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Home at Last Chance (Last Chance (2)) de…
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Home at Last Chance (Last Chance (2)) (edició 2011)

de Hope Ramsay (Autor)

Sèrie: Last Chance (2)

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412473,746 (4)No n'hi ha cap
Tulane has come home after seeking his fame and fortune outside of Last Chance. And he's brought a young lady with him. Boston-bred Sarah, who does does PR for Tulane's stock-car team, is a sweet girl--but she's tired of being good. And no one is better at breaking the rules than Tulane.
Títol:Home at Last Chance (Last Chance (2))
Autors:Hope Ramsay (Autor)
Informació:Forever (2011), Edition: Original, 352 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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Home At Last Chance de Hope Ramsay

No n'hi ha cap
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This was a fun book with some quirky characters. Tulane is a rookie NASCAR driver who is having some problems keeping out of trouble. It doesn't help that his main sponsor is a diaper company, his car is pink with a bunny logo, and the team is stuck wearing pink too. He also has to judge diaper changing contests during his public appearances. This causes some frayed tempers and now he has a representative from the company making sure he's behaving himself. Sarah has always been a back office researcher not a field person, so she's a little lost to start with. Once she gets the hang of it she starts doing a great job. She also starts noticing just how hot that southern bad boy is and wants to shed her good girl image.

Sarah was a sweet girl who was a bit out of her league in the shark tank of her PR firm. She's so good at her job that one of her coworkers steals her ideas. In a failed attempt at revenge, Sarah ends up riding herd on southern bad boy Tulane. I loved seeing her initial attempts to get him to behave and how amused Tulane was by her. When she ended up in his home town with him she got a whole new viewpoint on what makes him tick. Now she has to keep her promises to him about his family at the same time the head shark wants her digging up dirt on Tulane. Spending as much time together as they do has Sarah wanting to lose her good girl image and live a little on the wild side. I loved seeing her attempts and how that good girl never quite goes away. I really liked seeing the Boston lady get sucked into the whole southern experience. She was terrific with the people of Last Chance and able to show Tulane a different way at looking at them. It was also an interesting comparison to her own family and background. I really enjoyed the way she stood up for herself on "the morning after". I loved her part in the whole miniature gold course issue. There's a bunch of lying and cheating going on with the PR people that Sarah gets caught in the middle of before she's able to sort out her feelings and deal with her own actions.

Tulane is an interesting mixture. He's got some immaturity issues going on with the way he is dealing with his dislike of his sponsor's requirements. But he is also a good and pretty softhearted guy under it all. He's not at all happy that they've sent someone to keep him in line because he really hates what he has to do. He detests his pink car and bunny logo and dealing with idiotic diaper changing contests. He feels it's a real insult to his manhood. He starts out trying to make things really difficult for Sarah, but pretty soon finds himself really amused by her. He loves watching her blush when he cusses and sputter when he says sexy things. He's not happy when they end up back in his hometown and she gets exposed to some of his more interesting family members. He's worked very hard at keeping his family out of the public eye. They think he's ashamed of them, but mostly he just wants to protect them from ridicule by people who don't understand them. He basically blackmails Sarah into keeping his secrets. I really enjoyed seeing the way that he had such a good time with Sarah as they started getting to know each other. I also liked seeing how being around Sarah started to tone down his "bad boy" side as he tried to be a better man for her. There were some rough moments at the end when he believed what he had been told rather than what his heart told him was the truth. He did a great job with his apology and groveling. ( )
  scoutmomskf | Nov 17, 2013 |
This is the second book in a great series located in Last Chance, S.C. with a host of fun small-town characters, a little angelic presence, and some good old Southern boys to make the read a lot of fun. ( )
  cyncie | Aug 30, 2011 |
Es mostren totes 2
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Hope Ramsayautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Griffin, JamesAutor de la cobertaautor secundarialgunes edicionsconfirmat

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No n'hi ha cap

Tulane has come home after seeking his fame and fortune outside of Last Chance. And he's brought a young lady with him. Boston-bred Sarah, who does does PR for Tulane's stock-car team, is a sweet girl--but she's tired of being good. And no one is better at breaking the rules than Tulane.

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