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An Invisible Thread de Laura Schroff
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An Invisible Thread (2012 original; edició 2011)

de Laura Schroff, Alex Tresniowski, Valerie Salembier (Pròleg)

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He asked for spare change; she kept walking. But something made her turn around and go back. They met nearly every week for years, and built an unexpected, life-changing friendship that has today spanned almost three decades.
Títol:An Invisible Thread
Autors:Laura Schroff
Altres autors:Alex Tresniowski, Valerie Salembier (Pròleg)
Informació:Howard Books (2011), Edition: Reprint, Kindle Edition, 272 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

An Invisible Thread: The True Story of an 11-Year-Old Panhandler, a Busy Sales Executive, and an Unlikely Meeting with Destiny de Laura Schroff (2012)

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By Laura Schroff, Alex Treniowski

a deeply authentic AND THOUGHT-PROVOKING story

Laura Schroff was a busy sales executive walking down the streets of Manhattan. Maurice was a scruffy, 11-year-old panhandler on the street. “Excuse me lady do you have any spare change?” were the first words he said to her. She kept walking, but then after a few yards she stopped. Something drew her back. She took the young boy to lunch at a nearby fast food restaurant. They made arrangements to meet again the next week, and the next…Their life-changing friendship, has now lasted three decades, almost as if they were bound by some invisible thread.

“An invisible thread connects those that are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstance. The thread may stretch and tangle. But it will never break.” —Ancient Chinese Proverb

An Invisible Thread is a thought-provoking true story that explores a connection between two people of diverse ages and backgrounds. How many times have you passed a panhandler on the street and averted your eyes? Have you ever stopped and talked, seen them as a person and asked what they needed? Laura Schroff did. She stopped, bought Maurice lunch and showed interest in him. She showed a little kindness to a young boy and it evolved into something special, something enduring. It became a raw and emotional learning experience for both she and Maurice.

While not a literary masterpiece, an Invisible Thread’s beauty is that it is a deeply authentic story. You cannot help but feel for Maurice, coming of age on the streets of New York with food and housing insecurity. I appreciated Laura’s brutal honesty in writing their story and her willingness to look into a young boy’s eyes and see a person in need. While they certainly experienced some tangles in their thread, their thread has not broken, they are still friends after thirty years. Written from the heart, this book will help others see the humanity that surrounds us daily and be open to their own invisible thread.

This is a fabulous book for books club discussion, since it contains issues of social responsibility and moral dilemma. My book club reached out to the author, who was gracious enough to join our bookclub meeting via Zoom. (It helped that there was a snowstorm that week and she was grounded from a book tour!) Getting updates on Maurice. his thoughts on the book, and things that have happened beyond what the book covered was delightful.

“If you make me lunch," he said, "will you put it in a brown paper bag?...Because when I see kids come to school with their lunch in a paper bag, that means that someone cares about them. Miss Laura, can I please have my lunch in a paper bag?”

Publisher Simon and Schuster Audio
Published May 28, 2019
Narrated Pam Ward
Review ( )
  LisaSHarvey | Feb 25, 2021 |
I registered a book at!

A sweet true story about a successful businesswoman who meets a young boy begging on the streets of New York. Laura befriends young Maurice, entranced by his smile, his easy likability, his resourcefulness.

Laura Schroff had a childhood with its own difficulties, which made it difficult for her to trust, to hope for a real family herself. When she met Maurice part of her knew part of him instinctively, and wanted to make his life better. Maurice lived in deplorable conditions, often going days without even a meal. In spite of the problems he had a positive spirit and did what he needed to do to survive. In time it is likely he would have done what others in his situation have done: gone into selling drugs because other avenues did not seem open to him. But Laura's friendship and mild intervention turned things around. He was never a "bad boy", but her support and encouragement helped him turn away from easy temptations.

As is often the case with books written with professional writers, it isn't a stunner from a literary point of view. The organization is similar to that of other memoirs, jumping from present to past, gradually filling in blanks, until we have the whole story.

As for the "invisible thread", I'm not going to leap into believing about fate the way Laura Schroff does. We make our own threads. She made this one, and should be justly proud of it. I do wish that she had had the courage to stand up to her husband in the later part of the story, and do more for Maurice, but I'm happy that the two continue to enjoy their friendship. ( )
  slojudy | Sep 8, 2020 |
Wonderfully uplifting true story. ( )
  bookwyrmm | Nov 22, 2019 |
Although Maurice’s circumstances are heartbreaking, I took comfort in the fact that he always felt loved by his family and especially by his Grandma and mom. I would be careful who I gave this book to because I know that super sensitive students would be haunted by the idea of a child going days without food. I think it’s an important story to share however and one that needs to be available. ( )
  JRlibrary | Oct 18, 2019 |
This tale of an unexpected friendship unfolds like an intimate journal, revealing the deep and conflicting thoughts and feelings of a single white career woman named Laura Schroff in New York City who forms a friendship with a panhandling young boy named Maurice.
Though the boy is desperately lonely and emotionally outcast from society, the reader discovers that Maurice and Laura have more in common than appearances show. This story stays with the reader because of its underlying, subtle but profound message about an invisible thread. ( )
  JoniMFisher | Sep 19, 2019 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 48 (següent | mostra-les totes)
"I thought I knew what An Invisible Thread was going to be. I thought it would be a simple and hopeful story about a woman who saved a boy. I was wrong. It's a complex and unswervingly honest story about a woman and a boy who saved each other. By its raw honesty and lack of excess sentimentality, it is even more inspirational. This is a book capable of restoring our faith in each other and in the very idea that maybe everything is going to be okay after all."
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He asked for spare change; she kept walking. But something made her turn around and go back. They met nearly every week for years, and built an unexpected, life-changing friendship that has today spanned almost three decades.

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