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Hunted de Cheryl Rainfield
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Hunted (edició 2011)

de Cheryl Rainfield (Autor)

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509436,103 (3.69)1
Cassie, a telepathic teenager, is on the run from government trackers because she is a paranormal in a world where being a "para" is illegal.
Autors:Cheryl Rainfield (Autor)
Informació:WestSide Books (2011), Edition: First, 370 pages
Col·leccions:Cart 10.31

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Hunted de Cheryl Rainfield

S'està carregant…

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No surprises, but still a fun read. ( )
  keindi | Jan 23, 2016 |
This review was written for LibraryThing Member Giveaways.
The story line itself was good. The only issue that I have is the same issue that I have with most YA and that is that everyone falls in love with each other in two minutes. The main character is on the run with her life in on the line, but she meets 2 people and bam she just blabs about her situation. That makes no sense but moving on. The details in the story were very well written and you could easily see that people very well might react to "Special" people in this fashion were it to happen in real life. ( )
  demonite93 | Jul 5, 2014 |
What if you could hear the thoughts of people around you? What if you were always on the run, hunted like an animal? What if you had to hide your identity to keep from being captured or even worse?

This is Caitlyn’s life. In Author Cheryl Rainfield’s YA novel HUNTED, Caitlyn and her mom are Paras (Paranormals) running from Normals to the big city, where hopefully they can hide. To try to lead as normal a life as possible Caitlyn enrolls in school hoping to keep her identity a secret. She also wants to find her brother, Daniel, who vanished years ago at the same time her father was killed in a riot. At school she meets, Becca, the bully who for some reason does not like Caitlyn, and Alex, the gorgeous guy that falls in love with her, but she‘s not sure whether to trust him or not. Suspicious teachers and ParaTroopers searching for Paras, Caitlyn especially, add to the danger she faces each day. Then Caitlyn’s friend, John, another Para who she’s only known through telepathic messages, suddenly seems to be hiding things from her. As suspicions arise about Caitlyn she has no choice but to fight back in the only way she knows how. Are her powers strong enough to stop those intent on destroying her and her kind? Or will she find the strength, with the help of her friends, to show the Normals they can live together in peace.

HUNTED is a story about misunderstandings, fearing those that are different, family, and love. Cheryl Rainfield has developed each character with a distinct personality that makes them seem real and care about what happens to them. The author paints a vivid picture of how far some groups of people will go in their hatred and dislike of others, when they don’t even understand them or try to look at them as friends, rather than someone to extinguish. I kept saying I had to read just one more chapter, then one more, until I reached the end. I think you’ll find the book impossible to put down too. HUNTED would make a great addition to high school libraries, to open up a discussion on prejudices and their consequences. You’ll also want a copy for your own library.
### ( )
  beverlyjean | Dec 20, 2013 |
A powerful novel about predigest and believing in the goodness of the human heart!

Caitlyn is a para, with the talent to hear others thoughts. The government has made it illegal to be a para and they are constantly on the lookout for suspicious behavior. Caitlyn and her mother have been on the run ever since her father was caught and killed and her brother was taken; Not an easy mission when the government uses paras against one another and tortures them if they don’t turn in other paras.

When the underground (a system of normals who help para’s) becomes untrustworthy, Caitlyn and her mother have to fly solo and end up in a town with the highest para capture rating….their defense? “What para in their right mind would move here? They must be normal!”

Caitlyn enrolls in school and quickly makes some friends…and enemies. She meets Alex, the hunky and sweet swim team captain, and instantly feels comfortable around him…and for some crazy reason he likes her too. Caitlyn starts to struggle with her feeling for Alex because it is just too dangerous to let people in.
Caitlyn also meets Rachel, a para-sympathizer, who understands what it’s like to be an outcast because she is a lesbian….and is, of course, attracted to Caitlyn. The two become fast friends and Caitlyn can’t believe things are going so well for her. Even with the constant threat of being discovered, it is nice to not be on the run for once….

One day Caitlyn is shocked to see a boy she knows in the library. Even though he is older she knows right away it is her long lost brother, Daniel. He is now working for the government and is tortured until he turns in other paras. It doesn’t take Caitlyn long to know her brother is hiding a secret, and when he wants her to help him fight she must decide what’s right.

Caitlyn touched my heart because no matter what humanity has done to her or her family, she still believed in the good in people. She always had hope that people could change, even when life showed her otherwise, and that is something not many can do.

I couldn’t believe some of the things that happened in this book out of hatred and it made me realize we, as humans, do this all the time. Just look at our past!
But no matter what, I want to believe that people are basically good, and I always have hope for us, just like Caitlyn :)

The characters were strong and the world was well explained. I also think the action flowed very well, not to fast, but not too boring. If you are a fan of Rainfield’s Scars then you won’t be let down! ( )
  ShadowKissed | Apr 2, 2012 |
Caitlyn is a Paranormal; she can read other people's minds. So was her brother. He was stolen from their family. Their father, who had only a mild talent but who advocated peace, was killed by a mob. And it's only gotten worse in the intervening years. Living in an Orwellian society of being watched, Caitlyn and her mother, who has shuttered down her ability, live on the run. Caitlyn writes an anonymous blog trying to raise awareness that Paras are people, too, but the hatred looks like the crowds that spat on the little girls trying to attend school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

There is an underground in which people speak to each other via their power. She has a watcher who has helped look out for her over the years. It's really her brother Daniel. But when he shows up at her new high school, he's a radical militant. It's them or us. Kill or be killed.

But Caitlyn finally has friends now. Rachel knows what it's like to be shunned; she's a lesbian. And Alex is trying to be the man his own father was not in these hate-filled times. He and Caitlyn have an instant teen-love connection. She soon reveals what she is to both of them. Daniel doesn't think they can be trusted.

But Caitlyn isn't sure Daniel can be trusted. With good reason. He's a psychpathic killer in addition to meglomaniac bent on world domination. Big martyr scene at the end.

One of the Normals helping Caitlyn is the librarian. Also, in addition to nonmagnetic materials helping cloak them, reading strengthens the mind and helps Normals hear Paras. So reading makes you stronger.

Simplistic, earnest, wait a lot for something to happen. But perhaps a decent example of a story about conflicting loyalties and another Big Brother-type world.

The author says she is a survivor of ritual abuse because her family belongs to a cult. She also was a cutter, the basis of her first novel, Scars. She includes a resource page in the book. ( )
  Perednia | Mar 4, 2012 |
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Cassie, a telepathic teenager, is on the run from government trackers because she is a paranormal in a world where being a "para" is illegal.

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