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Valhalla Rising (Dirk Pitt Adventures…
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Valhalla Rising (Dirk Pitt Adventures (Hardcover)) (edició 2001)

de Clive Cussler (Autor)

Sèrie: Dirk Pitt (16)

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3,058283,446 (3.53)14
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Títol:Valhalla Rising (Dirk Pitt Adventures (Hardcover))
Autors:Clive Cussler (Autor)
Informació:G. P. Putnam's Sons (2001), Edition: Hardcover, 531 pages
Col·leccions:Physical books, La teva biblioteca

Informació de l'obra

Valhalla Rising de Clive Cussler

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A cruise ship is on its maiden voyage and also on fire. Due to the synthetic materials the fire is soon out of control. The fire alarms dont work. Someone turned them off. As the fire burns out of control, the NUMA research vessel is just 12 miles away and races to the rescue as do some merchant ships. Most of the passengers and crew are rescued. Some are killed by the fire, by smoke inhalation, drowning in their cabins or by drowning after jumping from the ship.

After the salvage tugs arrive to "salvage" the gutted cruise ship, they begin towing it back to port. During this voyage its begins to rapidly sink, so the salvage tug must release it or they too will go down. They also rescue a man who claimed to have been left behind on board the cruise ship.

NUMA later sends a submersible down to have a look at the wreck of the cruise ship, and discover that the hull of the ship was destroyed by bombs that exploded outwards and thus was set from inside the ship. The rescued man has by now disappeared.

Also the news was released that the cruise ship was trying out a new kind of engine with a cheap source of fuel. NUMA belives that this was the reason that the ship was destroyed. The inventor of this new engine was on board. He drowned but his daughter survived. She helps Dirk to find the cheap fuel source. The engineer wanted to give it away for free while the corporations wanted to own it and hold the world hostage and nake millions.

Right at the very end, Dirks past catches up with him when they knock at his hangar door!!

It is a major trope to have unknown children suddenly show up but this was a big one, so one star less for using that!! The rest of the story was pretty good.
( )
  Robloz | Sep 23, 2021 |
Well that's one heck of an opening. A ship on fire! Trying to fit thousands on a ship normally crewed by dozens! Mysterious baddies! Action on the high seas! One of the things I like most about these series.

Get through all that and... rescue in a submarine! More adventure! And a rescue by Clive Cussler! He gives them a bit more direct help than sometimes, but it works. Plus you get a line like this:

After the glasses were filled with Porfirio tequila-Misty preferred a margarita-Pitt told [Cussler] what he had in mind, but only as much as he thought was advisable under the circumstances. After all, he thought as he looked around the elegant yacht, no one in his right mind would risk destroying such a beautiful vessel in a desperate scheme.

Plotwise, it's a Dirk Pitt novel. Full of adventure and BIG DAMN HEROES. Science is mostly close enough to be believable (quantum teleportation almost surely doesn't work like that). Enjoyable enough tales.

One thing I really like seeing through these stories is the relationship between Dirk Pitt and Loren Smith.

They enjoyed the casual dinner, trading sarcasms and little jabs between them. It was a regular routine between two people of equal wit and intellect. Pitt and Loren contradicted the old maxim that opposites attract. They were as similar in their likes and dislikes as two people could be.

It's a bit frustrating that they never end up more 'permanently' together, but it does fit.

Finally... holy crap that cliffhanger ending. Turns out Dirk Pitt has kids?! With SUMMER?! We haven't seen her for decades/15 books.

I had been wondering how in the world Cussler would keep these series going. Pitt is getting older. There's only so long his body can realistically take the abuse he gets heaped upon him every book. And we've already established that in this universe, time keeps flowing and actions have consequences. This is... actually a pretty decent way to do it.

If only his kid hadn't been named Dirk Pitt too. It makes sense in universe, but that's going to get confusing. ( )
  jpv0 | Jul 21, 2021 |
As always, the story is multilayered with a history lesson at the beginning and the end. It's a novel with with all of the action, suspense, and frequent plot twists. The usual characters act the way they always do--swashbuckling Dirk and Al, with the typical vile villains. Good book that kept my attention. ( )
  buffalogr | May 20, 2021 |
Another Dirk Pitt adventure where trouble AND luck follows him everywhere around the world not actually performing any NUMA duties but getting his nose where it doesn't belong... if he were a real world government employee, he'd be fired long ago, because they never actually do any research... anyways, a good read with some viking legends, Jules Verne and an evil oil magnate thrown in...

**Spoiler alert below **

I also found this very interesting that Zale wanted to blow up the world trade center towers, and the book was released in August 2001... eerie... ( )
  sjh4255 | May 4, 2021 |
A plot to monopolize North American oil and natural gas production leads to terror attacks on two ocean liners that have newly installed revolutionary engines that will destroy the oil industry as we know it, the only man to stop this plot is of course Dirk Pitt. Valhalla Rising is the sixteenth books of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series that finds the Pitt and NUMA attempt to foil this diabolical plan while attempting to find the secret lab of a reclusive scientist.

In the early 11th-Century, a fleet of ships from Iceland sail past Vinland to the entrance of the Hudson Bay and find sanctuary in a large underground cove that has a passage almost to the palisades above and is carved out by the explorers. The resulting settlement only last a few years before a conflict with the Native Americans results in its destruction. In the 1880s, a US Naval ship is destroyed by a metallic sea monster that has portholes in which the captain sees man face looking out at him. In 2003, Dirk Pitt spearheads NUMA efforts to rescue passengers on two ocean liners that were targeted by an oil and natural gas cartel’s CEO that wants to discredit the revolutionary magnetohydrodynamic engines installed on both by a reclusive genus scientist—that dies in the first liner’s disaster—to help his efforts control all North American oils resources and supplies then to shut out foreign oil. Along with figuring out where the deceased scientist’s lab was Pitt must deal with a plot to destroy the World Trade Center with a natural gas tanker while Loren Smith must deal with bribed officials to investigate the evil CEO in a Congressional hearing. After evidence from St. Julian Perlmutter found in Jules Verne’s home, Pitt finds the cove found by the Vikings that not only contains their longships but the actual Captain Nemo’s Nautilus with a prototype of the revolutionary engines that the reclusive scientist deciphered and improved. At the end of the book when Pitt attempts for the third time to propose marriage to Smith, he is interrupted by the surprise arrival of his until then unknown children, twins Dirk Jr. and Summer, by Summer Moran.

Let me start with addressing the WTC plot first by saying this book was originally published in August 2001, a mere three weeks before terror attacks so Cussler was not attempting to profit off a real-life situation. As for the actual events in the book and of the overall series, there are a lot of retcons throughout this book that void the events in Raise the Titanic! and add to the events of Pacific Vortex, especially the former with the introduction of the Pitt twins that were set up throughout the book by Cussler having Dirk think about how he was getting old. As to the actual narrative of the book, I found this book not up to Cussler at his best. The main antagonist is really the CEO’s terror cell leader who I did not mention above because he is not memorable compared to other characters that he shares traits with throughout the overall series. Honestly, this is more an investigation into the reclusive scientist’s life with stopping an evil plot as a side quest type of deal.

Valhalla Rising is a book that read like a mishmash of plots and events that were intended to build to the future of the series, but also discredited events from the previous books. This is the penultimate book that Clive Cussler solely wrote himself before his son Dirk would become his coauthor, which makes one wonder if the quality of this book and the next made his publisher want to give him help. Overall, not this is not the worst book of the series—far from it compared to the very first books—but things throughout the novel felt off. ( )
  mattries37315 | Jan 27, 2021 |
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