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Sovereign Hope: Book One in The Hope Series…
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Sovereign Hope: Book One in The Hope Series (Volume 1) (edició 2012)

de Frankie Rose (Autor)

Sèrie: The Hope [Frankie Rose] (book 1)

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527398,355 (4)No n'hi ha cap
Everyone has a soul.Some are just worth more than others.Farley Hope has no idea who she really is. Not until she meets Daniel, anyway. He has answers to the painful questions that plague her life, and once she learns the truth, there is no going back. She is thrust into a world of darkness, where she must learn to fight to survive; where your soul is your only true currency; where the promise of love is marred by the promise of death. Farley Hope is prophesied.Her coming has been awaited for hundreds of years.She is destined to end the tyranny of the Soul Reavers forever. To do so she must die.… (més)
Títol:Sovereign Hope: Book One in The Hope Series (Volume 1)
Autors:Frankie Rose (Autor)
Informació:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012), 354 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca

Detalls de l'obra

Sovereign Hope de Frankie Rose

No n'hi ha cap
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Wow, wow, wow!!! I. Absolutely. Loved. This. Book! I won't say it reeled me in on the first page, but by the third page, I had a hard time putting this book down.

I loved the characters as well especially Farley, Agatha, and Daniel. I felt they were all well developed characters.

Yes, there is a bit of a love story going on but it doesn't take over the whole book which is nice. It's more of a backstory. There was also plenty of action.

This is definitely one of my favourite reads of forever! I'd definitely recommend this book. I can't wait until the second in the series comes out.

Frankie Rose has done an amazing job!!! Haven't read a book this good in ages =D ( )
  khal_khaleesi | Nov 16, 2019 |
I loved this book! It started out with a bang and ended with one! It had plenty of action, mystery, and my favorite, romance! I loved the anticipation that she built throughout the book, both with the plot and between Farley & Daniel.

I'm always glad when I can find a paranormal romance that is different than the rest, and Frankie Rose has definitely done that. It was one of those books that you read and think what a good movie it would make. Original and engaging, her story kept me reading till early in the morning.

The characters were believable and likable, especially Daniel (my personal favorite in the book!). Daniel was complex and intriguing, and did I mention incredibly hot? No? Well, let's just say that he was unbelievably sexy. Farley's character was really relatable for me. While she was a strong young woman, she was also a little shy and awkward without being annoying.

Overall, it was a great read! I loved reading about Farley and Daniel, and was left wanting more. I can't wait to read the second book Eternal Hope!

***Review copy provided by the Author for an honest review***
Also on my blog at ( )
  Chrystina.Williams | Dec 4, 2015 |
The author, Frankie Rose, was very nice, letting me review her book. I must say that I didn't quite know what to expect of it, but it turned to be an interesting read. My rating is 3.5 stars, but due to known reasons I'm giving it 4.

What I liked:

There were several scenes that were pretty intense and action packed, and I felt drawn to them. They felt realistic, with all the gore and bloodshed. I also enjoyed the hot romantic scene, though I felt like there should've been more than one of those ;) Daniel's chapters felt different, as they should've, since a different character was narrating, and I found them very well structured and appealing.

What I didn't like:

There were some scenes that lacked any feeling at all. They seemed to stretch on and on, and that felt kind of annoying. I supposed they were supposed to build anticipation, but all they accomplished was making me want to skip ahead. The last chapter should've held some passion, but there was none. And the induced coldness between the characters was just weird. Some lines felt forced and unrealistic. There were several places where I noticed inconsistencies - for example, Farley - the lead female character - saw a white painted building and the color of the sand (red), during a particularly dark night, just before saying that she was completely night blind. There were other places like this one, but I don't remember them off the top of my head.

The story itself:

It was a nice concept, and I think it was sort of unique - at least I haven't read anything quite like it. Of course, there were the good guys and the bad guys, and those in between. There was impossible love, and then some super powers. But it was strung differently, and I liked that. I didn't quite understand whether the people from the Quarters were humans or something different. And why were there immortals in the first place... That bit was sort of confusing.

The characters:

*Farley was the lead female character, who was supposed to be a part of this very important prophesy. I honestly expected her to have some special powers of key importance, and I kept waiting for them to manifest. Alas, they never did - unless that weird bit in the end could be counted. Sometimes Farley sounded stiff and vain and completely out of character, and that really bothered me. After all, the reader counts on the characters having depth and layered personalities. I wasn't really impressed with this girl.

*Daniel was the mysterious guy, who was grumpy and rude just because he didn't want to show his love. Sure, there was the oath he swore to stay away from Farley, but it was pretty obvious that that won't work out. There was some big mystery around those two, which never came out. Were they supposed to be together? Were they not? At any rate, Daniel was hot and full of internal conflicts, and that made him even hotter. Sometimes his indecision bugged me to death, and I wanted to slap him senseless. But other than that, he was a nice guy.

*Agatha was one of the characters we didn't know much about. She was just there. Period. No back story. Sure, she was nice and smart and a kick-ass heroine, but still - it would've been nice to know more about her.

The rest of the characters weren't all that prominent, though they all played their assigned roles. I guess I'd love to learn more about Kayden - he's a delicious mystery. ( )
  VanyaDrum | Jan 26, 2014 |
3.5 stars

The Book Hookup

**This book was given to The Book Hookup by the author, but that did not influence the review in any way.**

Initial thoughts:
Celeste: Oooh, action! But I want to know what is going on. Oooh, romance. Who is the hot guy with all that chemistry with Farley?

Christina: Oooh, pretty cover! (My cover-loving heart rejoices!) Immediately the action began which had me excited because I like fast paced stories, but I ended up feeling a little lost in all the hustle and bustle. I had to keep reading, though, because this hero is rather intriguing- mysterious, dark, handsome… oh yes.

The story:
Celeste: We only got bits and pieces as we went along. I always enjoy a little mystery. Farley’s mother disappeared six months ago and now she is being chased down. The police don’t even seem to help or care. Right away I’m intrigued. It gets even more interesting when a gorgeous dark haired, muscles rippling green-eyed guy with a serious attitude saves her. Before I wanted to know, but now I NEED to know who was after her and why, and more importantly, who is this guy?!

Overall this story it is a steady build up with plenty of action. Although I was anxious for answers we only got information in a trickle…well done by the author because I kept turning the pages wanting more tidbits. In the end I think there were 2 sets of bad guys: the Reavers and the Quorum.

Christina: There’s a world below the one we know as our own, a city divided into four factions and those are all centered around the Tower, the place where the Soul Reavers rule. Reavers are an immortal race that gathers their power through consumption of another individual’s life force- their soul. Greedy and seeking the eternal high the comes with taking another person’s life, they’ll stop at nothing to make sure their bloodline flourishes and that they forever maintain dominance over the other inhabitants. They’re only true concern is an old prophecy that heralds of their demise, the birth of a female Reaver– which seems highly unlikely because for as long as the Reavers have been in existence, they’ve only ever produced male heirs– and a special talisman. Enter Farley Hope. Everything she thought she knew about her life is about to come to a dramatic halt, and it all begins with her mother’s disappearance and a boy named Daniel.

The romance:
Celeste: Most of the book I was thinking: I love this romance!! The sexual tension is fabulous and the immediate attraction is intense. Daniel is brooding, secretive and cocky. For example: the guitar strap quote. oh my oh my oh my. I really like Daniel. Then, about ¾ of the way through it went a teensy bit flat for me. It went from serious physical chemistry to professing love. I struggled with that in that it didn’t seem realistic. Well, maybe it is for teenagers and maybe because the whole situation was desperate? They went from restraining themselves to letting it all hang out there. However, maybe it’s all just set up for book 2, and while I still like them as a couple, I prefer the cocky Daniel over the sentimental one. Yes, I love the bad boy. :)

Christina: I wanted so much to like these two together, but their relationship felt a little forced and rushed. They were having these huge declarations of love and I felt like they had only just met. In Daniel’s case, I could almost excuse this because his circumstance was different, he’d watched her secretly for some time, but with Farley, it was a harder love to sell. However, I was a foolish teenager at one point in my life as well, so I understand how quickly we rush to label emotions.

The ending:
Celeste: It definitely got interesting, while it’s tied up enough to end in a good place, there is so much more to the story. What about Farley’s mom? I have a lot of theories there!

Christina: This is where the story progressed the most for me. I loved the addition of the Whytes, and the lore about how and why they were created. My heart was pounding in the last few pages, curious to how everything would end and in whose favor. I was still left with so many questions, but it also felt like the story was wrapped up neatly enough that I wasn’t left completely hanging.

Anything you didn’t love?
Celeste: While sometimes the plot was very clear, for example: the prophecy (it was great that the author repeated it so I didn’t have to go back), but other times I wasn’t sure what was going on and felt confused. Overall the story was good, but I definitely couldn’t always follow. Maybe it would have been easier if it had been in 1st person and not 3rd. However, I am super biased and just adore 1st person.

Christina: I completely agree. In some cases, mostly during the action sequences, the story was harder for me to follow who was doing what. I, too, was curious to whether the story would have flowed better had it been written in first person, but I didn’t enjoy getting to see snippets from the other characters.

Secondary characters:

Celeste: Is so predictable. A typical bff that you find in many YA books.
Christina: I actually quite enjoyed her. I think that was mostly because she reminded me of myself.

Celeste: I liked her! She has been around for a while and seems loyal and honest.
Christina: I dug her. She could hold on to a secret, and I be damned if that’s not something I could appreciate. Plus, her mad driving skills sounded like fun. :)

Celeste: He is dumb and lol.
Christina: Awww, I liked him, too. Anyone who picks love over duty/family (when they’re evil), wins me over.

Celeste: Scary and I’m afraid of him!
Christina: Dude is creepy. *shudders*

Celeste: Lovely!
Christina: Breath of fresh air! I want his ability, though. It be nice to (almost) literally travel to anywhere your brain can take you.

Celeste: Hmmm… I want to know more!
Christina: I loved the sort of brotherly relationship he had with Daniel. I’m anxious to see how the story will go for him in the next book. So many questions with this one.

rec it?
Celeste: Yes, still good. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book! Ms. Rose has a great series on her hands and I will definitely be reading book 2 :)

Christina: I would. While the beginning dragged a bit for me, it picked up soon and I really enjoyed the last half of the story. I think the author was definitely able to work through some of the kinks I saw in the first portion of the story. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds after this, seeing as several balances appear to have been upset by that climatic ending.
( )
  celeste.harrington | Apr 30, 2013 |
Let me begin by saying that I really liked this book. It's had a good plot that kept me intrigued and hooked till the end. Still, I felt like there was that missing, "umph" in the book.You get me?

Now, lets talk about this banging plot. I like it. I mean, I really like it!! This is one of those books that has a fresh plot that I never read before. Usually plots are all the same and over done. Not this one. Instead, it's inviting. After the first chapter, I was intrigued to keep reading. I enjoyed how the author slowly build-up the mysteriousness of the story. I am a person who loves secrets and loves it when the main character is out of the loop as well. For me, it makes it more enjoyable to see the surprise in the characters face knowing that I knew all along. Hehe!

The love interest is awesome. I love a tall, dark, handsome man who is secretive left and right. That is my calling card right there. I could do nothing but follow Daniel to the ends of the earth just to know exactly who he is and what he is hiding. The main thing you need to know is that I am totally smitten with Daniel.

Now, the gripe. The only thing I felt I couldn't really grasp is that there is so much being thrown at the reader at once. For me, this author gave away too much information instead of withholding it and spreading it through out the series. Sometimes, it felt as if it was too much. It was," WHAM! BAM! WOW!" You know? I think it would have captured the reader more if there wasn't so much going on. Anywhoo, that just how I feel. Maybe you like that type of writing style.

Sovereign Hope is a great book! With a whole new aspect to souls and dimensions, I was taken away with it. It's gritty and dark, yet it holds the reader with much intensity. Sovereign Hope is exciting and with a bigger plot that I ever could imagine. ( )
  Bookswithbite | Aug 27, 2012 |
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No n'hi ha cap

Everyone has a soul.Some are just worth more than others.Farley Hope has no idea who she really is. Not until she meets Daniel, anyway. He has answers to the painful questions that plague her life, and once she learns the truth, there is no going back. She is thrust into a world of darkness, where she must learn to fight to survive; where your soul is your only true currency; where the promise of love is marred by the promise of death. Farley Hope is prophesied.Her coming has been awaited for hundreds of years.She is destined to end the tyranny of the Soul Reavers forever. To do so she must die.

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