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Darth Plagueis (Star Wars) de James Luceno
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Darth Plagueis (Star Wars) (edició 2012)

de James Luceno (Autor)

Sèrie: Star Wars Novels (67-32 BBY), Star Wars [franchise] (67-32 BBY)

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6784126,319 (3.81)13
Darth Plagueis, a Sith Lord who knows the Dark Side so well that he has power over life and death, joins forces with his apprentice, one-day emperor Darth Sidious, to try to dominate the whole galaxy.
Títol:Darth Plagueis (Star Wars)
Autors:James Luceno (Autor)
Informació:LucasBooks (2012), Edition: First Edition, 400 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Darth Plagueis de James Luceno

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Um dos romances mais populares do universo expandido, STAR WARS: Darth Plagueis, de James Luceno, apresenta a história do lorde Sith - citado com uma lenda no filme STAR WARS: A Vingança dos Sith, e a sua relação com seu aprendiz, Darth Sidious. Ambientado 50 anos antes de STAR WARS: Uma Nova Esperança, o enredo leva ao leitor Darth Plagueis, um ambicioso Sith que, mais do que qualquer um, ansiava pelo poder absoluto e, para isso, a partir do uso da ciência e da Força, desenvolveu uma habilidade inimaginável: o controle da vida e da morte. Já seu aprendiz, Darth Sidious, conhecido também como Palpatine, possuía outras ambições. Seu objetivo não era apenas dominar o lado sombrio, ele desejava iniciar uma escalada até o mais alto posto no governo intergaláctico. Nesta trama envolvente, repleta de ação e golpes políticos, os dois Sith buscam o poder supremo: um por meio da imortalidade; o outro pelo controle político. Juntos, eles poderiam enfim destruir os Jedi e dominar a galáxia, mas certas tradições podem impedir esse glorioso caminho...
  matheus1berto21 | Jul 15, 2021 |
If you could give 3.5 on Goodreads I would, this was an enjoyable book for a Star Wars fan, set before and during the events of the movie The Phantom Menace. This novel tells the story of Plagueis the Sith lord who recruited Darth Sidious (the Emperor of the original Movie Trilogy) and who according to the story told in the Revenge of the Sith had power over life and death. There are lots of characters and plot points from the movies woven into this novels and it is fun for that reason. There isn't much action here and Darth Plagueis doesn't come across as a great villain, but in the end this book is more about Darth Sidious and the behind the scenes plotting that sets up the events of the prequel movie trilogy.
( )
  SteveKey | Jan 8, 2021 |
*Possible Spoilers*

This is part of a "project" to read the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels in some sort of chronological order. I've read some books in the series and doing it this way will involve re-reads, which is good because I could use the refresher. I'm starting at the Rise of the Empire Era, maybe at a later date I'll backtrack and read the Old Galactic Republic and such. But I digress...

This was a fascinating listen. First off, the narrator did such a wonderful job! It was so easy listening; it felt as though I was in the middle of an actual Star Wars movie. I didn't know if I would like this as it doesn't focus on the "good guys" but rather Darth Plagueis, his master, and his (future) apprentice. I was unsure if I would enjoy a story focused on characters I wasn't familiar with. I was pleasantly surprised. The story starts with Darth Palgueis and his master, Darth Tenebrous. Right at the start, Plagueis betrays his master and murders him, almost killing himself in the process. After getting himself home, Plagueis immerses himself in his studies of the force and midichlorians. His desire is to learn bend the force and midichlorians to his will to stop death. It is so different hearing things from the Sith's point of view. In their view they are the "good guys". When you see how complacent and indoctrinated the Jedi order has become, you can kind almost agree with the Sith.

Plagueis lives a double life, as a Sith Lord in the shadows and a powerful member of the banking conglomerate (?) in public. He uses his power, money and contacts to attack the Jedi on a front they will least expect it. His goal is the infiltrate the senate and destroy the republic from within, and thus destroying the Jedi and all they are working for. While conducting his experiments on beings with high midichlorian counts or the force adept--including the second apprentice that his master had been training in secret--Plagueis then finds himself a potential apprentice in Palpatine. Palpatine, who only gose by the family surname, is the degenerate son of a wealthy, powerful, ruling-class politician from Naboo. Plagueis courts friendship with Palatine for a long while, eventually steering him to murder his family, and freeing him to become his apprentice as well as his ally within the senate.

Getting the story of Palatine from the early years is key to knowing his motivations in later years. At first it seems like he was afterso much more, but in the end, the only thing he truly sought was power. He maneuvers his was through politics, working his way up the senate with the help of his master.B and by some will of the force, he is presented with an infant apprentice of his own, Maul. Much to my surprise, he told Plagueis about his acquisition, and is instructed to train him alone and in secret. Maul never knows that his master is also an apprentice himself.

I spent most of the book wondering if Palpatine had some type affection, or respect for his master, or if he was just biding his time waiting to betray him (as all Sith apprentices do.) It was surprising to learn that Darth Sidious (Palpatine) was actually still an apprentice when the Trade Embargo of Naboo took place. Plagueis was still behind the scenes setting things into motion. I found seeing things from each of their points of view very interesting. All three had different agendas. Plagueis wanted immortality--he wanted to tear down the Jedi and the republic and build it in his image, yes, but his main focus was immortality. Palpatine only wanted absolute power. Maul, it seems as though he was born to hate, and when that hate was pointed somewhere, it was singular and focused. He was so hell bent on defeating the Jedi, on defeating a Jedi Master by himself that it was his ultimate downfall.

This story truly set the stage for the rise of the empire and gave a lot of insight into the Sith and their ultimate agenda. Plagueis and Palpatine were right, the senate was corrupt and the Jedi Order was lax in their duty to uphold justice and help the downtrodden by aligning themselves with the Republic. They basically became the attack dogs of the Republic. They should have been their own entity, and they definite should have evolved with time, instead of clinging to ancient beliefs. I believe it is why the Sith were able to survive without the Jedi realizing it. It is why they were able to destroy the Jedi. In reality, the Jedi were the makers of their own demise.

I loved this and cannot wait to read more in the Rise of the Empire era of Star Wars. ( )
  ViragoReads | Oct 14, 2020 |
For me, Star Wars novels are often hit or miss. Some are really good; others less so. This one was definitely very good. Even though I know where events in the Star Wars universe were going by the end of the novel, I still wanted to keep on reading. I did not really want it to end, and that right there earns it the five stars for me.

You really get two stories in this novel. You get the story of Darth Plagueis, and you get the story of his apprentice, Darth Sidious, also known as Palpatine, whom fans already know will become the Emperor. You also get a lot of political intrigue. This is not a novel heavy on battles and lightsaber duels. You get a lot of behind the scenes deals and events, which explain how the Sith managed to rise to power. They figured out the need to use less brute force and more political muscle and finesse. Plagueis gets Palpatine to be the political public face while Plagueis manipulates things from behind the scenes. And the game is coming to an end as the Sith feel the dark side of the Force ascending; the time is at hand.

The novel does explain a lot about the Star Wars universe and how things led to Episode One. While I have seen other reviewers say it reveals too much (or that it breaks the illusion), I think the novel does it just right. You wondered how the Clone Army came about? You will get answers here? The deal with the Trade Federation blocking Naboo? That is here too, and there is a lot more. Plus Plagueis is a compelling character. He is trying to use the Force to figure out how to stay alive forever. Will he be the one to end the Rule of Two once and for all? Well, we kind of know how things turn out (if you seen the films, you know), and yet at times you wonder if he will actually be able to accomplish his plans. And there I think lies a lot of the strength in the book. Sure, you may know where events lead, but you still want to know, and at times, you even wonder what if.

I definitely recommend this one to Star Wars fans. ( )
  bloodravenlib | Aug 17, 2020 |
“Darth Plagueis” by James Luceno was good time pass…

In this we mostly follow Darth Plagueis, who was mentioned by Darth Sideous in “The Phantom Menace” as his former Sith master. It opens with Plagueis as an apprentice on a mission with his own master, Darth Tenebrous, that ends with a perfect opportunity for the apprentice to murder his master.

Then it backtracks to Plagueis’s birth and the beginning of his apprenticeship. He’s a Muun, and his father’s deal with Tenebrous enables him to become a top ranked executive of the banking clan, something Plagueis continues once he’s grown up, hiding his Sith nature from most of the galaxy while he plots and plans and manipulates star systems and other organizations.

Eventually he picks up Darth Sideous as his apprentice, and the story becomes split between the two of them. They work almost as partners in manipulating the rest of the galaxy to do their bidding, until an event sends Plagueis into being a hermit, doing Force experiments while leaving Sideous to handle the galactic matters to bring the pair of them to leadership of the whole galaxy.

The last quarter or so of it overlaps with the movie, “The Phantom Menace” but the events are seen from a different perspective than the movie. In this we see Darth Sideous getting his chance to become the Sith Master and picking out Count Dooku as his new, temporary apprentice, to last until Anakin is old enough to replace him.

Quite a few minor characters were introduced with a confusing array of names and races, but I found it wasn’t necessary to bother keeping track of them to follow the main parts of the story.

What was missing was some follow-up on the manipulation of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas and the creation of the clone army. They were discussed only as a possible strategy the Sith could use, and from the movies we know they come about, but this book fails to complete that thread of the story.

Overall I was entertained while I read it. There was no particular surprise or twist towards the end, as we already know what happens afterwards. ( )
  KevinRubin | Aug 4, 2020 |
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Darth Plagueis, a Sith Lord who knows the Dark Side so well that he has power over life and death, joins forces with his apprentice, one-day emperor Darth Sidious, to try to dominate the whole galaxy.

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