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Chew Volume 7: Bad Apples de John Layman
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Chew Volume 7: Bad Apples (edició 2013)

de John Layman (Autor), Rob Guillory (Artist)

Sèrie: Chew (Issues 31-35)

MembresRessenyesPopularitatValoració mitjanaMencions
1536136,242 (4.07)2
Tony Chu -- the cibopathic federal agent with the ability to get psychic impressions from what he eats -- is back in action, just in time to face a cult of egg-worshipping terrorists who've declared holy war on the chicken-eaters of the world.
Títol:Chew Volume 7: Bad Apples
Autors:John Layman (Autor)
Altres autors:Rob Guillory (Artist)
Informació:Image Comics (2013), 128 pages
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

Detalls de l'obra

Chew, Volume 07: Bad Apples de John Layman

No n'hi ha cap
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This was a really good volume. ( )
  widdersyns | Jul 19, 2020 |
The last volume of Chew [book: Space Cakes] was upsetting enough that I didn't read any further last night. It wasn't [author: V.C. Andrews] or [author: Cormac McCarthy] level upsetting, but it left me with a hollowness that I genuinely didn't expect I'd feel reading this comic series. The books had been disturbing, yeah, but more of a Preacher level madness than much else. Nevertheless, [book: Space Cakes] managed to leave me feeling a bit lost and hollow. Yet still, we travel on...

[book: Bad Apples] picked up where [book: Space Cakes] left off and kicked things into high gear almost immediately. The amusement, the lull that was present in [book: Major League Chew] and [book: Space Cakes], slight though it was, is now fully absent. Tony is on a mission, and nothing is going to stop him. Even Colby fully comes into his own and comes through. Olive is now a full part of the story, and the Vampire is confronted for the very first time. You can almost feel the electric excitement as everything begins to fall into place. This is story-telling, and this is a startling pace that is so immensely satisfying after the end of the last book. Character development, confrontations, and a cliff-hanger of an ending I didn't see coming. Perfect.

Chew continues to astonish and deliver and I'm both happy things are speeding up since there's only 5 volumes left and this means it will all wrap up well (theoretically) and devastated since it means I'm nearing the end.

I guess after this I'll have to delve into [book: Saga]... ( )
  Lepophagus | Jun 14, 2018 |
My blog post about this book is at this link. ( )
  SuziQoregon | Dec 19, 2016 |
Volume 7 in the Tony Chu saga.

Tony Chu is back and unfortunately my interest has lower accordingly, apparently he is my overall problem with the Chew books, the parts that don't feature him move much better for me. The story continues to advance and be strong and they continue to use a more expansive color palate, though I am beginning to really want at least a hint of what the secret behind the avian flu story is, I am beginning to become impatient waiting for something, anything about that.
There was a very brief Pengthulu encounter, which was awesome and hopefully he will show up once in a while (or at least once more) going forward like Poyo does.
I am enjoying the fleshing out of the food powers, the writers are quite creative with those, and I'm hoping the ending here hints at a character development going forward and I really hope I find a way to like Tony more or this is going to be be a long slog going forward. ( )
  Kellswitch | May 17, 2015 |
Easily the very best volume of Chew thus far. ( )
  LaneLiterati | Feb 22, 2014 |
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John Laymanautor primaritotes les edicionscalculat
Guillory, Robautor principaltotes les edicionsconfirmat

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Chew (Issues 31-35)
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Tony Chu -- the cibopathic federal agent with the ability to get psychic impressions from what he eats -- is back in action, just in time to face a cult of egg-worshipping terrorists who've declared holy war on the chicken-eaters of the world.

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