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What Was the March on Washington? de…
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What Was the March on Washington? (edició 2013)

de Kathleen Krull (Autor)

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480539,764 (3.38)2
Describes the 1963 March on Washington, helmed by Martin Luther King, Jr., where over two hundred thousand people gathered to demand equal rights for all races, and explains why this event is still important in American history today.
Títol:What Was the March on Washington?
Autors:Kathleen Krull (Autor)
Informació:Penguin Workshop (2013), Edition: Illustrated, 112 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:It is down stairs

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What Was the March on Washington? de Kathleen Krull

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  lcslibrarian | Aug 13, 2020 |
What Was the March on Washington? Is about when Martin Luther King Jr and other civil right leaders take a stand and fight for african americans.A quarter million people marched for equal rights.There is not just Martin Luther King Jr.There is John Lewis,Bayard Rustin,Cleveland Robinson that or civil right leaders.All of these men wanted to have equal rights.This was their dream to have been treated by their personality and not their skin.There was not just black folks at the march there were about seventy-five thousand white marchers.Sad tragedies started to happen ever since the four little girls got bombed and died at Birmingham.Then JFK got shot and died in a limo .Martin Luther King Jr got shot to death.At least now african americans have equality.

I think that this book was wonderful.It tells me what happened back then.This book shows that people will bombed a church because the color of their skin.I think this book is great it shows people fighting for rights.All races were at the big march.I will always remember all of the people that gave their lives to fight for freedom
  BrysonG.BG3 | Oct 28, 2016 |
Summary: This book covers the famous "March on Washington" during the 1960s. It talks about the historical significance when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

Personal Reaction: His "I Have a Dream" speech has to be my favorite speech because what he said really spoke to me. I find that children should learn not to judge what people look like, and instead try to judge worth by how people act.

1) I would show the class the recording of his "I Have a Dream" speech.
2) I would teach the children how important it is to judge someone's worth by how they act than how they look.
  Jenna.McMillen | Apr 21, 2016 |
A very well-written informative book for all ages which provides a background into the necessity of the Civil Rights movement. Referencing the abhorrent treatment of blacks and the egregious unfair treatment and rules, the author does a very credible job of outlining the events which led up to the March on Washington.

It took a tremendous amount of planning to pull the entire thing together. And, all involved were to be commended for their dedication and commitment to making this occur. Unsure of the success of the event, the planners worried that not enough people would participate. On August 26, 1963, while Peter Paul and Mary, a well-known folk group, Mahalia Jackson, a well-known civil rights leader. Marian Anderson, a popular black opera star, the wife of assassignated Medgar Evers, many others and then finally Dr. Martin Luther King taking the podium to give his famous I Have a Dream Speech, rallied over a quarter of a million people who marched for equal rights.

As the book notes, more than 2,000 buses, 23 trains, ten airplanes and thousands upon thousands of cars brought both black and white people together to for the most successfully orchestrated, non violent congregation of those who demanded that NOW was the time to eliminate unfair treatment. NOW was the time for better jobs and housing and NOW was the time to overcome all the injustice.
  Whisper1 | May 30, 2015 |
The "Who Was..." books are SUPER popular at my library and now they're publishing "What Was..." as well, so I wanted to pick one up to see what they're all about. I can see why the kids like them: they're no-frills introductions to people and historical events written at about a third-grade level. Illustrations and side-bars make the text a very quick read, while still being informative. Back matter includes a bibliography and timeline. Some publisher sent us a poster showing all of the "Who Was" covers. I put it up by our biography section and now those books are never on the shelves! If you don't have them for your library shelves, you should definitely order them! ( )
  abbylibrarian | Apr 7, 2013 |
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Describes the 1963 March on Washington, helmed by Martin Luther King, Jr., where over two hundred thousand people gathered to demand equal rights for all races, and explains why this event is still important in American history today.

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