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Out of the Silent Planet

de C. S. Lewis

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Sèrie: Trilogía Cósmica (1)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaConverses / Mencions
9,707152617 (3.83)1 / 246
  1. 20
    Perelandra de C. S. Lewis (atrautz, KayCliff)
  2. 31
    That Hideous Strength de C. S. Lewis (atrautz)
  3. 10
    Els primers homes a la lluna de H. G. Wells (Cecrow)
    Cecrow: Similarities
  4. 21
    The Dark Tower and Other Stories de C. S. Lewis (Sylak)
    Sylak: Once you've read every book C.S. Lewis published read this one for one last treat.
  5. 10
    The Shadow and Night de Chris Walley (legendaryneo)
    legendaryneo: This is another Christian space trilogy, and one of the best series I've ever read.
  6. 11
    Between Planets de Robert A. Heinlein (markusnenadovus)
    markusnenadovus: Lewis is great, but Heinlein does better SF
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I read this series in 2004 and loved it; this time I think I loved it even more. Accompanying Ransom on his journey to Malacandra (Mars) was like revisiting a long lost friend. My love of linguistics has emerged since then, and I devoured each part involving Ransom's philology and fascination with the languages on Malacandra. I added new underlined passages to my old ones, and cannot wait to read Peralandra next! ( )
  liannecollins | Jun 10, 2022 |
What was exceptional about this text was how it turned European colonialism on its head to such an extent that the "colonizers" (or at least one of them) even noticed their (his) error. Further, the critique of science and expansion for their own sakes was a refreshing break from our science worshiping culture here in the West. This is a five star work, no doubt present. ( )
  djlinick | Jan 15, 2022 |
The trilogy concerns Dr. Ransom, a linguist, who, like Christ, was offered a ransom for mankind. The first two novels are planetary romances with elements of medieval mythology. Each planet is seen as having a tutelary spirit; those of the other planets are both good and accessible, while that of Earth is fallen, twisted, and not known directly by most humans. The story is powerfully imagined, and the effects of lesser gravity on Martian planet and animal life is vividly rendered. ( )
  Gmomaj | Jan 11, 2022 |
The Space Trilogy:

A guy named Ransom gets kidnapped by two scientists and taken to Mars. In the second book he voluntarily goes to Venus, and the third one takes place on Earth with some Arthurian mythos woven in. I really enjoyed the first book and would recommend it, but the second one turns into a really long philosophical debate in the middle and the third one is pretty much long and boring all the way through. My recommendation would be to read the first, skim the second, and skip the third. ( )
  vvbooklady | Jan 1, 2022 |
Edit 20/10/2020: According to wiki there's a note at the start i never read "Certain slighting references to earlier stories of this type which will be found in the following pages have been put there for purely dramatic purposes. The author would be sorry if any reader supposed he was too stupid to have enjoyed Mr. H. G. Wells's fantasies or too ungrateful to acknowledge his debt to them." end of edit.

So this is Lewis's knockoff and attack on H.G. Wells novel '[b:The First Men in the Moon|536478|The First Men in the Moon|H.G. Wells||2401415]'. Its also basically Narnia in space but with even less happening. A sort of dry utopian story with religious allegory. I could have easily given it 2 stars but wanted to differentiate it from some even worse books like [b:A Journey in Other Worlds |1132373|A Journey in Other Worlds A Romance of the Future|John Jacob Astor||1119586].

Most of the fun comes from comparing it to First Men in the Moon so i;m not sure how much those who havn't read that book will get. For example, 'First Men' has two protagonists, the scientist and the business man, this book portrays them both as monsters and adds a third character the religious philologist as our hero , wow subtle :P . It also does the rather pointless postscript which 'First Men' also used (although the latter doesn't call it a postscript but it certainly feels like one) .

I'm not sure what the main idea was that this book was trying to convey perhaps it was that the human race deserves to die out, or that people should stay where god put them, or that the universe is doomed anyway so why bother trying to stay alive, or that this life is a dud but theres an afterlife so we might aswell all kill ourselves, all of which seem pretty stupid ideas. On the other hand if the whole thing is an indictment of colonialism then it works quite well :D .

There is some good stuff here i especially like a view on how something you experience is built into you for the rest of your life, although that also seemed like a allegory Lewis could use to avoid having sex with his wife again ;) .

Short and not badly written, although it certainly feels like it ripped off the writing style of Wells not just the plot, very 1890's rather than 1930's.

Edit: Changed it to 2 stars, it may not be worthless but reading it is still pretty pointless. ( )
  wreade1872 | Nov 28, 2021 |
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