not really supposed to be taken seriously, and these books are a great, fun story that isn't asking to be taken as reality.
Plus, she and Richard get together. ( )
  Library_Breeder | Oct 22, 2023 |
The author needed an excuse to for Anita Blake to have sex with Richard so she wrote this book. I don’t know why she has to go through extremes in order for Anita to have sex with someone but it made me dislike Anita Blake’s character even more than I did before…and I didn’t think that was possible.

To get you up to date if you have not read any of the series, Anita Blake raises zombies for a living, hunts and kills vampires when a warrant is issued for their death and works with the police as an expert in preternatural murders. She kills humans, vampires and shifters a lot without remorse…sometimes she does it for revenge and not for self-defense. She thinks vampires and werewolves are monsters. The master of the city is a vampire named Jean-Claude who is in love with Anita. She starts dating a werewolf named Richard who is basically a servant of Jean-Claude’s. Jean-Claude tells Anita that she needs to give him a chance too or he will kill Richard so she starts dating both of them. She describes herself as sexually chaste because she refuses to have sex with anyone before marriage. She has had sex before with a fiancé in college but he broke up with her. Anita strings both men along as long as she can then she agrees to marry Richard but when Richard turns into his werewolf in front of her, she is appalled. She runs to Jean-Claude and has sex with him. Richard heart was broken.

Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard are connected to each other through some sort of vampire marks that Jean-Claude gave them. If one of them dies, all of them could. The connection gives them a lot of power.

Did I mention she kills people a lot? She has no qualms about killing yet she has some weird sexual hang-ups. She acts prudish like having sex is worse than murder. This series is violent and the author has included a lot of deviant sex like sadomasochism, rape and necrophilia. To me, there is way too much rape in these books.

One of the people who Anita killed was the former leader of the werewolf pack’s mate, Raina. She was a sadistic woman who tortured raped and murdered men and women. She also could heal other werewolves in the pack but did it through sex. When Anita killed her the other werewolves ate her because it is a werewolf thing to do. Because of her connection to Richard, Anita has a connection to the pack and somehow Raina’s spirit or something called the munin keeps possessing Anita. It’s just another excuse for the author to let Anita make-out and rub her body all over a lot of men. I say this because it is always the men of the pack who Anita rubs all over and practically has sex with while healing them. She never heals the women, at least, not yet.

In this book, Richard’s brother calls her and tells her that Richard has been arrested for rape in a small town in Tennessee called Myerton. Richard has been studying a species of trolls there for his Master’s degree. Anita takes two vampires and a group of shifters, both leopards and wolves, with her to Tennessee in Jean-Claude’s private jet. Jean-Claude stays behind because the master of the city in Myerton refuses to let him come. For that matter, he refuses to let any of them come but Anita doesn’t listen.

When they arrive, they find that the local police are corrupt. They framed Richard for rape in order to get him out of the way. Richard is preventing a rich man from buying land because it is the habitat of the almost extinct trolls. Anita gets Richard out on bail and the police agree to drop charges if they all leave town but they won’t leave town because Richard needs to save the trolls.
The plot in the last book kind of took second stage and focused more on Anita getting more powerful and her writhing on all the men. This book does the same thing but the main focus was on how she lusts after Richard and how jealous she is of the women he has been dating and sleeping with. Anita keeps getting more and more powerful too but somehow can’t keep the munin from possessing her and she keeps making out with all the men. The men all want her too like she is some kind of goddess. It is sickening.

At one point, she gets possessed by the munin while in the woods with the other werewolves and says some kind of ritualistic words and cuts herself. Someone tells her to run because she has just declared herself Frejya which means she is free game for anyone to have sex with or something like that. The werewolves all fight each other to get to her first. Of course, Richard wins and they have sex. She begged him to have sex with her. It was a weird way to go about being able to have sex with Richard. She cheated on Jean-Claude. Then she finds out that Jean-Claude is okay with it because he gets power from it but she didn’t know that when she did it. It turns out that Richard and Jean-Claude both knew that Jean-Claude could feed off the power and the bond between all three could get stronger. Anita gets mad at Richard for not telling her before they had sex. She begged him to have sex and wouldn’t take no for an answer but expected him to be able to stop and tell her, “Oh, by the way, I think if we have sex that Jean-Claude’s bond to us could get stronger and he might get more powerful.”

I’m not sure there are any redeeming qualities about Anita Blake. I don’t know why I am still reading this book series. I’m looking for another series to read because I am seriously getting tired of Debbie Does Dallas….errrr…Anita Blake and her weird sexual hang-ups. I’m also really tired of how the author constantly describes different powers. Sometimes, I skip over pages to get past how a power washes over Anita. It’s boring and annoying.

Anita has proclaimed that she loves Jean-Claude and Richard. She caused all kinds of drama in order to have sex with Richard. Then at the end of the book, she decides to be celibate again and avoid both of them. She is supposed to have such strong morals and beliefs yet she is so wishy-washy when it comes down to it.

( )
  dragonlion | Jul 30, 2022 |
Synopsis: 'Blue Moon takes place in the apparently fictional town of Myerton, Tennessee. Richard, still recovering from Anita's rejection in The Killing Dance, has been in Myerton for some time, studying a local group of trolls as part of the requirements for his master's degree, and auditioning the women of the local werewolf tribe as possible lupas.
The plot begins when Anita receives a call from Richard's brother Daniel. Daniel explains that Richard has been arrested for an alleged rape, and is refusing to hire a lawyer. Anita leaves for Myerton, over the objection of the local Master of the City, with Asher, Damian, and most of the wereleopards as backup.
Once there, Anita must simultaneously attempt to uncover why local police have framed Richard and deal with Colin, the local Master of the City, who views her arrival as an act of war.
Ultimately, Anita destroys most of Colin's vampires by activating the lupanar of the local werewolf clan, rendering it holy ground, and kills Colin herself by shooting Colin's human servant, Nikki. In the course of her various rituals, Anita ends up having sex with Richard, and they agree that Anita will begin dating both Richard and Jean-Claude. Anita also learns that Richard had discussed her with Jean-Claude and had obliquely asked Jean-Claude whether he would accept Anita taking Richard as a lover.
Anita meets Marianne, a Wiccan practitioner who works with Verne's pack. Marianne advises Anita on building the wereleopards into a coherent group. Anita also has a long talk with Damien, and discovers that Jean-Claude gains power from lust and sex. Not only can he feed on the patrons of his strip club Guilty Pleasures, but on sex with Anita, or Anita having sex with Richard.
She and Richard discover that the rape charges were an effort by art collector Frank Niley to drive Richard's study project from the area, allowing them to acquire some contested land and complete Niley's search for the Spear of Destiny. In desperation, Niley kidnaps and brutalizes Richard's mother and brother, causing Anita to cross another moral line, torturing Niley's messenger and killing everyone responsible.'
Review: Richard is still being an idiot and Anita is still too patient with him. ( )
  DrLed | Dec 25, 2021 |
I really loved Laurell K. Hamilton's early Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series books but I did feel like she lost the thread a bit in the middle of the series. I am glad to say that it seems like she is focusing more on the story line and less on the sex of late which makes the books better in my opinion. I think Anita is a great character and Laurell K. Hamilton can write a great plot but her overly complicated sex scenes can somewhat take away from the book. ( )
  KateKat11 | Sep 24, 2021 |
I liked the plot. Things are getting more intense for our heroine, Anita. But ...I didn't like her much in this book. She really crossed quite a few lines. Perhaps the author is doing it on purpose since a recurring theme seems to be who exactly are the monsters? Who exactly is more monstrous? Some great scenes in this one. Anita is finally going to learn to use her power. Richard the werewolf is back and Anita Jean-Claude and he are working things out. Maybe. ( )
  jezebellydancer | Apr 14, 2021 |
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Fantasy. Fiction. Romance. Thriller. HTML:The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter backlist lights up the night.
In her eighth adventure, Anita Blake can't turn her back on a former lover during the full moon. Especially since he's behind bars-and he's a werewolf...

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