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Evernote For Dummies

de David E. Y. Sarna

Altres autors: Vanessa Richie

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967218,669 (3.39)14
This handy guide makes it easy to use Evernote to store, organize, and access practically anything, everywhere, using your computer, smartphone, tablet, and the web.
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Good basic details. But it might be easier to just use the application. Good reference and review in a well organized book. ( )
  deldevries | Feb 14, 2018 |
Got this to see if it was something I could use, still not convinced. ( )
  wyvernfriend | Jan 11, 2016 |
If you use Evernote, you need to read this book. If you are not using evernote why not? ( )
  bke | Mar 30, 2014 |
Evernote is a computer and mobile device utility or app that I stumbled across when I was looking for some kind of notepad for my Nook. I hadn't heard of it until then despite that it has over 20,000,000 users. Then I started seeing it in such things as must have app lists. It allows one to take notes or copy things of interest into the program as notes in notebooks and interprets the notes in various ways; the premium version even allows searches in PDF's. It synchronizes the notes across platforms, so I have, for example, an instance of it on my laptop (and will put it on my back up laptop), on my Android telephone, and on my Nook.

I have three personal notebooks so far: a general one for shopping lists and odd notes, a to do notebook, and a community notebook wherein I can keep track of what the government and developers are doing to my neighborhood in particular or my state in general. I have copied an email regarding a community meeting on the general plan for the area into the notebook with one click.

The notes can be sound recordings, photographs, or web pages as well as ordinary notes typed or even somehow handwritten in.

A program this powerful needs explanation, so when I saw it advertised I bought Evernote for Dummies by David E. Y. Sarna with Vanessa Richie. I finished reading those parts (I didn't read the Apple parts) that applied to me last night. There is important information in this book; I have put some of it to use already and will put more of it to use as I develop ability with the program. Unfortunately the author is not entirely coherent, so I read paragraphs of procedures and had no idea what he was getting at.

I think that pretty soon I will try My Evernote by Katherine Murray. I will let folks know how they compare. ( )
1 vota Mr.Durick | Dec 7, 2012 |
A solid, if unremarkable, reference book. Probably best for absolute beginners to Evernote, but I found a few useful nuggets (e.g. sending material from Google Reader, advanced search syntax) that made it worth my while. ( )
  salimbol | Aug 15, 2012 |
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Richie, Vanessaautor secundaritotes les edicionsconfirmat
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This handy guide makes it easy to use Evernote to store, organize, and access practically anything, everywhere, using your computer, smartphone, tablet, and the web.

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