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The Wounded Heart: An Amish Quilt Novel de…
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The Wounded Heart: An Amish Quilt Novel (edició 2014)

de Adina Senft (Autor)

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As romance blossoms between her and Eli Fischer, Amelia Beiler is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and faces a hard choice, since she will be shunned by her Amish community if she gets the treatment she wants.
Títol:The Wounded Heart: An Amish Quilt Novel
Autors:Adina Senft (Autor)
Informació:FaithWords (2014), Edition: Limited, 308 pages
Col·leccions:Collection1, La teva biblioteca

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The Wounded Heart de Adina Senft

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Title: The Wounded Heart (An Amish Quilt Novel)
Author: Adina Senft
Pages: 320
Year: 2011
Publisher: FaithWords
My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.
The author Adina Senft writes very compelling and heart-moving stories. The Wounded Heart is one of her older series though she recently finished the series, and I will share a review on in the near future. The main character is a widowed woman who is running a successful business her husband started but who was killed in a buggy accident after being married to Amelia for 10 years.
Amelia runs the business and is sole proprietor while her sons are in school or at the grandparents’ house. The grandparents are Amelia’s parents who farm close by and help her with the care of her two young sons. Amelia’s parents never seem to let up trying to match make as her year of mourning draws to an end as well as two of her best friends when they meet to work on a quilt.
What is shared above is but a teaser to a much deeper and heart-grabbing story mixed with faith, romance and health issues. It has times where I wasn’t sure how the author was going to bring about the ending, or if the ending was going to be hopeful or disappointing. Kind of like real life, right? Either way, I enjoyed getting lost in the pages as it provides a fictional world that appears lifelike and yet I know it isn’t real, so I can leave it there when I am finished.
Soon I will read and share with you my reviews on the other two books in the series: Tempted Soul and Hidden Life! Be on the watch for them and read book one while you’re waiting if you’d like! ( )
  lamb521 | May 14, 2018 |
For a young Amish widow, Emilia has spunk. She runs her late husband’s pallet making shop and can boss and even fire employees when she needs to. But when she is diagnosed with MS, her world is shaken. Wanting to live as normal a life as possible for as long as possible, she desperately wants to travel to Mexico for some unconventional treatments. But the Bishop and Elders say no! Does she have the gumption to defy them and go anyway? She must sell her shop to have enough money for the treatments, and even that poses a problem. Should she sell to an Amish man or to the English buyer who offered more money? And what about the Amish man she recently met who is clearly interested in courting her? Can she become involved with anyone, knowing that she is destined to become more and more disabled? This novel is not your average Amish novel of romance – it is much more. These engaging characters in a well-written plot are sure to keep your interest. ( )
  Maydacat | Jun 23, 2015 |
One thing I really enjoy about Amish books is that they usually have something to do with cooking or quilting. Quilting has been bringing people together for years. That thread alone will be enough to tie you to this novel. We find characters we can relate to in many ways. Amelia Beiler is a widow who is trying to hold her life and family together. When she starts having some tingling and numbness in her hand and arm she is forced to check with a doctor. After checking with a third doctor where they all agree she has multiple sclerosis she has several things to consider. She considers selling her husband’s business, yet that is what is keeping them fed. She has no money to pay for the expensive treatment. To add to her frustration Eli would like to start courting her. She has to ask if it would be fair to him because of her disease. She is joined in this story by her friends Emma and Carrie who have problems of their own. Quilting brings the three together where they can talk and help each other heal. This is an excellent book. It is actually the first I have read by this author. It will definitely not be the last. My mother has already asked me to find other books by the author. She enjoyed the fact that like all Christians, their human side was allowed to show when there were occasions that faith was questioned. I hate reading a book where everything seems perfect in the Christian’s life. That is unrealistic. This book rang true and is one I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves Amish Fiction. This is the first book in a trilogy and that is another reason to read this book, there are two others to follow. ( )
  skstiles612 | Feb 22, 2012 |
Before I get to my thoughts about The Wounded Heart, I have to be upfront and begin with a disclaimer. I know Adina Senft. And to be honest, I'd never read an Amish themed book before, but I knew about the popular genre and I knew Senft's ability to tell a solid story. So I thought, why not give her book a try? Why not? Well, to be honest, I was afraid that I wouldn't be captured by a story taking place in the strict Amish world. I wondered what kind of plot there would be in these "plain" people and their community? But I gave it a try and I am glad that I did. Senft has created a world that is easily identified with by any of us. Amish or not, we all have friends, we all experienced sorrow and loss, we have all battled illness or had someone close to us who has, and who hasn't found themselves between the proverbial "rock and hard place" as has the lead character Amelia, a widow with two young boys.

Amelia's two best friends Carrie and Emma serve as a sounding board for Amelia and that's how we hear of Amelia's struggle with the choices in her life. When diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Amelia wonders if she should seek a new medical treatment in Mexico. But she has no money. She has many offers to buy the business that she and her late husband started, should she take the highest from an "Englisher" or a lower amount from someone within the Amish community? Her parents and the Church elders pull her in one direction, Amelia's heart pulls her in another and mind pulls her in yet another. These characters are fully drawn and interesting people! Senft's plot line is solid and engaging. I often struggled with the restrictions of an Amish woman, raising her children alone, but so did Amelia! I was able to connect with her on various levels and to me, that's the sign of a well written story. I cared.

I think that every author's goal is to tell a story that the reader will care about. I recommend The Wounded Heart, it's about people who care, people who trust, people who hurt and people who triumph! And that's about the best recommendation I can give.

The Wounded Heart is the first in a trilogy and I look forward to the next book in the series.

4 out of 5 stars, it's engaging, well told and kept my interest. Start the

This e-galley was provided to me by the publisher and in no way affected my review. ( )
  NovelChatter | Oct 15, 2011 |
The Wounded Heart’ starts a thought provoking new series of three, the Amish Quilt Series. Amish fiction mostly concentrates on relationships, with other people and/or their spiritual dilemmas. I chose this book because I had visited the Amish stores and a restaurant in Northern Indiana. I was impressed by their friendliness, honesty and politeness. They live without many modern conveniences but that does not protect them from having complex problems as seen in this book.

The author, Adina Senft opens with a young widower, Amelia Beiler who is left with two young sons to love and care for. Amelia has two best friends who meet with her to work together on quilts. There is Emma who is single and feels like she was left behind when it came to getting the married and Carrie who has been married for ten years, but she has no children yet.

The quilting meetings were special to the three because it took them away from the routine of their lives and they got to share with each other things that they didn’t feel like sharing with others. The meetings serve to tie the story together and bring out the thoughts and feelings of Amelia’s friends.

Amelia’s grief is fresh but others are urging her to get married but she is not ready. She takes over her husband’s pallet store. Then suddenly one day, she starts to have shooting pains and numbness in her left arm. She begins to drop things and sometimes even collapses. She sees different doctors and they all agree that she probably has multiple sclerosis. What kind of treatment should she take? There are several alternatives.

She can do what is approved of by the Bishops at the Council meeting but there are definite drawbacks to that. Will she instead choose to try the controversial treatment in Mexico and risk being banned? If she did the treatment in Mexico, how would she obtain the money? There is also a man who is interested in her romantically. Would it be selfish of her to love him and have him end up taking care of her later? She worries whether she would be going against God’s will with her decisions and how her decisions will affect others.

I love the author’s emphasis on relationships. You are plunged into Amelia’s turmoil in trying to make the right decision. She had to consider what would become of her sons, the advice of her friends and the decision of the Bishops at the Council Meeting, and her own heart. Her decision was not predictable and I was surprised by the ending. While reading this book, you come to love and want to help Amelia. The writing is clear and straight forward and the story held me riveted to the book until the end.

Amish sayings and Pennsylvania Dutch is sprinkled throughout the book. There is a glossary for the Pennsylvania Dutch words used in the back, along with instructions for the quilt referred to in the book and also a Reader’s Group Guide.

I highly recommend this book for all readers interested in the Amish and also relationships of the community and friends.

Even though I received this book for review from Booking with Bingo it in no way influenced my review. ( )
  Carolee888 | Sep 28, 2011 |
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As romance blossoms between her and Eli Fischer, Amelia Beiler is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and faces a hard choice, since she will be shunned by her Amish community if she gets the treatment she wants.

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