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Fated (Soul Seekers) de Alyson Noël
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Fated (Soul Seekers) (edició 2012)

de Alyson Noël

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71112224,512 (3.28)10
"Strange things are happening to Daire Santos. Crows mock her, glowing people stalk her, time stops without warning, and a beautiful boy with unearthly blue eyes haunts all her dreams. Fearing for her daughter's sanity, Daire's mother sends her to live with the grandmother she's never met, but who recognizes the visions for what they truly are-the call to her destiny as a Soul Seeker-one who can navigate the worlds between the living and dead."--Publisher's website.… (més)
Títol:Fated (Soul Seekers)
Autors:Alyson Noël
Informació:St. Martin's Griffin (2012), Edition: 1ST, 368 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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Fated de Alyson Noël

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I have to say first that Goodreads sent me an early edition so some of my comments might be nulled by that fact. THANK YOU GOODREADS FOR THE GIVEAWAY! :)

Anyway... The first thing that I noticed was the tense that the book was written in (this might be something that was fixed before it's release date). Instead of being written in the simple present, parts of it were written in the present continuous which meant that some sentences looked like this: "Pretending not to notice the way his gaze roams over me, straying from my waist-length brown hair peeking out from my scarf, to the tie-dyed tank top that clings under my jacket, to the skinny dark denim jeans, all the way down to the brand new slippers I wear on my feet." (Yes this is an example straight from the book.)Every action felt like it was still going on instead of happening and then ending. In some cases like this sentence, it felt like the sentences were left open and like there was something else that was supposed to be added onto the end of it. The writing style smoothed out as the book went on, but the beginning was written poorly and distracted the heck out of me.

The plot was well crafted and you were sort of able to gain a relationship with some of the characters, but their development was a little shallow.

The ending also felt a little rushed to me. There is a part when Daire and Dace go into the Underworld and while I thought this could be a really good spot to beef up the book and really work out some descriptions of what things looked like and what the character's experiences were, that part took up less than one chapter and left me feeling like I had skimmed that part of the book and not actually read it.

Overall, I gave the book 2 stars (hopefully in between the time I received it and the publishing day there were some changes made.) The development of characters and the plot (in some spots) left me feeling like I was skimming parts and I could NOT get over the poorly written first few chapters (present continuous tense). I would recommend this book to a crowd of teens who aren't too worried about the development of characters and who want a quick read that has magic and romance in it (this book will offer both).

I was thinking about reading another of Alyson Noel's books to see if all hers are written this way. Any suggestions for me? ( )
  courty4189 | Mar 24, 2021 |
The Cover:
It's gorgeous. I love the yellow background, which is quite unusual, and the sepia toning used for the photo of Daire. The way her hair evolves into the flock of ravens is graphically attractive and a great hint at the novel's content. I'm loving the font, as well.

The Protagonist:
I liked Daire, even if I have no idea how to pronounce her name. (Then again, this is the same for most of the characters in Fated. What is it about paranormal YA and names I've never heard of?) I think that Noël did a good job of giving reason for Daire's independence and flexibility. Most teenagers would be completely thrown by the revelations that Daire has to quickly take on board, but her background travelling the world means that she is used to change and instability. I also appreciate the fact that Daire is the character whose powers form the focus of Fated. So often with paranormal romance, it's all about the boy being special, and it's always nice to have a protagonist who is powerful in her own right.

The Antagonist:
I get the impression that we'll be seeing a lot more of Cade in further novels. In Fated, he's a little two dimensional. We know he's dangerous, because everyone tells Daire that he is, but we don't really see much of his power. I did, however, appreciate that there was no hint of a love triangle involving Cade and his twin, Dace – at least from Daire's point of view.

The Love Interest:
Fated falls into the instalove category of paranormals, unfortunately. Daire and Dace's attraction is fated before they even meet, and so there is no slow build-up to romance in the novel, or even to friendship. Dace himself is a likeable character, however, and I think he'll be a big hit with young readers. There's a slight Jacob Black feel to him, with his Native American heritage and long black hair, which I'm sure will go down well! I appreciate the fact that he's nothing but kind to Daire and her loved ones – no creepy YA boyfriend syndrome here. In this first novel, his and Daire's connection is largely physical, which meant that I found it a little wanting in the depth department. I did, however, appreciate the fact that there was no moral judgement attached to Daire's sexual urges.

The Supporting Cast:
I enjoyed Paloma, but my favourite minor character was definitely Chay. I'd love to see more discussion of their relationship in future novels. Xotichl was likeable, although I don't understand including a character name that you know people won't be able to pronounce, and I was intrigued by Lita. I think Jennika, Daire's mother, would have bothered me more if I didn't know her backstory and a little about the place she comes from with her decisions, but as it was, I actually thought she was a well-crafted character.

The Plot:
Fated is the first book in a series, which means that there is a lot of setting up to be found in the first couple of hundred pages. I've read other reviews from people who haven't been able to make it past this section of the book to the action, and I can understand why. It felt like there was an awful lot of waiting around before things actually started to happen. That said, Noël has come up with an interesting concept, and it will be interesting to see where she goes with it. By the end of the novel, the reader is still left with a lot of questions about what Daire is and how she will have to use her new-found powers. When it comes to a series, I think it's generally unfair to judge the first book too harshly for having a slow start, because all of that exposition has to happen somewhere. I did find myself wishing, however, that there had been a little more of a pay off for the long introduction when the meat of the story finally began.

The Writing:
Noël's writing style was actually the thing I struggled most with while reading Fated. She uses sentence fragments. A lot of fragments. Building on previous sentences. Adding information. Rarely using grammar as it was intended.

See what I did there? Look, I'm a big fan of learning the rules of grammar and then using this knowledge to break the rules here and there in order to add interest to your writing. I think there comes a point, though, where this kind of thing can become distracting and, with Fated, I was constantly pulled out of the story by the lack of proper sentence structure. I enjoy an occasional sentence fragment, and use them for pacing and emphasis myself. When it reaches the point, however, where a half-page paragraph consists of one initial sentence followed solely by fragments, it just doesn't work for me. Others may well consider it stylistically brilliant.

The Verdict:
Fated is sure to find its place in the current YA paranormal market. I think there's still a large demand for this kind of story and, while there is nothing very new about Fated, it is this that is likely to ensure it becomes a hit with its intended demographic. I personally struggled with Noël's writing style and a plot that failed to ignite a spark of excitement in me, but I believe that Fated will do well and will amass many fans – not all of whom will be in it solely for Dace!

(1.5 stars)
  Tara_Calaby | Jun 22, 2020 |
Ressenya escrita per a Crítics Matiners de LibraryThing .
Let me start by saying that I really wanted to like this book. According to the blurb it has mysterious magics that complicate the protagonist's life and haunting/haunted characters. Sadly, what it didn't have for me was tension. There wasn't anything that was making me want to turn the page and keep the forward reading momentum going.

And, no, I don't demand action-packed extravaganza's to hold my attention. I also like slow burn stories where the big payoff doesn't happen until the end. However, even in those stories there is something that pulls me forward through the narrative, usually a compelling question/mystery I want answered or a character I've bonded with.

FATED just didn't have those things for me, and while I think it could appeal to some readers, it wasn't for me. ( )
  barbedwriting | Mar 22, 2019 |
I'll admit that what first drew me to Fated was the gorgeous cover. Everything about it is gorgeous, and I give massive kudos to the artist. Just lovely. That being said, this is my first foray into Alyson Noel's books. Her Immortals series has been on my reading list for a long time, but I hadn't had the opportunity to start it yet. I was excited to dive into this new series from the beginning.

At first glance Daire was definitely not my favorite character. Her attitude was okay, but I felt like she was kind of disinterested in everything that was happening around her. Even when things picked up speed, and she needed help, it was like she was watching it from outside of herself. I felt more connected to her in her dreams than I did when she was awake. However, as the story progressed I started to like Daire more and more. About half way through the book she does a 180 and really comes to life. It's almost like a brand new character. If you feel the same way I did about her at the beginning, keep reading. It gets better.

The concept of Fated is extremely intriguing. Watching Daire learn who she really is, watching her form a bond with the power inside her, it's all fascinating and makes for a great read. That is honestly why the book picks up so much after the first half. My gripe was that there really wasn't much Dace and Cade development in this story. Since it is the first in the series, I'm willing to give it some time. Admittedly Cade is a great villian! Also I liked that the romance aspect wasn't rushed, or took over the story. I do hope to see a little more later on in the series though.

As a package, I enjoyed Fated and will come back for more. There were little things that kept me from being fully immersed in it, but it did peak my interest for the other books in the series and also the books that Alyson Noel has already written! If you are new to her books, I think this is a good place to start. I've been told it shadows the other series, but I read it as a standalone and I had no trouble following. If you enjoy stories with heart, and just a touch of romance, this is one to add to your reading list.
( )
  roses7184 | Feb 5, 2019 |
I wasn’t too sure about this one when I checked it out. I mainly grabbed it for the cover alone, though I can honestly say that I am super thrilled that I did!

I loved Daire, Dace, Xotichl and most of the other characters in the book. I even had a soft spot for Cade, as much as I hate to admit it! Learning about the visions and dreams that have been haunting Daire, was a little shocking at first, and how everything happened after the latest vision was beyond messed up, I still knew that once her mother took the call from Paloma, I was hopeful that things would look up for Daire quickly.

Daire is sixteen and has just been told that she comes from a long line of Seekers. This at first prompts her to run away like her father before her did, though there is an accident and she ends up staying and learning what she must. She has been having the same dream featuring the same two boys; whom happen to be twins, and she realizes that one of them is “fated” to be with her. She tries to keep her distance, though it proves to be harder than she thought.

While trying to learn everything she can about being a Seeker, she has to end up battling with the undead thanks to Cade; the evil twin” in order to save Paloma’s soul. Dace and Daire find her soul and bargain to get it back. Once everything has settled, Dace and Daire return to Paloma’s house to find all of their friends there, and once Daire senses Cade’s presence she goes out to speak to him and she hear’s once again that Dace is the Echo…

I am so glad that I already checked out the second book in the series, otherwise I would be scrambling to get my hands on it. The writing style of Fated was amazing, and I had no problem getting sucked into the story. I cheered everytime Daire made progress and cringed when Cade was being particularly evil.
( )
  chaoticbooklover | Dec 26, 2018 |
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The sheer sight of him causing my limbs to tremble, my body to sway toward his-much like it did in the dream. The two of us drawn to each other-bound by forces unseen. Location 1624 Kindle.
“I had an irresistible pull to come here, so I followed my instincts, and now I know why” Kindle location 3960( Dace said this to Daire)
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"Strange things are happening to Daire Santos. Crows mock her, glowing people stalk her, time stops without warning, and a beautiful boy with unearthly blue eyes haunts all her dreams. Fearing for her daughter's sanity, Daire's mother sends her to live with the grandmother she's never met, but who recognizes the visions for what they truly are-the call to her destiny as a Soul Seeker-one who can navigate the worlds between the living and dead."--Publisher's website.

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