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The Back Road (Tom Douglas Thrillers Book 2)…
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The Back Road (Tom Douglas Thrillers Book 2) (edició 2013)

de Rachel Abbott (Autor)

Sèrie: DCI Tom Douglas (2)

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1189183,651 (3.78)2
In a quiet country village, secrets abound. When a young girl, Abbie Campbell, is knocked over and left for dead on the back road of the village of Little Melham, waves of shock ripple through the small community and a chain of events, which threatens to expose long-kept secrets, is triggered. The peaceful English countryside belies the horrible truths that lurk beneath the trimmed hedgerows, behind the closed doors of smart sitting rooms and within unspoken conversations.… (més)
Títol:The Back Road (Tom Douglas Thrillers Book 2)
Autors:Rachel Abbott (Autor)
Informació:Thomas & Mercer (2013), 479 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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The Back Road de Rachel Abbott

No n'hi ha cap
S'està carregant…

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The book kept me guessing right till the end....great read! ( )
  PLStuart | Sep 19, 2020 |
I don't really know how to begin with this one...
The first Tom Douglas' book I read left me speechless and made me an admirer of Rachel Abbott's work, no exaggeration - and by the way, I really recommend Only the Innocent. Her style in that book reminded me of my favorite mysteries’ writer, Agatha Christie, but she went even deeper: the story itself, the depth of the characters, the way she described it all, all impeccable. So, as it can be imagined, I couldn’t wait to read the second Tom Douglas’ book.
The Back Road tells us many stories in one, all of them involving secrets, lies, violence, and relationships, which makes you relate to at least one of its aspects, inevitably. The main plot goes around Ellie and Leo, sisters who had gone through quite an awkward childhood, and how they decided to move on from it.
Ellie inherited a lot of money when her mother passed away and decided to move back to the house in which she spent her childhood after renovating it, taking her husband Max and her twin babies with her. Once the house was completely renovated, they invited some friends over for dinner to celebrate it and present it to them – being Tom Douglas one of the new neighbors invited.
During dinner, all they could speak of was an accident that happened the night before, in which a girl, Abbie, was found heavily injured after a hit-and-run. As Ellie was the nurse in charge, and as the girl was a student in the school Max worked, they all felt somehow more connected to it.
However, even though he was not working on the case, Tom Douglas soon realized that people were not being exactly honest that night, and he gets involved in solving this and other mysteries of this story.
The book is amazingly well-written, which I believe is inherent to Rachel Abbott. Tom Douglas, impeccable as I remembered from her first book. However, The Back Road left me with many things “unsolved”. It feels that, in an attempt to reveal key pieces more to the end of the book, which I usually like, some side-plots were not totally explored, and somehow just added volume to the story, with no actual added value.
It is true that after you finish it, you kind of guess what the closures were for those side-plots, but it would have been nicer if those were addressed still in the story.
Overall, it is a very good book, and I will surely keep up with Tom Douglas soon. ( )
  denisemelo | Jul 13, 2020 |
It was ok

The book was not my favorite but had good character development. I felt story was a bit long. I do like this author overall. ( )
  veubanks | Aug 9, 2017 |
Sometimes, as the tagline to Rachel Abbott's novel suggests, the quietest places really do hide the darkest secrets. The quiet village of Little Melham is the kind of place that might feature in Midsomer Murders: a seemingly idyllic, prosperous corner of the English countryside, which actually hides a host of nasty secrets and is inhabited by a surprising number of treacherous schemers. The dark underbelly of village life is revealed one night when a teenage girl is hit by a car, and left for dead by the side of the road - 'the Back Road' of the title.

There are actually two guilty parties: the motorist who hit young Abbie, and the person who was chasing her through the woods prior to the accident. Who these people are, and - in the case of the second person - why, are the intertwined questions running through this book.

At a dinner party in the village the following night, it becomes clear that several people have something to hide - something that may, or may not, be connected with the hit-and-run incident. What is surprising is just how many of these seemingly respectable, seemingly privileged people are leading double lives and engaging in various forms of deceit. Abbott is good at peeling away the layers of ordinary middle class life and examining its occasionally rotten core. Many of these people are shallow, materialistic, and conniving - and, sadly, all too plausible. The nouveau riche have rarely been presented in a less attractive light.

Sisterhood, and the occasionally tangled and tortuous threads of family life, are ongoing themes in the narrative. Two of the large cast of characters, sisters Ellie and Leo, share an unhappy past and a mystery that continues to plague them. Leo - haunted and troubled by her miserable personal history, but nevertheless trying hard to live with her own flaws and make good despite them - is the one we end up cheering for, and the character I personally found most intriguing. She's a life coach and spends much of her time writing inspirational blog posts for her clients. For the most part, though, her advice is rather un-inspirational, just a collection of trite clichés, and I wondered whether this was deliberate: a case of 'Physician, heal thyself', perhaps? (It could be, of course, that I'm just not particularly susceptible to self-help platitudes.)

Ellie, meanwhile, who is trying hard to cling to the happy life that she fears may be unravelling around her, is a rather pitiful character, yet she is also the focal point of much of the novel's considerable tension. She's being stalked, and feels threatened even when she's in her own home. The identity of her stalker is carefully withheld, which makes his constant, watchful presence seem all the more menacing. Abbott builds the tension carefully and cleverly, and releases it at just the right time.

This is also a thoroughly modern novel, in that much of the characters' cruelty and plotting rely on modern inventions such as mobile phones and the internet. Threatening and misleading texts are sent with remarkable regularity, while other characters are trapped and deceived by online stalkers. The age-old human instinct to torment one another has, as Abbot suggests, found a very convenient new outlet.

There are plenty of twists and turns and red herrings here, enough to keep you guessing right to the end. The Back Road actually forces you to confront some of your own prejudices: you assume things that will, in due course, turn out to be completely wrong. There's one strand of the mystery that, when resolved, will probably leave you reeling, as it did me. It's interesting that our assumptions as readers are frequently challenged, as a tendency to make assumptions is one of the many problems that beset the characters.

Intricately-plotted and intriguing, The Back Road is well worth a read.
( )
  MariBiella | Dec 6, 2015 |
I am so pleased to have discovered Rachel Abbott. Like #1 in the DI Tom Douglas series, this has a complex plot. The hit/run accident to young Abbie Campbell triggers all sorts of seethings in cauldron of close friends.

All the main cast are introduced to the readers at a party at Ellie and Max Saunders' house. Among the guests, mainly close friends, are their newest neighbour Tom Douglas, and Ellie's sister Leo, for whom Ellie's renovated house holds dreadful memories.

When the driver of the hit/run vehicle does not come forward, Tom is approached by Steve, the detective inspector in charge of the investigation, who asks him to keep his ear close to the ground. But almost everyone is holding something back, and Ellie is particularly close to the chase because she is the nurse looking after young Abbie at the local hospital. She is also being stalked and blackmailed.

A great read. ( )
  smik | Feb 6, 2015 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 9 (següent | mostra-les totes)
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In a quiet country village, secrets abound. When a young girl, Abbie Campbell, is knocked over and left for dead on the back road of the village of Little Melham, waves of shock ripple through the small community and a chain of events, which threatens to expose long-kept secrets, is triggered. The peaceful English countryside belies the horrible truths that lurk beneath the trimmed hedgerows, behind the closed doors of smart sitting rooms and within unspoken conversations.

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