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Black Creek Crossing (2003)

de John Saul

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Thirteen-year-old Angie Sullivan adores her family's new home at Black Creek Crossing, until she discovers that the house had been the scene of a double murder and the focus of a series of increasingly bizarre events.
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Angel moves to the town of Roundtree with her parents. Not sorry to leave her old town Angel is looking forward to starting a fresh. She befriends Seth who like Angel hasn't many friends. Roundtree is a small town with it's own superstitions about Witchcraft.

I wanted to read something supernatural so I thought I'd pick this book up. The story wasn't as creepy as what I thought it would be but I enjoyed the story.

Angel and Seth are both bullied in different ways. The theme of bullying does continue all through the book. The story is a supernatural one includes Witchcraft which I always enjoy.

The story is a slow burner and it doesn't really pick up pace. It did hold my interest as I enjoy books about Witches and small towns. There are a lot of irritating characters in this story and that held my interest alone just to see what was going to happen to them.

Overall I enjoyed the story albeit a little slow. I like part of the ending and to say would spoil. I would read John Saul again if I were in the mood for an old school horror book. ( )
  tina1969 | Jun 25, 2020 |
I gave it the first 50 pages. Before I even reach that mark I was so confused I couldn't understand what was going on in the story. This is Strike #3 for this author and I am done!!! 😠😩👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😵🤪 ( )
  SumisBooks | Jun 7, 2018 |
This is definitely a page-turner. It's fast-paced and once the action gets going it never really stops. The plot is very interwoven with the mystery of the haunted house in question, despite the fact that everything that happens is within modern times. The two main characters, Seth and Angel, are very relatable and very sympathetic. I think anyone who grew up bullied at school, or anyone who didn't have a great home life growing up, can probably relate to it. You don't have to have experienced both, necessarily. In fact, I think anyone except perhaps bullies would enjoy this book. But who knows, maybe even they would like it.

Personally, I found the character of Angel Sullivan to be especially easy to relate to. I could easily go back in time and put myself in her shoes as an unpopular girl who isn't quite sure why nobody likes her and everyone seems to enjoy picking on her, who wants to do her best and is hoping that a move and a new town with a new school will provide her an opportunity to turn things around for herself and start fresh. Instead of being frustrating, her naivete is sympathetic and it's very easy to feel for her. While I don't usually find it difficult to relate to main characters (only sometimes), I've only ever related so well to one once before and that was when I was a kid in high school reading Carrie by Stephen King for the first time. This book is nothing like that book, and I'm 31 now as I read this one, opposed to being a teen when I read about Carrie White (who Angel has quite a bit in common with but is absolutely not a carbon copy of in any way).

And while I think guys reading this book could still relate quite easily to Angel and her situation, there is a character for them in Seth Baker as well that I think many guys would find a lot in common with as a character.

This book is very well written and despite being written by a man, I found the characterization of the girls and women, especially Angel Sullivan herself, to be very spot on for the type of person that she was supposed to be with the type of social and home life that she has. Very well done. This author has found a way to step into the shoes of his characters, regardless of their gender and the differences of their experiences that their gender may cause, and write them competently and relatably.

The plot itself and the mystery involved is very engrossing, and the way that he writes about the witchcraft is also something that I really do enjoy. It doesn't seem inherently evil in itself, and I don't think it is. Most of it is just either protective or about healing. It's what you do with it that really counts, and that's quite close to how actual practitioners today describe magic and the usage of it. So I feel like this writer likely did some research into this sort of thing rather than just going entirely with what Hollywood likes to sell. I'm not saying he didn't take his own liberties, but I do see where things were different from a lot of other books I've read where teenagers discover witchcraft.

There are many parts in this book that are tense, and there were a few scenes in which I found myself crying rather blatantly to the point that I had to put the book down for a moment so that I could dry my tears and blow my nose and get myself together again. I think most people will know what I'm talking about when they get there.

Now, without giving any actual spoilers, I want to just say that I was NOT expecting that ending at all and while I am disappointed with the ending (you'll see why when you get there, I think) that isn't say that it doesn't make sense or isn't right for the book. I would have docked at least one star, perhaps more, if I thought the ending were lacking or that it made no sense for the book or the plot. It absolutely works, even if it isn't what I was expecting.

The epilogue brings the entire story and the events themselves which began even before the story started, full circle in such a way that I think was very intriguing and absolutely right for this book and the story that was told. And, if the one other book that I've ready by this author is any indication, it makes perfect sense for a book written by him as well.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about magic, haunted houses, and revenge. ( )
  madam_razz | Apr 9, 2017 |
Not my favorite, but still good. ( ) | Sep 28, 2016 |
Angel Sullivan has always been the outcast, suffering the taunts of cruel schoolmates and the wild fits of an alcoholic father. Things for Angel's family have hit rock bottom until a call from her aunt has them moving to a new town and making a fresh start. In the town of Roundtree, Massachusetts a beautiful home awaits, a home that is selling at a steal of a price, there is only one problem...the house at Black Creek Crossing holds a murderous secret.

"Black Creek Crossing" is a chilling page-turner that begs to be read in one sitting. From the shocking opening to the explosive climax the plot speeds along with unstoppable force. Vivid gothic descriptions and likable characters combined with creepy scares will hold readers breathless until the final page has been turned. ( )
  Carol420 | May 31, 2016 |
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It was the cold that awakened her, a cold that crept first into her sleep, curling its fingers around her subconscious, making her feel as if she were walking through the woods on a winter night. (Prologue)
As the last bell of the day rang, Angel Sullivan sat quietly in her seat in the last row of Mr. English's room and waited for her classmates to disappear before she even started stowing her books in her backpack. (Chapter 1)
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Thirteen-year-old Angie Sullivan adores her family's new home at Black Creek Crossing, until she discovers that the house had been the scene of a double murder and the focus of a series of increasingly bizarre events.

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