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Not His Kiss to Take

de Finn Marlowe

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253748,261 (3.54)No n'hi ha cap
No n'hi ha cap
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When former physician Evan Harrison just happens to be in the bar where a young man, Jamie, is severely beaten by bashers who think he is gay, Evan decides to take him home and nurse him back to health. He tries to assure himself that he just wants to help him, but he can't deny his attraction to Jamie, even though Jamie is straight. But can he keep that attraction in check? And what if maybe, just maybe, Jamie isn't as completely straight as he thinks?

I found this story to be well-written. The characters are defined and dynamic and Finn Marlow makes it easy to become immersed in their world. I did find parts of the story to be very uncomfortable, personally, and that's why I can't give this story more than three stars. It seems to glorify behaviors that I can't quite reconcile, but I have to give the writing the credit it deserves.

Content warning: violence, dubious consent/manipulation, medical play, kidnapping, abuse of power ( )
  crtsjffrsn | Aug 27, 2021 |
Holy crap, I really couldn't get the characters in this book.
Okay, Jamie I could get a little, but Evan? He just gave me the creeps. The reason why he got Jamie to his house instead of paying for his hospital bills (since he was obviously not lacking money and was so worried) was sleazy, or at least I couldn't see them in any other light. Not to mention the thing he did to him while Jamie was under his 'care'.

Also, he was supposed to be smart, right?
You're having everything but anal sex & kissing, including some kinky anal play, and most importantly, it's obvious that the other person really likes hanging around with you, but he still claims he's straight. And you're still not managing to see there's some denial going on?

Also, he always thought of Jamie as "the kid" while they were having sex.

And I think the sex scenes were two thirds of the books, and that shit's just tiring, especially if you can't get the creepy vibe out of the picture.

And some really important scenes for Jamie were left out. For example, when he stormed out of Evan's home thinking he was being kicked out and unwanted, but then we fast forward to when he decided to go back and beg Evan to give him another chance? I'd like to see how he go to that point. It could have replaced one of the endless pointless sex scenes.

Anyhow, this book somehow managed to push all my end-of-the-world buttons. ( )
  NannyOgg13 | Jun 16, 2021 |
A light read. M-M erotica, so not my usual genre, but quite enjoyable this one. I only found out from the end notes to the novel that Finn is a woman's name, and that made me wonder if this subject matter is treated differently by male writers than female writers, something to look into perhaps.
The main characters seem believable, kinky and pervy as the 'doctor' is and obstinate as the 'angel' is. I enjoyed reading about their developing relationship.
I read other's reviews pointing out a distaste for Evan's unethical behaviour, and although Evan himself feels this way also, I did not get the impression that Jamie was overly victimized because of it; he recognized it from the start and made his own choices in this knowledge, so it was not an issue for me in the appreciation of the novel.
I found the erotica bits nicely titillating, the dirty talk funny, the ending abrupt.
All in all a nice light read.

Full disclosure: Got my copy free of charge from Smashwords in january 2013.

ETA: this was actually the first m-m erotica novel I ever read. Having since read more in the genre, I've decided to increase my rating. ( )
  Bluerabella | Apr 8, 2013 |
Es mostren totes 3
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