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The little red hen de Mary Finch
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The little red hen (edició 2013)

de Mary Finch, Kate Slater (Illustrator.), Debra Messing (Narrator.)

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382526,563 (5)No n'hi ha cap
The little red hen finds none of the lazy barnyard animals willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes from it. Includes recipe for whole wheat bread.
Títol:The little red hen
Autors:Mary Finch
Altres autors:Kate Slater (Illustrator.), Debra Messing (Narrator.)
Informació:Cambridge, MA : Barefoot Books, 2013.
Col·leccions:La teva biblioteca
Etiquetes:No n'hi ha cap

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The Little Red Hen de Mary Finch

No n'hi ha cap
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I thought that this was a perfect little story for young students. What stands out to me from my very first interaction with the book is the illustrations. Even on the cover page, the picture is very detailed and rich and color. The book looks enjoyable strictly based on the cover. I am sure that younger students would gravitate to it when choosing a book to read. It is consistent throughout the book as well. All of the illustrations are very detailed and they seem to come alive on the pages. I also think that this book is perfect for shared reading in the classroom. The phrase "Not I", is constantly repeated throughout the book. It comes at a predictable time which would make It easy for students to jump in and join the teacher during those parts. There is a very important lesson taught in the book. The lesson is that you must work hard for what you want in life. Nothing will be handed to you. In the story, both the mouse and the rooster wanted the finished product from the wheat which was the bread. The did not want to do everything that it took to turn the wheat into bread and as a consequence the hen did not share the bread. The second time around when they decided to help the hen, they were rewarded with bread! ( )
  Sotis1 | Mar 29, 2018 |
Here's another remake of the classic tale of the red hen who asked who would help her plant a grain of wheat. "Not I," answers the rooster, "Not I," answers the mouse, in this variation where the hen lives together with the rooster and a mouse, unlike another version I've read where she asks a cat and other animals. Also, there are no chicks in this version. What there are, though, are the familiar lines that the author reuses similar phrases from the classic tale in her writing, and beautiful, creative artwork that is attractive and captures children's attention. Media: prepared collage and paper-cuts which were hung from wires then the full compositions were photographed. This children's book could be an example of the genre, folklore, because this book does not reference an original author and folklore are stories that often have unknown authors, and are often retold. This story also offers a lesson about working for your food, responsibility and team effort, which also reflects how the genre folklore often are bases on ideas and life lessons with an imaginary twist (such as a hen that can talk).
  rwilke | Mar 30, 2016 |
Es mostren totes 2
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No n'hi ha cap

The little red hen finds none of the lazy barnyard animals willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes from it. Includes recipe for whole wheat bread.

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