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God Bless You and Good Night

de Hannah Hall

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"The animal families are getting ready for bed. Share sweet cuddle time as your little one falls fast asleep, secure in God's love"--P. [4] of cover.
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A sweet book that you toddler can hold and drop and you don’t have to worry, as it is made of very sturdy cardboard.
We are introduced to different animals as they get ready to retire from their day. As you read the pages to your little one can touch and feel the each of the pages with the different textures.
At our home, it has quickly become a go to book, and my little one sits close and can’t wait to feel and touch each page.
A great addition to our library.

I received this book through BookLook Bloggers, and was not required to give a positive review. ( )
  alekee | Oct 31, 2018 |
More easy rhymes for 2am readings! Part of the God Bless series, I'd previously read and reviewed God Bless My Family. I love this series! Now here's one that any parent or guardian could benefit from. A nighttime book of animals preparing for bed and saying goodnight. Sleepy giraffes, snuggly (yet still hungry) polar bears, and more, these cute animal families prepare for bed from bath time to snack time, to PJs and story time. The illustrations are adorable. Colorful, yet soft and soothing, any kid would love these cute little animals as they snuggle up and prepare to go to sleep. The rhymes and rhythm of the page make it easy to read, even when half awake and praying silently that they'll just fall asleep! For my kids, I've found that routine was extremely helpful (and important) when it was time for bed. They knew to expect one last small snack, then off to take a bath (or shower), dress in PJs, brush their teeth and finally a story before going to sleep. Sometimes it would be a devotional from Jesus is Calling kids devotional series. Then ending the night with a prayer, one last kiss and an "I love you". Not every night is perfect, and sometimes its full of tears and pouts when bedtime approaches. Perhaps this book will soothe that savage beast. Knowing that after their preparations before finally crawling into bed will be met with a special story treat, might get them to move faster...well, move, at least. Hannah Hall has a few others in the series that I haven't read yet, but I imagine the quality is right up there with this one. I highly recommended this book for any toddler or early reader. I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion. ( )
  santaflash | Oct 27, 2018 |
Es mostren totes 2
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"The animal families are getting ready for bed. Share sweet cuddle time as your little one falls fast asleep, secure in God's love"--P. [4] of cover.

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