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de C. J. Cherryh

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Sèrie: Foreigner (3)

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In this riveting sequel to "Invader" and "Foreigner", six months have passed since the return of a human starship to the skies above the world of the atevi, upsetting the planet's balance of power and putting Bren at the center of a firestorm that could consume both human and atevi.
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This book has all same complaints I had for the first two books: it's incredibly slow-paced; the sentences are long and awkward; whole chapters are spent on Bren thinking and yet the main conflicts are rushed and not really explained.

But I actually did enjoy it, even though it took me forever to finish. I'm just captivated by the atevi and love the whole concept that species differences aren't easily overcome, that you could spend a lifetime trying to understand aliens and still find you didn't really get them. And it's very atmospheric. I put it down (after about a month working on it) feeling inspired. And that made it worth the effort of getting through it. ( )
  jennelikejennay | Dec 31, 2020 |
I'm entranced (again) by reading this series straight through. I was always a big fanboy when they first came out and it was by this book that I devoted myself, mind and soul, to the collecting of every hardcover edition.

Yeah, I still think it's that good.

The high expectations between Jase and Bren, now that Jase has made it, barely, to the mainland after his drop from space, and now he's basically regretting everything that brought him to the Atevi. Bren's not having the time of his life, either, because the Human's island had all but written him off and the extremists are badly harassing his family, and he can't do a damn thing about it.

Political tensions are high on every side. The Atevi, even though they're doing very well with the schedule to be the first to get into space and join up with the human starship and to retrofit the abandoned space station, is still on guard from all the factions that could still derail it. The humans are caught in their lies and their inability to pull off the miracles they'd promised to the returning starship. And between them, war is absolutely on the table.

This is exactly what Bren would prevent, and so he's working his butt off to build ever-stronger associations, a spirit of comradeship and helpfulness and the highest tide of well-wishing Atevi the world has ever known, very happy with the humans. Especially Bren. But of course, he has opened all the floodgates of technology that the humans, by the losing side of a treaty, was forced to release to the Atevi slowly so as not to disrupt their civilization. But now, that doesn't really matter any longer because the two societies are practically in parity, with the Atevi in control of vast numbers of truly brilliant workers, all the resources of the planet, and the humans grumbling and generally making asses of themselves, now a minority and a less advanced minority, to boot.

Things could always get worse.

And of course they do. Most of the book is politics, getting into the country with grandma, and dealing with tragedies in the middle of heavy political nightmares. Still, the ending was quite satisfying on a purely emotional level, and that's true not only for me, but for Bren as well. Thank goodness!

( )
  bradleyhorner | Jun 1, 2020 |
To read more reviews, check out my blog keikii eats books!

“Possibly she has other reasons, nadi, such as intentions she holds in secret, and I would suggest that you remember she is old because some of her enemies are dead.”
Bren is caught between so many rocks and hard places it isn't even funny. (It's a little funny.) Deanna, the backup paidhi who was sent to the mainland when Bren went out of contact in the first book, is trying to cause a war all the way from Mospheira. So Bren either has to become a traitor to his country or let the war break out and everything devolve into chaos. Good choices, there. Plus, Jace, who has come down from the spaceship, is doing nothing but causing problems due to ignorance at the world and a difficulty in adjusting to being on a planet, and Bren has to keep ahead of his dumbassery. Also, the Atevi are constantly putting pressure on him, too.

All while Bren’s personal life is going haywire. His family is suffering back on the island due to his choices in Invader. They blame him for the choices he had to make, and want him to give up what he is doing and being the paidhi. He has friends he isn't strictly supposed to have among the Atevi, Banichi and Jago, and they aren't around because they're off on a secret mission. And he has been doing everything alone for the six months between the previous book and the start of this one.

Wow, is there a lot for Bren to juggle in Inheritor.

I don't particularly care for Jace right now. All he does is whine and complain and get in the way. And he irritates me far more than he should. One can only hope that he gets better with time. And calms the fuck down. And stops getting in the damn way.

A large part of Inheritor is Bren meeting with a bunch of politicians followed by a nice, long hike. A hike with guns. And nothing ever goes to plan. Shocker. Which really is basically the format of all the books so far. Bren does politics, Bren gets to go for a nice trip somewhere else to go do something else and gets into danger, or goes somewhere to get out of danger. Nothing goes to plan. It's a great formula. Works very well.

I’m not a major fan of the end or any of the numerous bombshells that were dropped, but I’m curious to see where this going. However I do enjoy reading this, no matter what is happening. This series makes the weirdest leaps of logic I’ve ever seen. I’m constantly wondering where something came from. The story leaps in odd fits and starts, too. Overall odd but fantastic. ( )
1 vota keikii | Jan 23, 2020 |
I waited too long to review this, and now my memories are a bit fuzzy, but I'll do the best I can.

In Inheritor, Bren is once again trying to make do with incomplete information. The book takes place 6 months after the previous one. Bren has been separated from Jase for a bit, and that separation makes their already strained relationship worse. Jase doesn't seem to be handling the culture shock of living among the atevi, living on a planet, and speaking mostly Ragi very well. Bren has his own frustrations and worries – after the events of the previous book, he doesn't dare go back to Mospheira for fear that he'll be arrested or otherwise prevented from leaving. Mospheira's conservative element has become more powerful, and the rift between Bren and his family (and all other humans) continues to grow.

I know that a lot more happened but, again, it's been a while and I'm fuzzy on the details. What it comes down to is that, although I didn't dislike this book, I didn't love it either. This was a bit disappointing, since I'd enjoyed the previous book so much.

I enjoyed getting to see Banichi, Jago, and Ilisidi again, and there were several nice moments that made me smile or laugh. I liked the glimpses of Jase's difficulties adjusting to his new position – not just the work involved in trying to learn a new language, culture, and social expectations, but also adjusting to living on a planet rather than on a station.

That said, I was frustrated with several things. One of them was kind of my fault: I started reading this book too soon after finishing the previous one. I thought it'd be like Invader and start right where the previous book left off. Instead it was 6 months later, and readers were treated to lots and lots of recapping that I didn't particularly want or need.

I was also frustrated with Bren, who expected more from Jase than I thought was fair. In Bren's mind, Jase wasn't just the ship paidhi-in-training, he was also a potential friend (yes, Bren's quest for friendship continues). However, Jase wasn't as open and friendly in person as he'd been in their communications in the previous book, and Bren was disappointed. That disappointment kind of irked me, because Jase didn't owe him friendship. I know, I know, emotions just are, but it was like in Foreigner, when Bren was desperately trying to explain to Banichi how he felt about him and the conversation kept going wrong. This wasn't just one conversation, however, but rather several hundred pages of Bren trying and failing to connect with Jase.

A revelation late in the book added an element to the story that would probably make this a better reread than first read, at least for me, so I'm looking forward to eventually listening to the audiobook version I bought. That one bit of information put a new spin on so many moments and scenes. I loved that, but I also disliked that it took so long for that information to be given. It made the book feel like a very long setup for the next story arc, rather than something meant to be enjoyed on its own.

(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.) ( )
  Familiar_Diversions | Oct 30, 2016 |
Ok wrap-up to the trilogy. ( )
  MikeRhode | Jun 17, 2015 |
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In this riveting sequel to "Invader" and "Foreigner", six months have passed since the return of a human starship to the skies above the world of the atevi, upsetting the planet's balance of power and putting Bren at the center of a firestorm that could consume both human and atevi.

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