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The Boy and the Airplane

de Mark Pett

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A wordless picture book in which a boy comes up with an inventive solution for getting his toy airplane down from the roof.
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4/5 Stars, a cute book but I liked his bicycle book better. A boy is given an airplane very early on in the story as a gift. As he is playing with his toy airplane it eventually gets stuck on the roof, he gets a ladder but still couldn’t reach his toy, he tries to get it like a cowboy with roap, pogo stick ect. nothing he is trying is working to get his toy own from the roof. He got an idea to plant a seed and waited for the tree to grow tall enough until one day when he was an older man the tree was finally big enough to climb up and reach the toy. He realized the toy was not as fun as it once was and gifted it to (possibly his granddaughter). The story displayed great patients and kindness of gifts. ( )
  nthomp11 | Mar 9, 2020 |
I rated this book a 5/5 because it was such a sweet story and a very easy read. Even though the story is a wordless one the story was made very clear through its illustrations. The story is about a little boy who was playing with his plane, it got stuck on a roof, and it took years of patiently waiting to get it back. It teaches about patience and the heart warming feeling you can get from sharing or giving to others. The story does all teach children problem and solution. When your toy gets stuck what are you going to do to get it back? You could ask students what they predict the boy will do or what they would do. I would recommend this book for lower elementary students. ( )
  Nmoore8 | Mar 9, 2020 |
The Boy and the Airplane is a heartwarming wordless picture book about a little boy who receives a toy airplane as a gift. The boy cherishes his plane until one day it becomes stuck. The boy grows old and eventually retrieves the plane for his son. The book is a great book to discuss the emotions of the characters. ( )
  rachk99 | Feb 27, 2020 |
This book was one of my favorite wordless picture books to look through. I like that it is straight to the point, but has a sweet and continuous storyline. Each page had an event on it and provided just enough information in order for any reader to understand. It was clear that the boy was playing with his plane, it got stuck on the roof, and it took him years and patuence to get it back. It was heartwarming to see the boy grow old, and eventually gift his plane to another child. Him doing that at the end leaves readers wondering how the next child will play with it, and will the same thing happen to them? This book can be used in early elementary grades to aid in teaching sequence of events. I would use this book in my future classroom.
  sonyaw26 | Feb 26, 2020 |
The Boy and The Airplane was a great wordless picture book. I found it to be a very easy read and inspirational towards children. One way that I found this book inspirational towards children is that it shows children never to give up. The kid in the book recieves an airplane as a gift and then unfourtunately throws the plane on top of a roof. He then persists and tries multiple ways to get it back. He tries a ladder and a hose but nothing works. He then decides to plant a tree so one day he can climb it to get his plane back. This book was a 5/5 read and I recommend it for grades k-5. ( )
  cpresl1 | Feb 24, 2020 |
Es mostren 1-5 de 38 (següent | mostra-les totes)
I like the simplicity of the book, in that it shows a level of innocence that people often forget as they get busy in life. Though life goes on, people can only be truly happy if they give the opportunities to others around them and "pass it on" in gifts, kindness, and patience and perseverance. The boy made a way to reach the goal, and let nothing stand in his way of reaching it. Though it was a short lived passion, he stuck with it and was able to pass it on to the girl in the same way another older person passes it on to him in the beginning scene.
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A wordless picture book in which a boy comes up with an inventive solution for getting his toy airplane down from the roof.

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