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Cast of Stones, A (The Staff and the Sword)…
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Cast of Stones, A (The Staff and the Sword) (edició 2013)

de Patrick W. Carr (Autor)

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"Drunkard Errol Stone has to shape up fast when his hunt for the next glass unwittingly merges with a dangerous quest to save his kingdom"--
Títol:Cast of Stones, A (The Staff and the Sword)
Autors:Patrick W. Carr (Autor)
Informació:Bethany House (2013), 432 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

A Cast of Stones de Patrick W. Carr

No n'hi ha cap
S'està carregant…

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This was so much more than I thought it would be! But honestly, I didn’t expect much. It was well written and entertaining, but it had its faults.
It was simply too long. That may be an odd thing to say about a book less than 500 pages, but I was very bored at times and felt like the book went on forever. The pace was a bit slow at times and I needed more action. The further into the book I got, the better it became but I was never really happy about it.
The fact that is was listed on Goodreads as Christian Fantasy made me a bit nervous since I hated preaching but it turned out to be a very small problem. Yes, it talked A LOT about God, but I didn’t feel like it was preachy and the plot revolved around the churches so the God-talk seemed to make sense. I liked the lot-part and how it wasn’t 100 % sure but still kind of amazing.
Errol was kind of a meh character. He never really stood out and neither did the rest of the characters. I liked that he started out at the very bottom and didn’t became the best and brightest within pages. The slow progression was realistic and even though Errol annoyed the living *beep* out of me, I understood why he was such a pain in the *beep*.
I don’t think I will continue on with the series. I have too little to say about this one because it didn’t stick with me and made me yearn for the next one.
( )
  Hyms | Aug 9, 2020 |
Review first published on my blog, Pieces of Whimsy


I love fantasy. I always have and I don't see myself getting over it anytime soon. A Cast of Stones is one of the best fantasy books I've read in a while and I loved the journey it took me on.

The story followed Errol Stone, a young drunkard with no skills whatsoever but for an unforeseen talent that sends him on epic journey. I've never seen the appeal of drinking and so while I liked Errol, in the beginning I thought he was a bit lacking in character - I was so wrong. You didn't get to see his full character in the beginning, it was hidden away under his ale, but as he begins to sort himself out, all these amazing characteristics reveal themselves and I ended up loving Errol; flaws and all.

I was hooked from the first page. I fell in love with the writing, the style and the way the words flowed. The story also grabbed from the beginning, it was exciting and adventurous and deep, and I couldn't stop reading!

All fantasy novels had world building in them and the extent to which the author goes really shows in the book. Patrick Carr's world building was fantastic. I loved the different histories and peoples and factions and magical doo-dahs. I made a real connection with the world and was very happy with how everything fit together, I was quite sad to be returned to this reality.

The character growth was wonderful and I loved how real everyone was. People were selfish and greedy and ready to sacrifice others for their beliefs, good and bad. I don't think you could find much about this book I didn't like and if you're a reader of fantasy - I'd move this book high up your to-read list! Errol took me on an emotional, action-packed, magical journey and I can't wait to read more! ( )
  PiecesofWhimsy | Mar 21, 2020 |
I came to this novel rather late, and noticed that it has a lot of glowing reviews. People acquainted with me will know I can have rather high standards, but really I just did not like this book very much almost from the outset.
There were some original elements in the story- the notion of the stone `lots' for instance though this could be problematic. Not all of the characters seemed to be particularly well developed, though a few of them were likable.

There were other issues too- the most notable being the writing style. I honestly have no intention of being nasty, making a personal attack on the author by writing this, and I apologize of it causes offense. In some places the book read as though it could have been written by a 15 year old. I know it was his first novel, and he did his best, but some of the descriptions of characters feelings and metaphors just left a lot to be desired.

Some of the religious elements of the story seemed a little dubious and questionable.
Bethany House is a major Christian publisher and so the book obviously comes under the umbrella of `Christian' fiction.
Yet the central notion of the `readers' who are `born with' the power to see what is written on lots seems to be one that is dubious. Basically, `lots' are round balls which readers use to help them make decisions or find out information by `fixing a picture' in their mind of the possibilities.
To me, it seemed a little like visualisation and appeared as though the readers were almost able to project their thoughts onto the lots.

Too see full review please visit my blog ( )
  Medievalgirl | Oct 4, 2016 |
I thoroughly enjoyed this single-point-of-view tale. It begins with the introduction of a staggering drunk as the main character—a not entirely likable character, but the reader can sympathize with him—and journeys with him to his surprising new position in the world. This advancement doesn’t come to Errol Stone easily; he has physical and emotional demons to overcome while he’s being chased by poison- and blade-toting villains. He makes some incredible faux pas, and he also does exactly the opposite. There is a lot going on his world that he doesn’t know or understand. Carr handles the mystery well, and the reader learns as Errol learns. This doesn’t prevent the revelation of several subplots that keep the action and suspense going—and the story is wonderfully complex.

The end is a little shaky, but not abysmal. It didn’t keep me from moving directly on to Book 2. The intriguing epilogue definitely helped in that respect.

Criticisms? There are a few typos and confusions about direction, number, and who a character is talking to — enough to make me read the passages twice, but not enough (by any means) to ruin the story. The book does have a virulent case of Comma Splicing, which I find annoying in general but, again, not enough to ruin the story. And… naming conventions are inconsistent, with some taken straight from our world, some slightly modified (Morgols, Soedes, Basqu — and Finn Maccol), and some original. What was going on there? Did I miss something?

Those nit-picking concerns aside, the book is a wonderful page-turner. Clean, gore-free (in spite of fight scenes), and an all-around good read. ( )
  RobinLythgoe | Jan 26, 2016 |
This is one of my favorite trilogies and it so happens to fall in the christian genre. They only cheesy aspect I could find was the naming of locations geographically. It could have been a little more creative. Still, he got the point across. I loved the plot and the characters. I wouldn't change a thing.

I love the creative license Patrick Carr took with biblical themes and elements. Personally, I find it is hard to find good redemption stories with decent suspense, a little romance that doesn't take center stage and minimal cheese-factor in the christian genre.

This is a gem. Truly. I've been waiting for someone to write this kind of literature for a while now. I received the first book as a kindle promo and had to buy the rest because I was hook, line, and sinker-ed with the quality of the first story. I was not disappointed with the other two.

I will be buying whatever Carr writes in the future.

( )
  BrittneyRossie | Jun 14, 2015 |
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"Drunkard Errol Stone has to shape up fast when his hunt for the next glass unwittingly merges with a dangerous quest to save his kingdom"--

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