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Slayers: Friends and Traitors de C. J. Hill
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Slayers: Friends and Traitors (edició 2013)

de C. J. Hill

Sèrie: Slayers Hill (2)

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566372,956 (3.56)5
At a rustic summer camp, sixteen-year-old Tori, a senator's daughter, learns that she is descended from medieval dragon slayers, that dragons still exist, and that she is expected to hone her special abilities to join her fellow campers in battling the beasts and the man who controls them.
Títol:Slayers: Friends and Traitors
Autors:C. J. Hill
Informació:Feiwel & Friends (2013), Hardcover, 400 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:won, giveaway, first reads, for review

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Slayers: Friends and Traitors de C. J. Hill

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After two months at dragon camp, Tori still doesn't feel ready to fight dragons. She hopes it will be years before the dragon eggs hatch. But that all changes when she hears screeching, baby dragon sounds in her mind.

Dirk has been pulled in two different directions for years by his loyalty to his family and his friends. As Overdrake's son, he has grown up with the dragons and he believes it is his father's right to use the dragons to conquer and rule the U.S. As a spy sent to dragon camp, he befriended the Slayers as they practiced their dragon slaying techniques. Whichever side wins, Dirk will still lose.

When Tori realizes that Dirk is a spy, what will the Slayers do with the traitor in their midst? Will Dirk choose to protect his father and the dragons or his friends? ( )
  soraki | May 24, 2014 |
An good sequel, Friends and Traitors amps up the action and tension a few more notches than what we previously read in the first book Slayers. Ryker is finally present and low and behold there is another character that comes into the mix that I wouldn't have suspected would be a player at all. Oddly enough I actually liked how the triangle ended up playing out between Tori, Dirk and Jesse. This was pretty much the sort of thing I could see happening between actual teenagers. Not those exact details and circumstances mind you - but the typical teenage actions and reactions.

Ultimately though, while I thought the book was good it fell short for me in too many areas. My major concern about Friends and Traitors is it felt like one big rinse, repeat of book one. Essentially the same key things happen. I would hate to say them here and be spoilerish but ahhh so much of my middle of the road feelings are based on them. Suffice to say I don't feel like there are any significant steps forward made. This book ends much like the second one does except for the addition of a new characters. The character interactions essentially remained the same, the tensions increased but in a way, remained the same, the climax at the end...essentially the same. You catching my drift here? So I hope I was able to get my point across. If you loved the first book I have no doubt you would love this one. I just simply expecting more forward momentum than what I was given.

Cover - 3 stars - Something about those models just doesn't do it for me
Story - 3 to a 3.5 stars - Good but not Great ( )
  Pabkins | May 2, 2014 |
This is the sequel to Slayers and it has been a long wait for this book (Slayers released in 2011). It was an excellent follow-up to that story. There is a lot of action, some teen drama, and some awesome twists and turns.

Dragon Camp is wrapping up for the summer. All the campers are off to lead their normal teenage lives, that is until Tori hears the dragon eggs hatch. Then Dirk convinces her it is just a trick being played by Overdrake to make her think they hatched. Tori is unsure what to think, but if the eggs are hatched the Slayers have less than a year to train together to defeat them. This makes Tori determined to find the final member of their group, Ryker Davis. Little do they know that Ryker has been training in secret on his own.

I really enjoyed Slayers when it was released in 2011. This book did a great job of continuing the storyline about a bunch of teenagers who find out they have Dragon slaying powers and have to save the world from the evil Overdrake.

Tori has gotten a lot better about using her abilities but she still doesn’t want to be a team captain, she doesn’t feel like she is ready for it yet. Her and Jesse still have a relationship going on, but Jesse is unwilling to bend the rules and pretty much puts things on hold between them.

There is a love triangle going on between Tori, Dirk, and Jesse which started in the first book. Dirk is basically willing to stay in contact with Tori and is her pair as far as Slayer abilities go. So Tori and Dirk get a lot closer in this book. Jesse is unwilling to break the rule about Slayers not contacting each other outside of Dragon Camp, so he is out of a large portion of the story. The romance never takes over the story but is in the background and dealt with in a realistic way.

The story switches mainly between Tori and Dirk’s viewpoints. We get to learn a lot more about Dirk and his family in this book, it makes him a much more sympathetic character to read about. I enjoyed hearing from both points of view.

There are a couple of really massive and fantastic action scenes in this book between the Slayers and Overdrake’s men. The book ends with another fantastic fight between the Slayers and a dragon (just like the first book did).

There also a couple big twists in this book, one of which is disclosed in the backcopy...which is that Tori figures out she is not a Slayer at all but a Dragon Lord. This is something Dirk has suspected for some time.

This book is very aptly named. By the end Tori and her fellow Slayers have been betrayed by one of their own and are struggling to figure out who the traitors are and who are their friends.

I felt like the story didn’t make a ton of progress and I also felt like it was very similar to the story we read in the first book. However I really do enjoy the Slayers and their unique powers. I also love the battles between the Slayers and the Dragons.

Overall this was a great continuation of the series. I think if you liked the first book in the series you will enjoy this one too. The story is a unique blend of dragon fighting, superhero-like powers, and politics. It’s very different from a lot of other YA paranormal books out there. Recommended if you like paranormal YA especially with dragons! ( )
  krau0098 | Mar 23, 2014 |
I didn't really enjoy this book, but others might find it exciting to read. There is adventure and action. ( )
  ThePageturners | Mar 13, 2014 |
Eh…this book is about average. It was terribly cliché (secret group of teenagers with uber special powers saving the world? Of course we shouldn't tell our parents!) and there is something wonky going on with the point-of-view, but all in all it was okay. It would be a good fluff read or if you have girls that want newly released dragon books, but you could easily pass on this one. ( )
  DeweyEver | Feb 7, 2014 |
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At a rustic summer camp, sixteen-year-old Tori, a senator's daughter, learns that she is descended from medieval dragon slayers, that dragons still exist, and that she is expected to hone her special abilities to join her fellow campers in battling the beasts and the man who controls them.

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