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Unstoppable de Tim Green
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Unstoppable (edició 2012)

de Tim Green (Autor)

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2126106,169 (3.78)4
"If anyone understands the phrase 'tough luck,' it's Harrison. As a foster kid in a cruel home, he knows his dream of one day playing for the NFL is a long shot. Then Harrison's luck seems to change. He is brought into a new home with kind, loving parents--his new dad is even a football coach. Harrison's big build and his incredible determination quickly make him a star running back on the junior high school team. In no time, he's practically unstoppable. But Harrison's good luck can't last forever"--Jacket flap.… (més)
Autors:Tim Green (Autor)
Informació:HarperCollins (2012), 357 pages

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Unstoppable de Tim Green

S'està carregant…

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Life has been hard for Harrison. He lived at a foster home that treated him terribly until one day he was fed up and retaliated. After a terrible accident involving his foster parent dying, he moved in with a football coach of a middle school and his wife. Harrison had always wanted to play football. After joining the team and getting used to the better life, he found out he had bone cancer, and had his lower leg amputated. Then he had to work up to walking normal, living normal, and exercising to keep himself active with his prosthetic. After constant bullying he finds it in himself to run, and finally plays football again.
I loved the determination the main character had. Harrison lived a tough life, but kept pushing through. Being bullied and losing his lower leg deterred him from playing football, but he persisted on improving. The story is largely based off the story of a kid with a dream, and even after enduring a horrible first step in life, getting bone cancer, and losing his friend Marty to cancer, he kept on going when times were the toughest. I myself play football and the diversity of Harrison has inspired me. This book is awesome. i recommend it to any football fan who wants to improve on themselves and the sport, because this book explains amazingly how a normal boy with a difficult life achieves his goal. ( )
  TCurless.ELA2 | Oct 21, 2019 |
This novel is a story about extreme hard work and dedication in the face of extreme adversity. Harrison began his life in a horrible foster home that treated him horribly. He was very unhappy and was not able to pursue what made him happy. He was then moved to a loving and dedicated family, the Kelly’s. With them he was able to play football, his true passion. Harrison became an amazing football player, but after a nagging knee injury wouldn’t go away, the doctors discovered that he had bone disease. His whole life came crashing down on him and it seemed as if he was back with his old foster home. His leg was amputated and he had to learn how to cope with just one leg. He was then given a prosthetic for his other leg. Given with the prospect of being able to walk and run again, Harrison began to dedicate himself to not giving up and continuing to work towards his life going back to normal. With the support of his trainer, family, doctors and his grit, he improved dramatically and his life began to go back to normal. I would recommend this book to anyone as a lesson can be learned from this book for any individual. ( )
  kazyn13 | Nov 8, 2017 |
This novel is one that not only shows everyone what hark work and determination are about, but what it can accomplish when done it its greatest capacity. Harrison was a kid who was moved from foster home to foster home and often abused. He was rescued by the Kelly’s everything began to settle into place and Harrison began to enjoy his life. He was finally able to pursue the one thing that he wanted to: football. He quickly become the best player on Mr. Kelly’s JV football team and was enjoying life like never before. Although, it couldn't be like this forever. After a nagging knee injury wouldn’t go away, he went to the doctor and found out that he had bone cancer in his leg. His leg needs to be amputated from the knee and suddenly, Harrison’s world has reverted to what it used to be. He couldn't play the sport he loved and had to struggle with the social pressure of missing part of a leg. He ultimately is able to get it together with the support of his friends and family to become better than he ever was.
I would recommend this book to anybody because there isn't a single person who cannot learn something from reading this book. It tells of so many life lessons that are often forgotten about. The struggle that Harrison goes through is so easily relatable and touches readers because everyone has or has had something like this go on in their own lives. Tim Green also uses major cliffhangers at the end of every chapter to encourage you to keep reading. I wasn't able to put this book down because of how engaged it was at all times. I truly applaud Green’s ability to write a book that is able to relate to almost every young adult. It is a mesmerizing book that everyone should read if they get the chance. ( )
  10sterling10 | Nov 8, 2017 |
Very enjoyable - I cared quite a lot about Harrison and what happened to him. This is a kids' book - it's not completely engaging for an adult - but I was very happy reading it and will recommend it to kids. ( )
  4hounds | Dec 7, 2014 |
Recommended Ages: Gr. 5-8 but appropriate for 4th

Plot Summary: Harrison is intimidated by his foster father, Mr. Constable, who is known for being able to get "broken" kids in line. But really, Harrison is scared and just trying to get by. When he finds out he is going to court again, a small part of him believes his mom will show up and it will be his ticket out of there. Instead, the Constables adopt him legally. Back at the farm, Harrison's anger builds up and Mr. Constable is kicked by a cow. He is locked up in a room in the farm house for a few days until Mrs. Godfrey takes him away from there. She tells him she believes in him and recognizes the accident wasn't his fault and sets him up to live with her daughter. The Coach and Jennifer are very kind and supportive, and Coach is excited to get Harrison, who is big for his age, to get into a football uniform for the very first time. Harrison is thrilled since he wants to be a player even though he used to have to watch the football games secretly at the Constables or risk getting hit with a belt. His first time at practice, he uses his anger in his game and makes one friend and a few enemies. Coach uses his expertise to get the team to ask for the Unstoppable Harrison during his first game. With only one game left before the championship, Harrison hurts his leg. He tries to hide it from his new parents, but eventually tells them. After an MRI discovers bone cancer, Harrison is set for surgery and when he wakes up, he is missing one of his legs from the below the knee. His dreams are crushed. The Kelly's don't want him to give up and bring in Major Bauer to help train him to get ready for next football season with a fake leg, but will Harrison be able to handle the physical and emotional pressure of it all?

Setting: undetermined, starts at a farm with dairy cows then ends up in a smaller town where football is incredibly important

Harrison Johnson - AKA Mud, 13 y/o,
Mr. and Mrs. Constable - Harrison's foster parents, adopts him, mean, evil people who believe in belittling kids and whipping them with belts to get them to behave, tells Harrison he needs to call him Pop when in court
Cyrus Radford - the mean neighbor who works at the farm and is a bully towards Harrison yet is scared of Mr. Constable too
Dora - 16 y/o, one of the other foster kids turned adoptees at the Constable house
Lump - 15 y/o, AKA Michael, one of the other foster kids turned adoptees at the Constable house
Crab - AKA Luke, one of the other foster kids turned adoptees at the Constable house
Melinda Johnson - Harrison's biological mom
Mrs. Godfrey - the social worker who came to the Constables house and was the first friendly face Harrison had seen in a long time, set up Harrison with her daughter Jennifer Kelly
Ron Kelly - AKA Coach, Harrison's new dad, currently the JV football coach but really wants to coach varsity
Jennifer Kelly - wants to be called Mom but is restrained to ask, sticks up for Harrison and is more concerned about his health concerns and dreams
Doc Smart - lives in the same neighborhood as the Kelly's and is willing to do a favor and help the Coach on Sunday with medical stuff
Becky Smart - Doc's daughter, extremely friendly, likes Harrison, wants to date Harrison but is happy just to spend time with him and hold his hand
Major Bauer - Ron's good buddy from Vietnam, Ron saved his life but he lost a leg
Varnett - the player who lost his spot to Harrison
Justin - Harrison's good friend, asks Harrison right after they first meet if he wants to help mow lawns and they share the money
Leo Howard - one of Harrison's bullies
Mrs. Zebolt - Harrison's teacher who judges Harrison for his history and comes down way too hard

Recurring Themes: fostering, adoption, family, friendship, love, cancer, football, dreams and goals, hard work, amputation, will, honesty

Controversial Issues: none marked but possibly one crap

Personal Thoughts: This is exactly the type of sports book I would enjoy. It has about 10% sports action and about 90% family drama. However, I felt like the characters were not quite deep enough. The first half of it I was completely hooked and I carried it everywhere to read a stoplights so I could find out what happened, but I didn't love it. There was not enough information to see just how loving Harrison's new parents are and why they wanted a son so badly but their love was obvious, just a little contrived.

Genre: Realistic fiction (sports fiction, drama)

Pacing: Medium (mostly character driven because the climax was not sport related)
Characters: easy to keep track of but not well enough developed

Activity: ( )
  pigeonlover | Jul 17, 2013 |
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"If anyone understands the phrase 'tough luck,' it's Harrison. As a foster kid in a cruel home, he knows his dream of one day playing for the NFL is a long shot. Then Harrison's luck seems to change. He is brought into a new home with kind, loving parents--his new dad is even a football coach. Harrison's big build and his incredible determination quickly make him a star running back on the junior high school team. In no time, he's practically unstoppable. But Harrison's good luck can't last forever"--Jacket flap.

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