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Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me Saga, #1) de…
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Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me Saga, #1) (edició 2011)

de Kallypso Masters

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17511116,719 (3.89)No n'hi ha cap
Títol:Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me Saga, #1)
Autors:Kallypso Masters
Informació:Kallypso Masters (2011), Kindle Edition, 314 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

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Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me Saga, #1) de Kallypso Masters

No n'hi ha cap.

No n'hi ha cap
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Originally posted at:

Last week I reviewed the first book in the Rescue Me series, Masters at Arms, and if you recall, I was very pleased with the book. I still am, but I'm also realizing I might have made a huge mistake in reading this second book so fast. I had a moment when I thought "Don't read it now, wait till December, so you don't have to pull out your hair waiting for the next book." That thought never manages to sway my initial intention of reading a book fast and it totally didn't help now. *sigh* Oh well, no matter. I'll learn patience next time (yeah, right!).

Like I said in the previous review, Marc seemed to me like he really found himself after he enrolled. After reading his story, I stand by what I said then. Before the Army shaped him into the man he is, Marc lived in the shadow of his older brother, with the typical rivalry that comes from having an older brother that somehow managed to be good at everything. Before he enlisted he never did anything for himself. The job he had was at his parents's resort and even though he didn't feel quite satisfied, he stayed there, trying to prove his parents that he was just as capable as his brother, Gino. I think the first thing he did for himself was actually enrolling, but even that seemed fueled by his deep sense of regret for the fact that he couldn't get one more chance to apologize to his brother.Even so, I believe the minute he realized that he was good at what he did, he started to believe more in himself. In a way, going to war helped him mature. The thing I loved about Marc was his ability to say "I messed up and I'm sorry for it". He wasn't trying to pass as the dumb ass alpha wannabe guy, the one who either can't do a thing wrong or the one who never admits he made a mistake. He wasn't that guy. Also, he didn't have the arrogance that usually comes with wealth. Had he met Angelina before he enlisted, I think the relationship would've been doomed from the start, him not being mature enough for her, Angelina being too intimidated by her education and her brothers to take risks.

Angelina is what you might call a good girl. She only dates guys that are perfect in the eyes of her family, as she called them "boring" and "safe". At the same time though, I think she was a bit scared of listening to her instincts or to her heart or to trust her gut or whatever you want to call it. She was scared of going after the guy or type of guys that really appealed to her. I don't think it's because she never found the perfect guy before meeting Marc and Luke, but it's because she was scared of what they made her feel, and the only moment she allowed herself to take a chance was when the fear of being hurt was stronger than the fear of her feelings.

I mentioned Luke. Before you get your hopes up, it's not a threesome. You only get one scene (though I REALLY hope Ms. Masters will write an M/F/M scene - a big one *smiles* ). Luke is still a puzzle to me. I think there's more to him that what we learn in this book. I do think that there are other things that were left unsaid, things that made Luke who he is now. Also, there's a moment in the book where Luke totally surprised me. I'm guessing there a few other surprises for Luke, so I'm waiting (im)patiently before I make any judgments about him.

The ending is the real reason I regret finishing the book so early. Should've stopped at two, three pages a day, but I couldn't. Who could? I won't talk about the ending, except to say that it convinced me to get hooked up on the series and to say, again, good job! Anyway, I hope we'll get Master Adam's book soon. ( )
  Rubys.books | Oct 15, 2016 |
This erotic romance was just so-so. It had enough plot around all the sex but the characters were totally insecure and all they did was think about their issues. I eventually started skimming. I wasn't convinced heroine ever really consented to sexual pain. Marc rescues Angelina from a brutal whipping at his BDSM club.
( )
  Dawn772 | Jan 29, 2015 |
After reading the prequel to this series, Masters At Arms, I couldn't wait to pick this up and delve deeper into Marc's story.
Marc has shut himself off, carrying so much guilt and having lack of trust issues from his past experiences, thinking that he will never be able to experience a true loving connection with a woman. That is until Angelina comes along.
He rescues her from a bad experience at the club and then she in turn also becomes the rescuer. We see how they work through their issues with each other, learning to trust another person with their hearts. I loved seeing Marc work through his feelings for Angelina and how she held her own with him. I thought their connection was great, steamy and hot, passionate and caring, intense and emotional.
I like the way the other characters are weaved into the book, giving us just a little taste of things to come.

( )
  Artfullee | Apr 8, 2014 |
Hot Book with lots and lots of struggle.
I think the bio says it all but this is a series that is highly recommended! more on my blog ( )
  iloveladyporn | Dec 6, 2013 |
From Master’s at Arms: Master Marc’s life was out of control before he signed up. He hated his job of running his families resort, missed his newly deceased brother and needed to get away from his python of an ex. His brother had died serving his country in the Marines after 9/11 and Marc had never been able to shake the feeling that the wrong brother had died. Enlisting with the Navy seemed like the thing that he should do but things didn’t go according to plan and instead he ends up a Medic’s with a group of Marines on tour in Iraq. There he finds surrogate brothers in the form of Damien and Adam, men who understand him and the damage that war can do to the
There is a FAB threesome scene in a BDSM club but the lasting memory I have from this book is of Marc’s selflessness and determination to try to get every man home, even to the detriment of his own health. I really was looking forward to his HEA.

Nobodies Angel: After his bad experience with his ex, Marc keeps women at a distance. Even at the club, he only uses them for mutual pleasure and then walks away. When he turns up late for his Dungeon Monitor shift at the club one night, he walks into a situation that makes him wish he had been on time. A new couple are using the room, only the man seems to be less of a Dom and more of an abuser. After realising the subs cries aren’t that of pleasure, he intervenes and rescues her. Realising she has been pushed into a precarious mental state by the incident, Marc stays with her until she regains some sense of normal. Slipping away just before she becomes completely lucid, he is quite happy to be a mysterious guardian angel.

Angelina doesn’t remember much of the night of the club; she just knows that BDSM is definitely not something she wants to try again. When she meets Marc and his partner Luke in a diner, she can’t help but feel that she knows him somewhere and that he’s safe. Marc is shocked to see her again outside of the diner and be attracted to the woman that he hadn’t seen beneath the layers of pain that night. He is even more shocked when his partner Luke tells him that his dead wife had been to him in a dream and told him she was sending him an angel and that he thought that angel was Angelina. It is obvious that Angelina has no idea who Marc is and, deciding that if she can bring Luke out of his slump he should push them together, he decides to keep it that way. But when it becomes apparent that Luke and Angelina are not destined to be, he realises that Angelina needs someone to show her that the BDSM that she needs is not only about pain, but that she can get great pleasure from it too.

BDSM is about trust, about knowing the person you gift your pleasure to. Marc knows that he can’t tell her the truth about that night and expect her to submit to him, so he continues to lie. What will she say when the cat is out of the bag? Also, is he lying to himself by pretending that she is nothing to him but a sub that he needs to heal?

Oh my, this book was all kinds of NAUGHTY! I loved Marc and his tortured Dom ways (I also love Luke...looking forward to that story :D) I couldn’t help cringe every time he lied to her and pretended he’d never met her before; it was inevitable that that was going to blow up in his face. Angelina was a lovely, opinionated woman who was a pleasure to read about. Her inner dialogue was very very funny; I’ve often wondered what goes on in subs heads during orgasm denial and now I know :D I enjoyed every aspect of their story, but I didn’t know how it would end. It was clear that Luke would never be enough for her, that she needed the release that a Master could give her but I have to say I was torn. Marc was lovely and drool-worthy but Luke was lovely and was a toss-up for me. The scenes at the club were very well-written and very erotic; bravo Ms Masters, this book was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster.
( )
  Scorchingrevs | Sep 21, 2013 |
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